10 things to do in Dresden

10 things to do in Dresden

10 things to do in Dresden.

With a population of 780,000, Dresden is a sizable city in the German state of Saxony that has gained popularity as a tourist destination. Dresden is located along the Elbe River.

Dresden earned the moniker “Florence of the Elbe” because of its distinctive architecture and lengthy history in the art world.

Each year, a large number of visitors flock to the city to take in the gorgeous architecture and the vibrant local art scene. They also go there to see the many museums and the beautiful nearby natural areas, such as the Saxon Switzerland National Park, the Elbe Valley, and the Ore Mountains.

The city hosts a number of events all year long, such as the Polimagie Festival and the International Dixieland Festival Dresden.

The top 14 tours in Dresden are listed below.

1. Start a Dresden Walking Tour

A guided walking tour of Dresden is the ideal way to get acquainted with the city and explore its key attractions.

The Zwinger, the Neumarkt, and the Church of Our Lady are just a few of the Old Town landmarks you’ll visit during your 90-minute trip. Your experienced guide will provide information about the city’s past as you go, and you’ll get to try a surprise local treat.

Your tour guide will provide you with useful information about the top restaurants and activities in Dresden at the conclusion of the trip.

2. Appreciate the Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland National Park’s Natural Beauty

Germany’s Saxon Switzerland, Bastei Bridge

A ten-hour day excursion to the Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland National Park will allow you to escape the urban environment and reconnect with nature.

Meet your local guide at your hotel and ride in a relaxing minivan with air conditioning. Your guide will discuss the history of the park and what to anticipate during your hour-long trip.

Germany's Saxon Switzerland, Bastei Bridge
Germany’s Saxon Switzerland, Bastei Bridge

Before the major crowds come, you’ll arrive at the gate and go off to explore this lovely site, which has long attracted the attention of filmmakers.

There are three distinct tours available. The hiking trip brings you to all of the park’s major attractions, including the Pravcicka Gate, Elbe River Canyon, and Bastei Bridge.

In addition, you’ll take a boat tour through the Kamenice River Gorge, go on a ten-kilometer trek, and eat some regional food.

In addition to many of the same places, the Fantasy Highlights trip also takes you to the Narnia Labyrinth, where a nine-kilometer climb awaits you, as well as the Sneknik viewing tower and Tyssa Walls. There’s also a winter tour available.

3. Take an Elbe River cruise

Take an Elbe River cruise
Take an Elbe River cruise

River Elbe, Dresden

Take this full-day excursion that travels through the Saxon Wine Route by crossing a body of water from Dresden to Meissen. Embark on a paddle boat and take in the region’s breathtaking beauty as you travel.

Visit the Albrechtsburg, the town museum, the porcelain factory, and the Frauenkirche after arriving in Meissen in the early afternoon. Before going back to Dresden, spend some free time exploring the walled city and taking in the sights.

4. Visit a Volkswagen manufacturing facility

This 90-minute trip will take you inside the Dresden Volkswagen Transparent Factory, where you’ll go on a guided tour to learn more about what happens inside a vehicle production facility.

Volkswagen manufacturing facility
Volkswagen manufacturing facility

During the trip, you’ll see the factory’s regular operations and a Volkswagen electric vehicle being built. Additionally, you’ll discover more about the modern technologies used and the automobiles that are being produced there.

Following the trip, you’ll have some free time to check around nearby sites.

5. Recognize the World War II events.

Get a fascinating history lesson along with the chance to see some of Dresden’s famous sights.

This two-hour walking tour with a guide is focused on some of the World War II events, the Third Reich, Hitler’s rise to power and demise, and how these events impacted Dresden and the people of Germany during this gloomy period.

Many recognizable sites may be seen as you walk through this old city, such as Bruhl’s Terrace, Zwinger Palace, Semper Opera House, Altmarkt, and Frauenkirche.

6. Visit Dresden during the 18th century

Dresden during the 18th century
Dresden during the 18th century

With the help of this special 90-minute tour, experience Dresden as it was in the 18th century. To experience an exciting journey through time to the reign of the Count and Countess von Bruhl, follow your costumed guide to Saxon Court.

Learn about the way of life at the period, and work on your courtroom demeanor and etiquette. You will also take pleasure in a champagne reception after the trip.

7. Examine the Castle Pillnitz

Examine the Castle Pillnitz
Examine the Castle Pillnitz

This 90-minute tour of Pillnitz Castle has a Baroque theme and will take you through the whole building. As you visit the castle and gardens, stick with your costumed guide, who you may meet in the Old Guardhouse.

In preparation for the evening ball, you’ll brush up on your etiquette knowledge and learn about the social customs of the time period along the way.

After a delectable lunch and champagne reception, there will be theatrical shows, illuminations, and other entertainment. Finish the journey in the courtyard of Fliederhof.

8. Take in Dresden’s lovely murals

Dresden's lovely murals
Dresden’s lovely murals

Dresden is home to several captivating murals and street art pieces. You’ll view the art and learn about the creators on this three-hour walking tour in addition to seeing it.

While some of the art is contemporary, some of it is fairly ancient. Everything is stunning. Several artists, including Jens Besser and Ema Jones, will have pieces on display.

9. Follow in Kurt Vonnegut’s Footsteps

If you’ve read Kurt Vonnegut’s book about his time as a prisoner of war and subsequent survival, you may be acquainted with his remarkable narrative.

This two-hour tour explores his experience to bring that classic work of literature to life.

View the structures that were damaged by the 1945 bombs and learn about their rehabilitation. Observe Kurt Vonnegut and the other POWs who survived the blasts in the Old Slaughterhouse. Learn about what happened before the bombs and what life was like in the city thereafter.

10. Enjoy a meal and a beer tasting.

Enjoy a 90-minute tour of Old Town’s streets while indulging in food and drink. You’ll be led by a master brewer to the Altmarktkeller Restaurant, where you may partake in two courses of food and four beer samples.

You’ll explore several of the city’s highlights and discover more about its particular connection with beer along the way.

11. Take a Segway tour of Dresden

A segway is a cutting-edge, distinctive means of transportation that is ideal for getting about cities. On this 90-minute tour, your expert guide will point out significant monuments and popular sights while sharing some of the city’s history with you as you segway about.

After receiving a quick tutorial on how to use your segway, meet your guide near the Neustädter Markt monument and go to Konigsufer.

The renowned Frauenkirche can be found in Neumarkt after you cross the Alber Bridge. Visit the old town area to discover even more of the city’s attractions.

12. Participate in a scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts are entertaining, but they also provide a unique opportunity to discover a brand-new city. Players will go through vibrant neighborhoods, along historic city streets, and close to some of Dresden’s main attractions during this treasure hunt. All you need to do is reserve your game and either pick it up in person or have it delivered.

Begin your search in Theaterplatz and go through the puzzles and riddles. View different sites along the way, including Bruhl’s Terrace, the Frauenkirche, Zwinger Palace, Augusttusbrucke, and Dresden Castle.

The game has no predetermined end date, so you are free to begin and stop playing anytime you like.

13. Benefit from Free or Reduced Admission to Museums and Attractions

You may enter several museums across the city for free with this coupon, which is available in paper or for mobile phones. Additionally, you’ll be able to avoid the lines. The Albertinum Modern Art Museum, Dresden Castle, Zwinger Palace, and Jagerhof Museum of Saxon Folk Art are a few of the museums.

Additional museums, sites, activities, and restaurants all offer discounts

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