130 Dirty Questions To Get A Girl in  Mood

130 Dirty Questions To Get A Girl in  Mood

We all know that males have more sexual drive than women. But it doesn’t imply women are apathetic. It simply means that males must occasionally work harder to get momentum.

The next issue is what to do or say to get her going. I’ve got you covered. Here is a list of excellent questions to ask a girl. These seductive questions can get your lady excited and bring you to the bedroom.

Most women are elusive. They like a challenge and expect their pursuers to put forth an effort.

The issue now is that most guys lack the confidence to pursue women for long.


In most cases, if she doesn’t show any interest after their initial attempt, their confidence is shattered, and they abandon their efforts.

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The majority of guys are completely unaware that they are not being blown off, and that exhibiting less interest at the beginning is just the art of the pursuing game, which they have no idea about.

They have no clue that if they want to seduce a woman, she expects them to put out significant effort.

Thus, we are left with the issue of why the majority of men do not go to the effort of a gradual and safe seduction, but instead text them a few questions out of the blue.



They are afraid that if they move too quickly or try too hard to catch them, they may frighten them away. They are right to be concerned.

As a result, they would rather take a chance by texting these heated queries to one other, since it is a safer method and they have nothing to lose by doing so.

In either case, they risk being shut down, which is a possibility in any case, or they might charm her pants off and make a fortune in the process.

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To find out the precise phrases that guys use to get women aroused, check out this list of questions to ask a lady to get her in the mood for a sexual encounter. Take your pick from the options below, ask or email it to your lady, and watch as her knees begin to tremble with excitement.

How Can I Arouse a Girl Through Text Messages? 65 Dirty Questions To Ask Her To Get Her Really Wet

It’s not so much what you should do as it is what you should say to get a lady on. These flirtatious and filthy questions to ask a lady to get her in the mood are guaranteed to work every time.

You may use these hot, profound questions as discussion openers (I’m sure your chat will be completed behind closed bedroom doors) or just ask them face-to-face (which is definitely an even faster way to get her in bed).

1. What are you wearing?

2. How do you feel during an orgasm?

3. What is your most craziest fantasy?

4. Have you ever made a dream come true?

5. What is your preferred sex position?

6. In which position do you struggle the most?

7. Do you like it when it’s a little rough?

8. Do you play with yourself?

9. What is the most dirtiest thing anybody has ever done to you?

10. Do you like the danger of getting caught?

11. What was your sexiest experience?

Do you pretend to have orgasms? If you do, may I put you to the test to see how well you do it?

13. How many different jobs have you attempted thus far?

14. Do you like to be touched in certain areas?

15. What kind of underwear do you like and wear now?

16. What do you do after the orgasm?

17. What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

18. Have you ever utilized anything that wasn’t intended to be used as a sex toy? And if you did, what did you do?

19. What is your favorite method for getting your guy to come hard?

20. Which aspect of a sex act is your favorite?

21. Do you like lengthy or brief foreplay?

22. How many times have you ever gotten off in one night?

23. What is the longest dick you’ve ever seen?

24. What immediately gets you wet?

25. Are you a dog or a cowgirl?

26. Should I spit or swallow?

Do you like bondage?

28. Have you ever had a guy bound to your bed?

29. How do you feel about the use of wax?

30. Do you like to do it while blindfolded?

31. Do you like to scratch?

32. Do you like biting?

33. Do you like teasing men?

34. Do you like being teased?

35. When and where would you want me to appear?

36. Do you like to be in command when working?

37. Whips, do you like them or not?

38. Would you try on beautiful lingerie if I purchased it for you?

39. Would you be willing to send me naked?

40. Do you prefer to use baby oil?

In bedroom41, a couple is having foreplay. Do you want me to come over and snuggle with you?

42. What do you like to see more of in our sex life?

43. How would you respond if I gently slipped my fingers down your back?

44. How deep do you want me to go?

45. Would you rather be at the top or at the bottom?

46. When you touch yourself, what do you think about?

47. Have you ever gotten a quickie?

48. What kinds of sexual fantasies do you have on a regular basis?

49. What is your favorite aspect of making love?

50. Would you ever engage in role-playing?

51. How has your sex life been lately?

52. Do you do it more frequently in bed or on the floor?

53. Have you ever considered attempting it in an unusual way?

54. Do you enjoy sleeping naked?

55. Have you ever been caught in the act of having sex? Please tell me about it.

56. What does an ideal penis resemble?

57. Is there an erotic movie scene that you like watching? Do you want to watch it with me?

58. What is one sex act you would want to attempt before you die?

59. Have you ever considered pegging?

60. Is there somewhere in our house you’d want to ‘christen’ with sex?

61. Do you like kissing with a large or little tongue?

Do you like having sex in the shower?

63. Can you tell me about any of your bedroom secrets?

64. Do you like performing 69?

65. How can I make your wildest sexual fantasies a reality?


What Questions Should I Ask A Girl in Order to Impress Her?

a passionate lover is lying on the floor

You must master the art of communication if you want to seduce a lady and make her fall hard for you. That implies you must be a smooth and excellent talker, as well as an even better listener.

I’ve also got you covered in this section. I came up with a list of flirtatious questions to ask a lady in order to impress her. These excellent questions will not only amaze the lady you admire, but will also make her want to rip your clothing off.

1. What characteristics of a guy entice you?

2. What is the most enticing dream you’ve ever had?

3. If you only had one day left to live, how would you spend it and with whom would you spend it?

4. Do you like warm bubble baths or hot showers?

5. What is the most enticing thing a man has ever done to you?

6. What is your most cherished sexual fantasy? Do you think you’d ever do it in real life?

7. What is your most powerful turn-on?

8. When did you first realize you wanted to have sex with me?

9. What has been the most romantic thing that anybody has ever done for you?

10. Tell me about anything that gives you butterflies.

11. What do you consider to be great sex?

12. What would you do if we were out to dinner and I stated I wanted to have sex right then and there?

13. What do you look and sound like while you’re having fun with sex?

14. What must occur in order for your orgasm to be truly mind-blowing?

15. Do you have a seductive music that gets you in the mood?

At night in the living room, a lady looks at her laptop.

16. What kinds of sex toys have you used?

17. How would you spend an erotic vacation?

18. How long do you prefer to cuddle after sex?

19. What is your preferred kind of foreplay?

20. Do you like to be tied up or to tie up your partner?

21. How do you prefer your breasts and nipples to be handled?

22. What is your favorite method to persuade a guy to leave you alone?

Do you like having your hair yanked during sex?

Do you like getting spanked?

25. What always gets you wet?

26. How long do you typically like to have sex?

27. What’s your go-to technique for getting him to cum quickly?

28. What is anything sexual that you thought you’d like but didn’t?

29. What are your thoughts on the film “50 Shades of Grey”?

30. How far have you gone/would you go in terms of BDSM?

31. When you’re nude with someone, what, if anything, makes you feel vulnerable?

Pay careful attention to how her body responds as you ask her the following questions. Her body language will tell you that she wants you; all you have to do is read the signals and interpret them correctly.

A collection of dirty, intimate questions that may make a female blush is provided below. It doesn’t have to imply that your inquiries make her uncomfortable; flushing may also signify that she feels the same way you do and wants to see you in her bedroom as soon as possible.




1. What is the most outlandish thing you’ve ever done in the bedroom?

2. Is it better to have sex in the evening or in the morning?

3. What size bra do you wear?

4. How long has it been since you’ve been kissed?

5. Have you ever been a part of a threesome?

6. Is there anybody in this world you want to rape the brains out of?

7. What is your favorite bodily part?

8. What is the sexiest praise you’ve ever received?

9. What type of porn do you like watching?

10. Do you like orally gratifying men?

11. How old were you when you lost your virginity?

12. What would you do if you caught sight of me naked?

13. Have you ever engaged in phone sex?

14 Do you care about size?

15. Have you ever had sex on your first date?

16. With whom do you imagine when you have sex?

17. What is the dirtiest text message you’ve ever gotten?

18. What is your preferred blowjob technique?

19. Have you ever had sex via Facetime?

20. Have you ever had sex with two persons in the same night?

21. Do you feel aroused when you receive a massage?

22. How would you react if a couple contacted you about becoming their third child?

23. Have you ever kissed or touched a man just for the sake of lust?

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21 Mind-Blowing Questions to Ask a Girl
lady in the tub caressing her leg




I’m sure you’ve heard of the popular 21 Questions game. If you didn’t, the rules are very simple: Each participant prepares a list of 21 questions to ask the other person, and you just take turns answering them.

The sole stipulation for this game is that both participants answer the questions truthfully. This game is often played by couples, with the goal of asking intimate and humorous questions that enable them to get to know one other better.

However, you may utilize this entertaining game to heat up the atmosphere in your bedroom and get your lady aroused. Now that I’ve piqued your curiosity, let’s look at this list of intriguing questions to ask a lady to get her in the mood.




1. Have you ever seen someone having sex in real time?

2. Have you ever had sexual relations with someone you met on social media?

3. Do you think you’d ever pay for sex?

4. How do you feel about females, and have you ever kissed one?

5. With which celebrity would you want to sleep?

6. What is the most appealing aspect of the opposite sex to you?

7. Do you like and engage in filthy talk?

8. Do you shout a lot?

9. Do you like playing with toys?

10. Where is the strangest place you’ve ever done it?

In the bedroom, a couple is in love11. Would you be willing to show me your boobs if I requested nicely?

12. What are your thoughts on friends with benefits?

13. What is your strongest suit in bed?

14. Have you ever hated anything relating to sex just to fall in love with it?

15. What age were you when you first began masturbating?

16. What was the longest sexual encounter you’ve ever had?

17. Where would you like to be kissed?

18. What is your most heinous sexual vice?

19. Where do you like to make love the most?

20. Have you ever dreamt of me because I’ve dreamed of you…?

21. Would you want to do it in public?

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To summarize, couples bathing together

Most individuals, I believe, would agree that sex is an essential component of any love relationship. Of course, it is not the most essential factor, but its importance in sustaining a good relationship cannot be overstated.

As a result, all couples should focus on nurturing and strengthening their closeness. And filthy language is unquestionably one of the greatest methods to do this.

This collection of filthy and flirtatious questions to ask a lady to get her in the mood can assist you in getting your girl to speak up about her most intimate sexual wants. It will significantly enhance your emotional closeness and take your love life to the next level.

However, I feel compelled to tell you that you should first determine if your lady is an extrovert or an introvert.

Most of these inquiries will make her feel uncomfortable if she is an introvert or a timid kind of lady, and if this is the case, you should stop the filthy talk since it may really drive her away. You just need to be more patient and develop a deeper emotional connection before focusing on your physical intimacy.

If, on the other hand, she is an extrovert, this collection of questions to ask a lady to get her in the mood will suffice.

So, what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and ask your lady one of these hyper-aroused inquiries. Prepare yourself for a long night of sensuality.