Which 40-foot motorhome is the best?

Which 40-foot motorhome is the best?

Which 40-foot motorhome is the best?

The Best 40-foot Motorhome – Which One Is the Best?
RVs come in a variety of styles and configurations, including travel trailers. Some are a little bit larger than the usual van, while others are almost as large as a semi-truck.

A 40-foot motorhome is a significant investment and should be chosen with care and caution. These stunning residences are not inexpensive, but they do provide some of the most functional floor designs available.

The greatest length that an RV can accommodate is around 40 feet.. Even if you wind up in the 45-foot range, you’ll be near to the upper end of the spectrum regardless of how you got there!

Not every manufacturer creates RVs that are this lengthy, but those who do put out their best effort. Consequently, let us investigate the top 40-foot RV now available for purchase.

Tiffin Phaeton 40 QBH is the best 40-foot motorhome available.

Dimensions: 41 feet, 4 inches in total vehicle length
Approximately 90 gallons of freshwater storage capacity
Slideouts are available in four formats.
In the United Kingdom, Tiffin Motorhomes manufactures the Phaeton series of RVs (one of the best manufacturers in the business).

There are seven different floor plans available in this product range, but the 40 QBH is without a doubt one of the most impressive of them all.

Those who desire to live in their motorhome full-time will like the spaciousness of this Class A motorhome’s interior. In addition, it has the ability to seat more passengers, making this a good floor plan for families looking to travel in elegance.

While there are several options for customizing this motorhome, we’ll focus on the specifics of the standard floor layout.

Bedroom with a view

Another big reason why this 40-foot motorhome stood out from the competition was the layout of the main bedroom. A comfortable, large, and homey bedroom will be essential if you want to live in your RV full-time year after year after year.

At the back of this design, you will find the master suite. On each end of the bedroom, two opposed slideouts are fitted. One comprises a portion of a queen-sized bed, while the other features a television, a dresser, and a few overhead cabinets, among other furnishings.

Even if nightstands are placed on both sides of the bed, some storage cabinets are also placed above the mattress.

This room is connected to a master bathroom by a hallway. Located at the extreme end of this RV and spanning the whole width of the vehicle, this bathroom is spacious and luxurious.

A shower, toilet, spacious L-shaped vanity, a walk-in closet, a washing and dryer, overhead cupboards for toiletries, linens, and anything else you could need are all available in this bathroom.

Sleeping quarters for recreational vehicles (RVs).

Located inside the Phaeton is the master bedroom (Photos: Tiffin Motorhomes)
Toilet facility number two
However, it does not stop there. The master bathroom is one of the nicest features of this RV, and it does not end there. A second bathroom has been included in the design of this floor plan.

In situations when two individuals need to get ready at the same time, or when there are enough passengers to warrant the usage of a second restroom, this feature is highly beneficial.

Nearby to the main bedroom, you’ll find the second bathroom. In addition to being substantially smaller, it does not have a shower or bathtub. Toilet, sink, vanity, and storage cabinet are all that can be squeezed into this space. Although this one is more practical in nature, it is still beneficial to have another restroom on hand.


However, even though the living room and kitchen are located in the same area in this 40-foot motorhome, they need to be discussed individually due to the large number of components that make up each section. For the second time, opposing slide-outs are installed in this area of the RV to provide more room in the middle.

There’s a booth-style dinette and an Ultra Leather Air Coil couch bed in one of the slide-outs, too. This is ideal if you need to accommodate big groups of people but do not want to commit to a permanent sleeping arrangement.. At night, it converts to a cozy couch for 1-2 people. It’s a great space!

A second Ultraleather sofa bed is located just across from these pieces of furniture. This one is a little smaller, and it would probably be best suited for a single person to live there.

Everyone will have a spot to put their phone, water bottle, and other minor needs on the side tables that are adjacent to each couch bed.

The master bedroom is separated from the rest of the area by a TV that is placed on the wall behind it.

Anyone in the living room or kitchen will be able to see it as a result. In the driver’s cab, a second television is mounted above the windshield. The use of this display while driving may be beneficial, and it can also serve as a fantastic entertainment center.

Room at Phaeton that is used for entertaining

Cooking in a welcoming living area

Let us now turn our attention to the kitchen! If you like cooking, the Phaeton 40 QBH’s kitchen might be a fantastic mobile setup for you and your friends and family. Cooking wonderful meals is a breeze with all of the equipment and facilities you could ask for.

In the same slideout as the dinette is a domestic refrigerator/freezer as well as a slide-out pantry. This layout is advantageous since it keeps the heavy objects out of the way of the primary workplace.. It is still possible to access all of them, though.

This is the principal workplace, which is direct across from the fridge. An L-shaped counter with lots of room for food preparation and appliance storage is included in the design.

An integrated 2-basin sink, microwave, cooktop with an extensible counter piece, and optional dishwasher are among the kitchen’s culinary gadgets to be found here.

Aside from that, cabinets are provided above and below the counter, allowing you to keep all of your tools, ingredients, and dishes. The sink and stove come with unique coverings that allow them to be quickly and easily transformed into flat surfaces as necessary. A number of additional outlets have been installed in the kitchen to allow you to power everything you need.

Phaeton 40-foot RV with a kitchenette.

Upgrades and/or options for your kitchen
However, although the Phaeton 40 QBH’s original floor plan is ideal for the majority of individuals, there are always opportunities to update or replace particular elements. Every single piece of furniture in the living room may be replaced with another one.

Take, for example, how you can swap out the booth-style dinette and couch sleeper with one of these:

Dining table in the form of a U

With a computer desk integrated into the dinette
Fireplace and a recliner with an extra television
A more compact Ultraleather Air Coil couch bed with a lift-up TV is also available for purchase.
In addition, a drop-down bunk bed may be installed above the driver’s cab if desired by the buyer. A simple option to create more sleeping space without taking up valuable living space is to install an attic bed.


Finally, let’s discuss the cosmetics and finishing touches. While decorating may not be the most significant aspect, it is comforting to know that the design of this RV is commensurate with its high level of performance..

Customers may select from seven different exterior paint colors. Base colors of grey or beige are usually used with accents of black, red, or blue to create a cohesive look.

Customers may choose one of three different interior design concepts for the space they are renting. Artist Taupe III, Coastal Sand II, and Trend Beige III are just a few of the color options available today.

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The color and pattern of the backsplash, countertops, cushions, and window decorations are determined by these themes. These are all elegant and complementary designs that complement one another beautifully.

The color of the cabinets, flooring and Ultraleather furniture may also be customized by the buyer.. You may design your dream living place by combining different elements.

With its magnificent design, the Phaeton 40 QBH is deserving of the title of the greatest 40-foot motorhome. The product page on Tiffin Motorhomes has further information, including a 3D map and complete specifications.

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