Which Small RV Is Best For A Family Of Four?

Which Small RV Is Best For A Family Of Four?

Which Small RV Is Best For A Family Of Four?

Family RV excursions are a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time together while seeing new locations and transporting your living arrangements. Single travelers and couples are more likely to find success in tiny RVs than in big families. This is the perfect location to visit if you have a family of four and are seeking the greatest little RV on the market.

Customers who like to travel with their family may choose from a number of different alternatives offered. For a pop-up camper, travel trailer, Class B motorhome, and a Class C motorhome, we’ve supplied suggestions in the following sections. In addition to fifth wheels and Class A motorhomes, which are popular designs, they are often too big to be classified as “compact RVs.”

It is recommended that you start with the models listed below, although there are many more possibilities available on the market.

Families will benefit from the greatest tiny RV campers available.

In 2019, the Pop Up Camper will be available.

Sport 12SC is manufactured by Jay Sport.

18 feet, 7 inches is the length of the outside.
Two pop-out portions and one slide-out segment are included in this package.
28.2 gallons of freshwater storage capacity.
A pop-up camper is the finest little RV type to consider if you’re searching for a good combination of room and functionality. When you’re driving, they’re small and compact, but when you’re ready to park and set up camp, they may grow significantly.

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A family of four or more will find this Jayco model to be one of the most comfortable designs. a pop-out segment with a drop-down menu (one on each end of the trailer). A queen-sized bed is located in the back of the 12SC, while a king-sized bed is located in the front of the RV.

This allows everyone to sleep at a comfortable rate while also allowing the parents and children to have some time alone.

The kitchen, booth-style dinette, and extra storage room are all located in the center of this camper. Because of the dinette’s location inside a slideout, there is plenty of elbow space once everything is fully stretched. An additional couch is available if you want even more sleeping room.

However, since this floor plan does not include a bathroom, you will need to ensure that there are restroom facilities nearby when you decide to set up shop.

The product page can be found here, where you can examine this model as well as other floor plans identical to it.

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2021 is the year of the trailer. Flight SLX 7 (174BH) from Jay Flight.

Approximately 21 feet and 8 inches in length on the outside.
Water capacity: 20 gallons despite the lack of slide-outs
In terms of RV designs, travel trailers are among the most diverse and adaptable options available on the market today.

There are numerous little RVs available that are suitable for families of four, which is a blessing in disguise. The Jay Flight SLX series offers a number of excellent choices. A little over 21 feet 8 inches in length, this is a compact recreational vehicle (RV).

There is a queen-sized bed in the front of this trailer which makes it a great option for parents to sleep in together. The second bedroom area, which consists of a pair of bunk beds, is positioned at the back of the cabin. If you have children who do not like to share a bed, this is the solution for you.

There is also a bathroom in the back of the trailer, so you won’t have to worry about finding a campground that has a restroom close by while traveling.

There is a booth-style dinette and a kitchenette in the space between the two sleeping rooms. A large number of the walls of this trailer are also covered with overhead cabinets, allowing for more storage space.

As a whole, this is one of the most excellent little RVs for families of four! It has enough room for everyone, as well as a bathroom and all of the storage and living amenities you could possibly require.

The product page can be found here, where you can examine this model as well as other floor plans identical to it.

Coach House Arriva V24 TB is a Class B motorhome.

24 feet and 2 inches is the length of the exterior.
Water capacity: 31 gallons despite having no slide-outs.
Customers who like to travel light are drawn to Class B motorhomes (sometimes known as camper vans).

Large vans with plenty of living space instead of rows of seats are what they are basically. People who are traveling with families and want to ensure that there is enough room for everyone will find the Coach House Arriva to be a terrific choice.

All of the essentials for a family road vacation are included inside this camper van’s compact design. As soon as the car is parked, the front area is taken up by the driver’s seats, which may be swiveled and integrated into the living area. The kitchen and eating spaces are located behind these chairs.

The sink, dual-burner stove, refrigerator with freezer and microwave, and pantry are all included in the kitchen’s amenities. Furthermore, a fold-out table may be used as a desk or as a dining table.

The bedroom area is located behind this space. According to the design you choose, this might be a pair of twin beds, or it can be a complete king-size bed conversion that takes up the whole width of your car.

If you choose a king-sized bed, it should be large enough to accommodate everyone in the family comfortably (although it may be a bit crowded). Above-counter cabinets and television are also included, providing both storage and entertainment in one convenient place.

A large dry bath may be found in the back of this vehicle. Toilet, shower, sink, medicine cabinet, and a wardrobe are all included in the space. If you like camper vans, this model is one of the finest tiny RVs available.

The product page can be found here, where you can examine this model as well as other floor plans identical to it.

Winnebago Outlook 22C, a Class C motorhome.

Approximately 24 feet 8 inches in length on the outside.
There is 1 slide-outs total.
36 gallons of potable water capacity
Finally, we have our Class C contender, which combines the best characteristics of the models that came before it.

Despite the fact that it is the longest RV on the list, it is still quite tiny when compared to many other alternatives. If you’re looking for a family camper, the Winnebago Outlook 22C is one to consider.

Over-the-cab sleeping space is located over the driver’s cabin at the front of this RV. This elevated sleeping area is ideal for children, and the bed itself is rather spacious. It has a 95-inch length and a 54-inch width, respectively.

The additional bedroom is located at the back of this camper.. This used to contain a queen-sized bed that was partially enclosed by a slide-out to allow for more space in the trailer. Showering and using the bathroom are made easier for everyone on board thanks to a dry bath in the opposite rear corner.

There is a kitchen on one wall and a dinette on the other of this RV, which is in the center of it.

Seat belts are installed in the dinette seats to ensure that everyone rides in comfort. Overall, this design is excellent for families with children, and it has everything you could possibly need for a long and enjoyable road trip.