44 Strong Quotes to Reach Your Full Potential

44 Strong Quotes to Reach Your Full Potential

44 Strong Quotes to Reach Your Full Potential.

44 Strong Quotes to Reach Your Full Potential.

In life, every one of us is given a unique set of circumstances to work with. However, what is much more important than the cards you are dealt is how you choose to play the cards you have been given.

You need to prepare your mind, body, and spirit for the challenges that you will face in life if you want to live a life that is fruitful and satisfying. You are about to read 44 badass statements that will motivate you to improve yourself, the way you live your life, and the actions you do.

These badass quotes will help you remember how to think, where to find bravery, and how to take meaningful action when circumstances become rough.

  1. Conquer self-doubt (Kobe Bryant)
    “I have self-doubt. My insecurities go deep. I am terrified of not becoming successful. There are times when I get to the arena, and when I get there, I think to myself, “My back aches, my feet hurt, and my knees hurt.” It is not in my possession. I simply want to kick back and relax. We all struggle with self-doubt at times. You don’t deny it, but at the same time, you don’t give in to it either. You embrace it.”
  2. Who gives a damn? (Shaun White)……..
    “When everything is said and done, who gives a damn? What is the big deal here? I am here, I will do the best that I can, and then I will go home, where my family will be waiting for me… Who gives a damn that this is intertwined with the whole of my existence?
  3. Greatness can only be achieved by starting from a lowly position (Ryan Holiday)
    “Greatness is not inherited; it is earned through hard effort and modest beginnings.” It indicates that you are the least important person in the room – at least until you alter that status by the outcomes you achieve. There is a well-known proverb that goes, “Say little, do much.”
  4. Pay attention to the granular details. (Derek Sivers)
    “When you’re thinking about ways to grow your company larger, it’s tempting to attempt to think of all the big notions, the gigantic action plans that might change the world. Please keep in mind, though, that it’s often the little particulars that actually excite someone to the point where they tell all of their friends about you.
  5. The key to lasting remembrance (Ben Franklin)
    Write things that are worth reading, or do things that are worth writing about, if you want to avoid being forgotten as soon as you have passed away and turned to rot.
  6. If you do what you love, you will be successful. (A video by Casey Neistat)
    “What is the most accurate way to measure one’s level of accomplishment? My opinion is that it does not matter how much time you put into pursuing your passions. It’s a matter of how little time you waste doing things you despise.
  7. Take as long as you want “No one is paying any attention to anybody else,” B.J. Novak said. You believe that everyone is, but that is not the case. If you are skilled, you can take as much time as you need. If you have a good cause to do so, you may capture their attention once again.
  8. Get wet and have some fun! (Vivian Greene)
    “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning how to dance in the rain,” said author and speaker Maya Angelou.
  9. Keep your attention on the answer. (Robert Rodriguez)
    “No. Accept the truth while keeping your attention on finding a solution. Take that challenge, that obstacle, that obstacle in your way, and make it into something positive for yourself. Go onward. If you are a member of a team, that mentality will be contagious to the rest of the group.
  10. Choose your answer (Viktor Frankl)
    “…Everything may be taken from a man except one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to select one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own path,” said the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.
  11. Recognize and accept your own finite existence (Mark Manson)
    “Because once we get content with the reality that we are going to die, we can then pick our values more freely, unconstrained by the nonsensical pursuit for immortality and liberated from hazardous dogmatic notions,”
  12. Act in a manner befitting a seasoned expert (Steven Pressfield)
    “The amateur feels that in order to be able to do his task, he must first conquer his fear. The experienced practitioner is aware that fear can never be conquered. He is aware that there is no such thing as a courageous warrior or an artist who is not plagued with dread.
  13. Obey the rules and you’ll be free (Jocko Willink)
    “The use of disciplined processes has significantly boosted both our freedom to operate and our flexibility to move. Discipline equals freedom.”
  14. Your choices decide your fate (Tony Robbins)
    “Be aware that the choices you make, and not the circumstances you find yourself in, will decide your future.”
  15. Reconceive the issue at hand. (Rosamund and Benjamin Zander)
    The difficulty of an issue, the difficulty of a predicament, or the dead end at which one finds oneself in life is only apparent when seen from a certain perspective or inside a particular framework. If you enlarge the box or put another frame around the data, the difficulties will disappear, and you’ll find yourself with new options.
  16. Quit your griping and shut up! (Eckhart Tolle)
    Complaining is always an act of non-acceptance of what already exists.
  17. If you can go over your fear, you’ll find freedom (Tara Brach)
    “On the other side of overcoming your fears comes the gift of freedom. When we release our resistance to existence, we open ourselves up to a consciousness that is limitlessly expansive and permeated with love.
  18. Do less (Marcus Aurelius) “If you desire serenity, do less.” Or, to be more precise, do what is necessary; that is, do what the logos of a social being needs, and do it in the required manner. Which results in twice the pleasure since one can do more with less effort. mostly due to the fact that the majority of what we say and do is not crucial. If you can find a way to get rid of it, you will have more time on your hands and greater peace of mind. Always check in with yourself and ask, “Is this really necessary?”
  19. The existence of possibilities is what makes life intriguing. (Paulo Coelho)
    “The prospect of a dream becoming a reality is what makes life exciting,” as the saying goes.
  20. Decide which path to choose. (Jordan Peterson)
    “Do not undervalue the power of having a clear vision and a sense of direction. These are forces that cannot be stopped, and they have the ability to turn what may seem to be insurmountable barriers into roads that may be navigated and growing possibilities. Improve one’s own personal fortitude. Begin by focusing on yourself. Be mindful of how you treat yourself. Define yourself as a person. Develop your character more thoroughly. Determine where you want to go, and be clear about who you are. “Whoever lives their life with a why can tolerate practically any how,” was a profound observation made by the famous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in the nineteenth century.
  21. Stay away from the dangers of technology (Robert Pirsig)
    “The problem with technology is that it is not linked in any meaningful sense with issues that concern the heart and the spirit. Because of this, it often does stupid and offensive things by mistake, and as a result, it earns people’s hatred. People haven’t given much attention to this in the past since the main focus has been with ensuring that everyone has access to food, clothes, and shelter, all of which have been supplied by technology.
  22. Take a position on an issue “You have enemies? ” he said, quoting Winston Churchill. Good. That indicates that at some point in your life, you have taken a stand for something.
  23. Be accountable to oneself (Richard Feynman)
    You are under no obligation to perform up to the standards that other people have set for what they believe you should achieve. There is no obligation on my part to conform to their standards of behavior toward me. It is not my fault; rather, it is their oversight.”
  24. Train yourself to let go of everything you dread losing (Yoda’s advice) “Learn to let go of everything you fear losing.”
  25. Persevere (Steve Martin)
    “However, there was a complication. I had no talents whatsoever when I was eighteen years old. I was unable to sing or dance, and the only kind of acting I ever performed consisted mostly of simply ranting. To our great relief, endurance may serve as a worthy stand-in for genius.
  26. Don’t be a chump about it (Nassim Taleb)
    Bemoaning, in broad terms, mankind’s defects, prejudices, inconsistencies, and irrationality without using them for fun and profit is a distinctive attribute of the loser, according to the proverb. “The loser’s distinguishing feature is to lament mankind’s shortcomings,”
  27. Put an end to the negative talk (Van Gogh)
    “If you hear a voice inside you saying, ‘you cannot paint,’ then you should create without hesitation, and that voice will be quiet.”
  28. Reflect on how quickly life may pass by (Steve Jobs)
    “The most useful tool I’ve ever come across to assist me in making the significant decisions in life is to keep in mind that I won’t be around for much longer. Because practically everything, including pride, external expectations, and the fear of being embarrassed or failing, simply evaporates in the face of death, leaving just what is actually essential.
  29. Who is going to prevent you from doing that? (Ayn Rand)
    “Who is going to prevent me from doing this?” is a better question to ask than “Who is going to permit me?”
  30. Recognize the power in saying “no” (Albert Einstein) “I am glad to each and every one of them who turned me down,” Because of them, I’ve decided to handle it on my own.
  31. Have some fun (Sam Walton)
    “Celebrate your victories, and look for the comedic value in your defeats. Try not to take life too seriously all the time. Relax, and you’ll see that the others around you are doing the same thing. Have a good time and have a positive attitude at all times.”
  32. Do it anyhow Elon Musk once said, “When something is important enough, you do it even if the chances are not in your favor.”
  33. See it through to the end “If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?” is a quote attributed to Joe Namath.

Outwork the opponent is a quote attributed to Ben Hogan. “If you can’t outplay them, outwork them,” he once said.

  1. Pay attention to the person you are becoming (Henry David Thoreau)
    It is not as significant what you obtain by reaching your objectives as it is who you become as a result of attaining those goals.
  2. Have compassion for others (Anas Nin)
    “There is nothing you can do to rescue them; all you can do is love them.”
  3. Joy is the path to success. According to Thich Nhat Hanh, there is no path that leads to happiness. The path to success is happiness.”
  4. Make your life a happy one (Seth Godin)
    “Instead of worrying about when your next vacation will be, maybe you can work on creating a life that you won’t feel the need to run away from.”
  5. Keep your mind on the positive (Walt Whitman)
    “Always keep your face turned toward the brightness, and you’ll find that the shadows fall behind you.”
  6. Believe in yourself (E. E. Cummings)
    “Once we have reached the point where we trust in ourselves, we are able to take chances on experiences that express the human spirit. These experiences may include astonishment, curiosity, or spontaneous joy.”
  7. Make some noise in the world (Mahatma Gandhi)
    “With a little kindness, you can make the whole world tremble.”
  8. Construct the brand-new (Socrates)
    “The key to navigating change is to direct all of your energy on creating the new, rather than spending your time and effort battling the old.”
  9. Excellence is a habit (Aristotle)
    What we do again and over defines who we are. Therefore, excellence is not an action, but rather a habit.
  10. Have command of oneself (Epictetus)
    “There is no such thing as freedom for a man who is not the master of himself.”

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