What colors go best with a fall wedding?

What colors go best with a fall wedding?

What colors go best with a fall wedding?
What colors go best with a fall wedding?

What colors go best with a fall wedding?

An autumn wedding might use a variety of harvest-inspired colors. These warm color schemes may be combined in many ways, including with hues from the colder side of the color wheel.

  • Autumn wedding color palette
  • Fall weddings often use the following colors:
  • deep red
  • tones of berry and burgundy
  • Burgundy
  • Rust
  • green sage
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Wheat
  • Off-white
  • Pumpkin
  • Taupe
  • Mocha
  • Marigold

It’s challenging to choose just one color scheme for the fall since it’s a season of transition. Instead, depending on whether it is early, mid, or late autumn, you may choose from a variety of hue groupings. Numerous vivid hues, subdued tones, and even metallic hues elegantly capture the essence of the season.

early autumn

The light is still bright in early October, and the harvest’s colorful hues are stunning. The ideal colors to select if your wedding is in September or early October are reds (from apple to burgundy), pumpkin, marigold, green, and cream.

Bright Reds

red flower arrangement

Apple red appears to be the ideal color for every situation, regardless of the season. Juicy red apples, a symbol of the harvest in the autumn, are a common sight at weddings in the fall. Red is a certain method to spice up any color scheme, whether you use it as the primary hue or simply as an accent. Reds in both brighter and darker tones may give your color scheme depth.

Warm and Luminous

Because they capture the vibrant warmth of the season without overpowering the senses, hues like marigold and green are ideal autumn wedding colors. They resemble autumn in this way—colorful, it’s cozy, and not excessive. Simply said, it is classically lovely.


Getting hitched in early November or mid-late October? You should somewhat veer away from the intense hues that are associated with the early autumn in your color palette. Try metallic colors like bronze or gold, burgundy, rust, or even several hues of brown as an alternative.

With a few accents of sage green or wisteria, peach, burgundy (or wine), and red create a gorgeous palette of autumn wedding colors that perfectly encapsulates the season. It’s elegant and romantic, and finding flowers that actually go with the theme is simple.

autumnal wedding hues wine wisteria and peaches

Imagine Orange

Peach and all other hues of orange are fantastic for weddings in the middle of autumn. Even thinking about using genuine orange in your décor if you’re hosting a Halloween wedding.

Orange is one of the most popular colors for mid-fall weddings, even if you’re not getting married on or around Halloween.

The colors of dusty rose contrast well with peach, orange, and even rust. Browns, red, and burgundy are other complementing autumn colors. When utilized as an accent hue in the middle and late autumn, red look its finest.

Metallics Sparkle

Bronze, copper, and gold tones come together to create a stunning color palette. They may also be utilized as accent colors in floral ribbons, wedding site decorations, or to enhance the elegance of the reception venue.

Utilizing metallics might give the impression that you spent much more money on the decorations than you really did if you are getting married in an area with a lot of earth tones.

When picking bridal party attire, bear in mind the skin tones of your wedding party since not everyone looks their best in rich bronzes, coppers, and other similar hues.

late autumn

There are several uses for late autumn. To greet the next winter season, you may use deep, rich hues like chocolate or reddish-tinged plum, opt for a metallic theme with splashes of color (such as apple red or pine green) blended with cream and mocha or choose an almost monochromatic theme using light gold, cream, and shades of brown.

tempered neutrals

When planning a late-fall wedding, one of the most lovely ways to usher in winter is by selecting a soft, neutral, monochromatic color scheme with golden accents. That means using a lot of browns, in whichever combination you like: mocha, tan, caramel, cream, off-white, beige. Make sure to use gold to give it plenty of glitters and a bit of sparkle.

A hint to the winter wedding colors may also be made by using a little red, green, or silver.

Establish a seasonal color scheme.

Let’s say you want more than one autumnal hue to be surrounded by neutrals. By drawing inspiration from the color wheel, you may construct an autumn color palette and add more.

An autumn hue that you adore may serve as the focal point of your color scheme. Then, pick one or more colors that are to the left or right of that color family on the color wheel, such as a deep red with orange accents.

For extremely little details and visual intrigue, you may use a hue that falls between those two (like red-orange in this instance) or even a shade from the other side of one of your major colors, like red-violet (the other side of red on the color wheel).

Go straight across the color wheel for another color to use if you want even greater contrast. For instance, blue will look stunning in your bouquets and table settings if you’re utilizing pumpkin. Yellow and deep purple also function in this manner.

A monochromatic style without neutrals is an option, such as maroon with pink and any reddish-pink tint in between.

Once you’ve settled on two or three hues, you may add neutrals to complete the look if necessary. These include cream, white, chocolate, brown, black, or metallics.

autumnal bridal bouquet

picking out accent colors

You’ll need one or two major colors and then a few accent colors when selecting wedding colors for an autumn ceremony. The more color you can get away with having everywhere the sooner in the season.

Of all, it’s your wedding, so don’t let limitations caused by the season prevent you from using watermelon pink and lime green in late November. Here are some suggestions for selecting your accent colors if you need help playing to the autumnal tones:

Early Fall: You can get away with bolder accent colors even if your primary hue or colors are very strong (pumpkin, for example). For instance, a little apple red wouldn’t be out of place.

Mid-Fall: At this time of year, muted, earthy colors are in style. Consider adding accents in subdued hues, milk or other light neutrals, or hints of metallic tones. In keeping with the color concept, adding a single bold splash of color—say, yellow with an orange and rust undertone—will also serve to mourn the end of summer.

Late Autumn: Rich, warm hues and metallics are required for late fall. Whether your color scheme consists of pale neutrals or the darkest, velvetiest hues imaginable, bright gold is a lovely accent color. If you choose with a darker color scheme, add accents of cream or champagne to the décor to provide brightness. Do not be scared to use red and pine green as additional accent colors.

Examples of three color schemes

In the end, your wedding colors should be a reflection of you and your spouse’s personality, the atmosphere you want for your ceremony, and what you’re simply attracted to as you peruse bridal publications and read articles, regardless of the season or where they fall on the color wheel. However, to help you get started, here are a couple three-color schemes:

  1. Cream, pink, and berry
  2. autumn hues purple, blue, and yellow.
  3. Silver, white, and red
  4. Dark green, marigold, and plum
  5. White, pink, and maroon (or cream)
  6. Cream, mint (or sage), and chocolate
  7. deep blue-green, persimmon, with a hint of yellow
  8. Rose, sage, and taupe
  9. Yellow, peach, and maroon

Fall Festivities in Color

Rich and brilliant fall hues celebrate both the season’s bountiful harvest and the flowering of your wedding. Use the color scheme you choose to symbolize your relationship with your future spouse and your marriage.

In the event that color catches your eye that deviates from the conventional autumn color scheme, don’t be scared to break the “rules.” Simply combine that hue with others you like to create the wedding of your dreams.

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