why Establish yourself as a sexually available male

why Establish yourself as a sexually available male

why Establish yourself as a sexually available male.

One of the reasons males wind up in the Friendzone, as I’ve discussed before, is fear of rejection. They are concerned that if they devote all of their efforts to pursuing this exceptional lady, she would reject them.
They’re terrified of two things: (1) they won’t be able to take the emotionally shattering sense of rejection, and (2) they’ll lose the woman’s friendship.

They believe that if they are rejected romantically, they will be rejected as a whole person as well.
I’m hoping you can see what’s wrong with that mindset. You must divide and conquer. You aren’t your mistakes. Your actions do not define you. You are not these little details and characteristics that make up your whole identity.

Sadly, men who find themselves in the Friendzone on a regular basis do so out of fear. They are scared that being rejected in this one area would have an impact on their whole self-worth and self-value.
As great as the dread of rejection is, there is another fear that puts males in the Friendship Zone. This anxiety entails becoming used to the concept of physical and sexual escalation — rejection on that level is a rejection of themselves as men.

These individuals are incapable of physically raising the sexual tension between themselves and the object of their passion. They believe they must treat women with extra care and place them on a pedestal so high that they may not even be allowed to touch them.

They’re anxious, bashful, and yearning all at the same time.
You must play the game of touching if you want that particular lady to consider you as a romantic or sexual partner. You must breach the touch barrier and establish yourself as someone she wants to have sex with.
Isn’t it the bottom line of physical attraction?

When cautious males don’t touch their female friends, one of two things happens: they either become asexual girlfriends to the women they seek, or they become downright creepy when they do attempt to touch. As a consequence, he’s not someone with whom women want to have sex.
Touch is the foundation of human attraction as well as those butterflies in the stomach that we refer to as chemistry.
You can’t be timid or evasive. You can’t back away from the physical and sexual escalation that this relationship requires to progress.

Determine how she will respond.
Consider yourself to be a radio station. You begin by sending out little indications of sexual desire, increasing the strength of the signals as time goes on. It’s all about getting those signals to return to you. This is an excellent approach to assess a woman’s sexual attraction or sentiments.

If she responds with such indications, it’s time to gradually increase the intensity. If you increase things and don’t receive a positive reaction, or if you don’t get like signals in return, that’s a hint she’s uncomfortable.
Is this an indication that you’re a horrible person?

Is this a sign that anything is really wrong with you? Certainly not. You tried something and it didn’t work out, so you moved on. In fact, being able to walk away boosts your chances of making the correct shot and hitting your target the following time.
The idea is that if you don’t take these photos, you won’t even be considered for the competition.
Guidelines for sexualizing:

Recognize the importance of touch. This may and should be subtle… but it must always be consistent. Touching her shoulder or arm when you make a point in the discussion, embracing her hello and goodbye, high-fiving her and momentarily holding her fingers long, and laying your knees in contact with hers when you sit next to each other are all subtle methods to communicate with her.

Eyes that are sticky. Strong eye contact is always beneficial, but what I mean by sticky eyes is that you should keep your gaze on hers anytime you initiate eye contact.
This provides the impression that your eyes are “glued” together, and it gives her the impression that you are giving her particular, provocative stares. This is a positive development.

Eyes that wander. Men who are afraid of being sexualized conceal their true motives.

This implies guys never tell women they’re looking at them, but they should on occasion. Don’t hide your wandering eyes from that lady, and let her know that you find her physically appealing. You don’t want to come off as predatory; instead, you want to seem as if you can’t help but notice.

Compliments that aren’t overt. To let her know that you think her is physically beautiful, you might utilize subtle comments that aren’t too upfront or blatant.
All job consists of complimenting ladies on their hair, smiles, how wonderful they look in that outfit, or remarking on how well they clean up. Avoid complimenting them on their physical features, such as their physique and curves.
These are the most basic ways to show sexual desire and to be viewed sexually; after you gain a feel for which of these you favor and are most comfortable with, you’ll find that more approaches will flow effortlessly.

Emotional closeness.

This is something that a lot of guys misunderstand. They believe that sexual closeness is the only way to be intimate with someone of the other sex.
While physical intimacy is crucial and one of the most effective ways to get acquainted with someone, there are many different kinds of closeness.

It may be as easy as her telling a really horrific tale from her history that she doesn’t tell anybody else when you get intimate with someone. She doesn’t just tell her best buddy about it. She also shares it with someone with whom she has a love connection.

A moment of intimacy occurs when she explains how she has been damaged by previous relationships and how she is essentially searching for something more from you. Stop assuming that closeness is just about sex. You must accept the idea that closeness may also refer to emotional sincerity and depth.

Combining emotional connection with a sexually accessible component is the key to avoiding becoming another one of her girlfriends. That’s precisely what a mate is to her, and you’ll need both of them.

The physical barrier.

Go beyond how friends interact with one another. This is a critical point. Take a look at how she’s holding you. Take a look at the way you’re caressing her. You are not doing enough if you notice that there is little difference in how friends touch one other.

You need to increase your sexual and physical interaction with her.
There is, however, a cautionary note that you should be aware of. Know when it’s time to put your hands away. Don’t make her uncomfortable. Guys who are referred to as creeps or scumbags are unsure of where to draw the line.

If a lady lets you touch her shoulder, don’t go overboard and start stroking her breast side. You must be aware of the obstacles.

It’s an art form to escalate sexual contact and physical closeness. It all comes down to understanding her signs and putting forth the appropriate ones. It’s really simple to cross the line if your wires become crossed or if you don’t understand the signals you’re giving out.

Guidelines to consider:

As I already said, the power of touch is unfathomable. It has the ability to transform you from platonic to sexual status in an instant. For a few simple methods to initiate contact, see the Sexualizing Guidelines above.

Keep a close eye on her response. Take the absence of red lights and draw away as a green light since you’ll never receive a clear green light from her. In other words, presume Yes in the absence of a No.

When there are more individuals around, touching is more appropriate and harmless. You may take her hand and guide her through a throng, or you can wrap your arm around her waist in public – if you do it in private, it may be too forward and pushy for her. And it isn’t subtle in the least. So start touching in public to make the move to private go more smoothly.

If you try to touch someone, don’t stop halfway. That comes out as scary and a little bit twisted.

When you touch her, approach her from the side rather than directly. Face-to-face communication is overly pushy and tends to make women feel uneasy. When you approach her from her side, you can really touch her more since the personal space she wants to preserve is still open in front of her.

Touch must be precisely calibrated, otherwise, she may get irritated with you rather than sexually aroused to you. Regardless of the danger, keep in mind that sexual desire is at the heart of any love connection. Make it apparent to her that you find her appealing in your own – but still evident – manner.

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