What Is The Best Way To Mute An XLR Microphone?

What Is The Best Way To Mute An XLR Microphone?

What Is The Best Way To Mute An XLR Microphone?

I’m recording a podcast, live streaming it, or doing an online meeting. How can I silence an XLR microphone during the show? It’s not like they have a built-in mute switch or anything like that. The gadget we’re about to show you has two modes of operation for muting an XLR microphone in a single package.




Quick Answer: To mute an XLR microphone, we suggest utilizing an inline XLR mute switch, such as the Rolls MS111. However, mute buttons are available on certain mixers and audio interfaces, and if yours does not, this is the next best alternative.



Rode NT1 and SMR Audio Mixer / Interface

Rode NT1 XLR Microphone – Pricing Information
It’s the quickest and most convenient method of muting your XLR microphone if your audio mixer or audio interface includes a mute button.

A mute button is provided for each input on audio mixers such as the Mackie ProFX10v3. The XLR input on audio interfaces such as the Elgato Wave XLR, for example, has a mute button as well.



Either of these options provides a simple method to mute an XLR microphone, which is useful when studying different audio setups. For those seeking for a way that would work with their present equipment, continue reading for our advice..

Pricing for the XLR Mute Button may be found here. Inline XLR Mute Switch Rolls XLR Mic Mute Switch


Using an integrated XLR mute switch is recommended when you don’t have access to a mixer/interface that has separate mute buttons. You attach the switch to your mixer/interface by connecting the XLR cord from your microphone to the switch.

Mic with XLR connector, cable with XLR connector, Mute switch, cable with XLR connector, and mixer or interface.



The numerous kinds of XLR mute switches available, as well as the features you should look for when purchasing one, are detailed in the following sections. This is the subject of the next section.



Phantom Power of +48 volts.

For condenser microphone users, it is important to be certain that the mute switch they use is compatible with phantom power. Because the inline mute button is located between your microphone and your audio interface/mixer, phantom power will have to travel through it to work properly.




The Mute Button should be coughed into.

A silent switch may be classified into two categories: This is known as a cough mute button, and it is the first one we’ll have a look at. A mute switch that operates in this manner mutes the microphone when it is depressed.




Coughing, sneezing, sipping water, or saying anything offline are all perfectly acceptable reasons to mute your phone on the spot. When participating in an online conference where you may have to keep the mute button down for extended periods of time, this is not the most convenient option.




Button to Disable Mute

Toggle switches are similar in function to mute buttons. The mic is muted when the button is pressed, and it is unmuted when the button is released. This is more appropriate for the case of an online meeting that we discussed before. While the microphone is muted, the latch button keeps your hands free.




XLR Mute Button (Rolls MS111)

Because it features both cough and latch modes, we propose the Rolls MS111 MicSwitch. Additionally, the Rolls is capable of operating on 48 V phantom power, allowing it to serve as a one-stop shop for all your recording requirements.



In our online meetings, this is a technology that we utilize on a daily basis. Everything about it is excellent, and we are certain it will be effective. More audio equipment suggestions may be found in our collection of audio equipment buyer’s guides, which can be found here.