What Qualifies as a High Sex Drive in a Woman? Causes and Advice

What Qualifies as a High Sex Drive in a Woman? Causes and Advice

What Qualifies as a High Sex Drive in a Woman? Causes and Advice.

What Qualifies as a High Sex Drive in a Woman? Causes and Advice.

Women often have a lot of questions while they are growing up, questions about sex, sexuality, sexual health, the menstrual cycle, and really anything that can be explained scientifically about the female body.

Is my sex drive normal? is one of the questions we ask ourselves throughout our lives.’. Because no two women are the same, it can be challenging to provide an answer to this question.

Libido is the term for a person’s sex drive or sexual desire. Basically, how often do you want to have sex? “There are many possible causes for having a low sex drive (loss of libido),” a staff member from The NHS says. Your sex urge should grow when the reason is treated.

It is difficult to define what constitutes a strong sex desire in women as a whole since no two women are the same. Instead, comparing your current sex drive to your prior sex drive is the best way to identify a change in libido.

Let’s discuss a change in a woman’s sex desire while taking all relevant elements into account, as well as possible causes of such changes and relationship solutions.

Exist a “normal” libido and sex desire level for women?

You often hear the terms “high libido” and “low libido,” but you seldom ever hear the term “normal libido” used; this is because there isn’t truly one.

There is no such thing as “normal” in this situation, thus you should never compare yourself to other women. Only what you deem to be “normal.”

Women are more often worried about a drop in sex desire than an increase in sex drive. A strong sex drive may cause anxiety in a relationship because those who are worried about it often compare it to their partner’s. This is sometimes referred to as a libido mismatch in a relationship and may lead to several problems between partners.

A woman’s libido fluctuates regularly, and many different things might affect it. Relationship issues, stress, anxiety, or depression, sexual issues including erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness, pregnancy, hormone levels, medicine, contraception, and excessive alcohol use are a few factors mentioned on the NHS website.

It matters if you feel as if you no longer have a healthy sex drive and it’s giving you worry, whether it’s generating conflict in a relationship or you’re just worried about your sex hormones. It’s time to take action or seek medical attention if you have any concerns regarding your sexual energy.

What Does a Woman’s High Sex Drive Mean? Do You Need to Worry?

The Mayo Clinic staff member adds that it’s typical for women to have a shift in libido: “Women experience this change in sexual desire, that goes from being more of a spontaneous sexual desire in younger years to a more willingness or receptive desire in menopausal years.”

Unless your new high libido is creating issues in your relationship or changing your daily life, there is no need to be concerned about a strong sex desire.

It’s definitely time to learn more about your new drive and discover remedies so that you may return to “normal” if you continually obsess over vivid sexual fantasies, often feel sexually aroused, or even behave improperly because of your sexual desire.

A strong sex drive may not seem natural to some people, but for others, it could not be at all problematic—it might even be a gift. It may be a terrific time for you to grow sexually and make the most of your enhanced sex desire if you’ve always suffered with libido and now have a lot greater libido.

The main reasons to be concerned about libido are often related to preoccupation, sexual dysfunction, or sexual health. If there is no need to be concerned, then my advise would be to enjoy your freshly reactivated sex life and make the most of your enhanced sexual desire, whether it is with a partner or anybody else in general.

What Leads to Females’ High Sex Drive?

Some women deliberately work to increase their sex desire, while others just accept it as a normal part of aging.

Medically, the reasons of a strong sex desire in women are not expressly mentioned in the literature. This is due to the fact that it is not often seen as an issue. If a strong sex desire did lead to a problem, it would be sex addiction. This places more of an emphasis on psychology and following urges.

Sex abuse is a common problem. Approximately 6% to 8% of adults in the United States may be classified as sex addicts, according to Mayo Clinic. There may be up to 24 million individuals involved.

There are several support groups for sex addicts; Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) is one of the most well-known ones. This method aids individuals in comprehending and overcoming sex addiction. The website provides a list of typical characteristics of sex addiction:

lack of control over sexual addiction.
His or her life became unmanageable as a result.
feelings of guilt, suffering, and self-hatred.
Promises broken and efforts to rein in behavior.
a sex-related obsession that results in ritual.
unfavorable effects diminish with time.

If you don’t have any sexual issues and are just trying to figure out why your libido has lately grown, you’ll probably find the solution on the list of factors that lower libido.

This may be an accidental adjustment in your life that has resulted in an overflow of libido, similar to how fixing the reason of low libido can help boost your sex life.

Seven Ways to Control Libido Imbalance in a Relationship

Of course, there are certain women who have naturally strong sex drives while their partners may have lower sex drives, and this imbalance may lead to relationship issues.

It’s probable that you two will satisfy each other’s demands if you both have strong sex desires. However, having a mismatched sex drive in a relationship can lead to a number of serious problems that will unavoidably have a long-term impact on the relationship.

There are several techniques to deal with a libido imbalance, but the most essential thing is that you truly want to solve your difficulties. Some individuals may search elsewhere for sexual interactions to satisfy their sexual desire while in a relationship with a mismatched libido, which is likely to have a disastrous outcome.

Is trying to convince him to spend time with you like pulling teeth?

Understanding males on a much deeper emotional level is the key to finding a solution. With a few subtle comments, you might make to him, you can truly modify the main reason why men react in this manner.

Take this little survey to find a professional relationship counselor who can assist you in resolving those issues.

Consider if you really want to work hard to make things work with your existing partner, and if so, make this choice.

It will take time and effort to change, and it won’t happen immediately. No matter how they may seem, every partnership has difficulties; what counts most is knowing how to resolve them. The finest relationships are worth putting up a battle for.

Recognize and embrace your uniqueness

Acceptance is the first step in solving any relationship issue.

To anticipate that you and your spouse would not disagree would be completely unreasonable. Each couple goes through sexual issues at some point in their relationship.

It’s crucial to accept that no two people will have exactly the same sexual preferences as you do, and that even if your libidos don’t match, you both want to work on this.

Practice being understanding and patient.

It’s crucial to be patient with one another since things won’t change quickly.

When dealing with a difference in sex drive, patience is probably the most crucial quality, as without patience you will only grow more impatient with one another and disagree even more.

It’s OK to find yourself obsessing over the fact that you constantly have to initiate sex and how you don’t feel wanted, for instance, if your spouse has less sex drive than you. However, you should actually give your partner a chance to take the lead.

When you and your partner are together, you might find a particular moment to be highly sexual, but your partner might not be aware of this at all. You will be able to communicate with each other more effectively when you learn to control your mismatched libido and how to give and receive messages.

Instead of launching into a dispute right once, take a moment to stand back and consider your partner’s perspective. It’s quite unlikely that your spouse would think you want sex right then and there if they are preoccupied.

If you can’t be entirely honest with one another and express your thoughts in a non-aggressive manner, you won’t learn how to be patient and understanding. We often jump the gun and let our emotions take over.

Allowing your emotions to rule your behavior will only hide what you’re really trying to communicate to your spouse, despite the fact that you may feel upset or insecure about your partner’s lack of desire for intimacy.

Keep your composure, thoroughly evaluate your differences, and explore how you may provide answers that will aid in your future sexual understanding of one another. Then it’s crucial to continue acting in this manner consistently.

It’s all well and good to demonstrate clear communication and understanding for a couple of days, but all the good will go with just one argument. Remind yourself of why you so much want to be able to make your relationship work while taking modest steps and being consistent.

Promote love while avoiding laziness

It’s unlikely that improving your relationship’s sex life will be all about sex. Sexual arousal is an intriguing concept because, despite the fact that we are normally aroused by sexual activity, we may also be highly aroused by romance and happiness.

Similar to how you would prioritize your personal health and well-being if you were trying to boost your libido, you should inspire love in all facets of your relationship.

In a relationship, particularly a long-term one, it is simple to get complacent. This is likely the main reason why sex drives decline with time. You won’t likely always be in the mood if your relationship doesn’t thrill you.

Rekindle the romance in your relationship by making an effort to do so. As you do, you’ll be able to see how your relationship will benefit and maybe even have better sex and more sexual experiences.


This advice applies whether you or your partner in the relationship has a larger sex desire.

Almost everything benefits from masturbation, and it’s so good for you! It not only lessens tension and promotes better sleep, but it also helps you get in touch with your body.

Working on your connection with yourself first is the greatest place to start if you’re having trouble improving your connection with your spouse.

This is an excellent approach to basically sort yourself out if you are having problems with increased sex desire that is not shared by your spouse. When we are more than capable of doing so ourselves, we don’t need to rely on our partners to relieve sexual tension.

I truly believe that couples who routinely engage in both solo masturbation and shared sexual pleasure have the finest sex life.

Experimenting, enjoying yourself, and taking some time out of your day to truly concentrate on yourself in a good manner are all part of the sexual experience. Masturbating is the greatest technique to restore your ‘normal’ sex drive if you’re having trouble feeling attractive since it will assist you to fulfill your sexual cravings.

Invest time in one another.

Give each other non-sexual time. Don’t focus just on your sex life if you want to improve your relationship. Instead, focus on other aspects of your life as well.

As was already established, encouraging love for one another is necessary, but dating is also crucial. Remind each other of the reasons you are drawn to one another, rekindle the romance, and make time for the growth of your relationship.

It’s important to spend time alone to foster attachment, and doing so will increase your chances of sharing intimate moments.

Plan or schedule private times

Do not feel ashamed to have to arrange intimacy if you are battling a libido imbalance.

Many couples lose their sexual connection at this point. Instead of setting aside time to address this, they choose to do nothing and watch as their relationship deteriorates because they feel as if their sex lives have become monotonous or nonexistent. Of course, you won’t get any fruitful outcomes from doing this.

If you’re having trouble finding time to have sex with each other, preparing private times and eliminating spontaneity may seem like it won’t help. But trust me, it will.

Planning closeness increases excitement as well. You may engage in foreplay for days, tease one another, exchange explicit text messages or pictures, and build anticipation for the moment you can finally touch.

One of the biggest reasons we let a mismatched libido rule is because we let our personal life interfere with our relationships.

Because of this, it’s crucial to spend time together and organize sensual activities. You may express your wishes and possibly make plans to do something novel, like role-playing. It only makes your sexual experiences better.

You will soon cease having to spend special time on sex with your lover as you both get into a habit of desire as it starts to seem more natural.

Think about consulting a professional

There is always the option to seek professional guidance if you feel like you’ve tried everything and your mismatched libidos are severely interfering with your relationship.

Depending on what would work best for you and your relationship, this might be a doctor or couples therapy.

Since decreased libido frequently results from mental health issues, sexual therapy can assist you in resolving your sexual issues.

Investigate your options and decide what you believe will work best for you.

Online therapy is provided by Relationship Hero. You may locate professional coaches to assist you in resolving your sexual issues and assisting you in reestablishing both your sexual and romantic connections.

Does a woman’s desire to have sex grow with age?

As people age, their libido often decreases in both men and women.

This is mostly brought on by hormone changes in women throughout menopause. While most women reach menopause between the ages of 45 and 55, some women do so prematurely; this is typically brought on by medical issues or could even be caused by medication.

The libido is also affected by hormonal changes during pregnancy, and for some women, this might result in a period of insufficient sex after giving birth.

What is the peak sexual activity age for females?

In your 20s, your libido is most likely at its peak. Since women tend to be in and out of relationships, constantly change their minds, and try their best to enjoy themselves, this is typically the time when they engage in the most sexual activity.

Everyone is unique. Some women like having more sex while they are in committed relationships, while others get the most out of having several sexual partners and being single. Regardless of choice, women tend to be most active in their 20s when their sex hormones are at their highest levels.

Are women more sex-driven than men?
No, not always.

According to The National Library of Medicine, “Testosterone (T) is assumed to account for this difference as well as within-sex variance in want in both women and men. Sexual desire is normally greater in males than in women. Few research, meanwhile, has examined sexual desire while taking into account both hormonal and social or psychological aspects.

In other words, even though it’s commonly accepted that males have larger sex drives than women, there are many additional elements to take into consideration that aren’t always taken into account in previous research.

When evaluating someone’s sex drive, it’s crucial to avoid overanalyzing their gender. For instance, simply because your male partner is a guy doesn’t always explain why you have a low libido and he has a strong one.

In reality, women’s larger sex drives are often to blame for partnerships that have libido mismatch issues.

Is it okay to use pills to boost or lower female libido?

It’s always advisable to chat with your doctor, do extensive research, or have a discussion with your pharmacist before using libido pills.

Although libido supplements are generally safe, they can have unwanted effects like low blood pressure, exhaustion, nausea, and dizziness.

Before depending only on supplements, there are many more ways to attempt to alter your libido. The majority of these choices lead to a higher way of life and state of mind and need to definitely be tried initially. Taking the time to focus on your personal well-being is never a bad thing.

If you do decide to attempt utilizing supplements, you should definitely first talk with a specialist.

There is just what you think to be normal; there is no such thing as a normal sex desire.

Libido may vary greatly in complexity or simplicity. It’s crucial that you be content with your own sexual wants; if not, you should know how to get through this dry period.

An increase in sex desire is often positive and doesn’t generally have any negative effects on one’s health. Actually, it may indicate that your physical fitness is improving as well as your mental and emotional well-being.

Despite the widespread belief that males have larger sex drives than women, this is a misconception that should never be made. Every person is unique, and a variety of variables, including social and physical factors, may influence sexual desire.

Despite how challenging it may seem, a mismatched libido in a relationship can be resolved by understanding your partner and demonstrating a willingness to cooperate in order to strengthen your bond. Many partnerships succeed despite having mismatched sex drives because being able to fulfill your own sexual needs comes first and is the most crucial factor.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions for ladies who are having trouble with a change in libido. As always, help a buddy who is struggling!