This is why you can’t stop thinking about someone.

This is why you can’t stop thinking about someone.

This is why you can't stop thinking about someone.

This is why you can’t stop thinking about someone.

“The word “obsession” has been used to describe someone who has a crush on you; however, real obsession is defined as something that goes beyond just thinking about someone you like. However, if you are obsessing over someone you care about, it is possible that this is because you are in need of something that has not yet been provided by the other. 



Learn more about what you need and how to satisfy that requirement for yourself by taking some time off. All that matters is love and self-care!” Dr. Wendy Boring-Bray, DBH, LPCC, is a licensed professional counselor in California.






It’s understandable that you would be asking how to stop yourself from thinking about someone if you’ve just ended a relationship with an intimate partner or have a romantic interest in someone who doesn’t seem to be aware that you’re alive. 






What may happen if you find yourself thinking about someone all the time – and you can’t seem to stop yourself? We discuss this in detail in this article.






When a healthy crush turns into a compulsion.


When it comes to obsessively thinking about someone all the time, there is a small line between normal healthy behavior and obsession with continually thinking about someone. 




The thought of your love partner is common when you’re in a serious or dating relationship with someone. Even after a relationship has ended, it is common to have thoughts and recollections of former love partners and other significant individuals in your life.





But when you start obsessing and ruminating, and the object of your adoration becomes the focus of your fixation, that’s when things go weird. Having trouble stopping yourself from thinking about someone long enough to check in on your own daily life and that thoughts of someone else are taking over your life may swiftly escalate into a problem for you.




Other negative behaviors such as stalking, domestic violence, and other mental health-related issues might result from having an obsession with another person. Get to the bottom of “why do I keep thinking about someone?” by asking yourself this question: To escape the downward spiral of obsession, you must ask yourself (and answer) the difficult questions.




Obsession: The Unvarnished Truth

When you get obsessed with someone, it is usually because you believe or believe that they possess something that you need and that their presence would in some way enhance your current circumstances. 



This is an uncommon occurrence in real life. If you are unable to discover pleasure and fulfillment inside yourself – first and foremost – you will have a far more difficult time attempting to do so.




The first step in learning how to stop yourself from thinking about someone else is to learn how to start thinking about yourself instead of about them. What parts of your life are chaotic or seem to be in disarray at the moment?



 Consider if, if you were to mend those problems, thoughts of the object of your passion would still be as prominent. Alternatively, this individual is continually obsessed about this person, pointing to a broader problem.





What Is the Source of This Obsession?

When you find yourself unable to stop thinking about someone, it is an indication that more severe concerns are likely boiling under the surface of your consciousness. 



“Why can’t I stop thinking about someone?” is a strong sign that you need to check in with yourself as well as a mental health expert to assist you get to the bottom of the problem you are experiencing.




A healthy adult understands that obsessing over someone who you’ve recently broken up with or who you have an emotional attachment to is a normal part of the healing and grieving process; 



however, when your every waking thought is consumed by the coming and goings of another person, this is a serious problem.





This person’s ideas are the source of your obsession – particularly in circumstances when you have comparable interests or sentiments with them but are not reciprocated. 



Is it because you believe this person to be your soulmate or that they “complete” you that you are obsessed with them, or is there another reason?





Human beings are naturally drawn in and out of relationships. Healthy adults acknowledge and accept that people and circumstances change over time. 



They also recognize that, regardless of whether you’re in that relationship, friendship, career or other endeavor that you’ve been obsessing about, the pain of grief and loss will subside with time.

This is why you can't stop thinking about someone.

The Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder of Love is a mental illness that affects people who are in a relationship.

Another reason you could find yourself worrying about your relationship – particularly if you’re still in it – is because you’re suffering from the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive relationship disorder (ROCD).



 In addition to struggling with emotions of value for themselves and their spouse, those who suffer from OCD often compulsively doubt the authenticity of their connection.




In the case of ROCD, you and your companion will be constantly questioning one other.. It is a hallmark of relationship obsession-compulsive disorder to constantly ask questions like “Do you still love me?” and yet not feel satisfied with the answer even when your spouse affirms that they do.



Those who suffer from ROCD get fascinated with the notion of their relationships to the point that the preoccupation becomes burdensome for them to function. 



When it comes to relationships, ROCD sufferers are preoccupied with two opposing concerns: the worry of being stuck in an unsatisfying or sub-par relationship, while also having the anxiety of being alone in their thoughts.




These contradictory views often cancel each other out, causing persons suffering with ROCD to spiral out of control as they attempt to settle their conflicting emotions on their own. Workout obsessive and repeated thoughts on their own is not always the best solution in most circumstances.



Those who are diagnosed with ROCD are often treated with a mix of talk therapy and medication management, which is determined by the severity of their disease and the suggestion of a qualified and board-certified mental health practitioner. Please get medical advice from a competent medical expert for any and all pharmaceutical questions.




Some of the most often used therapies for ROCD include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), exposure therapy with response prevention (ERP), and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) (MBCT).

People who have been diagnosed with ROCD can benefit from cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps them recognize and change negative behaviors that contribute to their obsessive behavior. The therapy also teaches them strategies for developing new coping skills and life skills to replace the negative behaviors.




When used under the supervision of their therapist, exposure therapy progressively exposes individuals to the stimuli such as an event, person, or condition that causes their fixation. It is the goal of ERP treatment to progressively lower the level of anxiety or fixation that a person experiences in response to the first upsetting event.




Counseling Can Be Beneficial in Many Situations

Friends and family members, no matter how well-intentioned, often have their own ideas about how we spend our lives. Even while this is acceptable (to an extent), when it comes to getting to the source of serious problems, consulting with a qualified expert is the most effective route to take.




Psychiatrists serve as an impartial third party who can identify and point out harmful habits and cognitive patterns that may be causing you to obsess over someone else. The fact that, when you can’t stop thinking about someone, the difficulties that are causing your fixation are with you rather than the other person may come as a surprise to you.




Obsessions that manifest themselves externally are often the result of internalized trauma. A lack of self-worth, bewilderment, and obsession are all common manifestations of the anguish experienced after the end of a relationship or the dissolution of a partnership.




Conditions such as obsessive-compulsive relationship disorder (OCRD) may grow swiftly and create problems in your life if the concluding circumstances and emotions are directed outside. Clients who attend frequent therapy sessions acquire new life coping skills and tactics, as well as how to detect and break bad behavior patterns.




The Best Places to Look for Assistance

You should get professional assistance if you discover that you are obsessing over someone for any of the reasons we’ve addressed so far. In addition to providing you with coping methods and new life skills to assist you cope with ongoing difficulties with fixation, a professional therapist or other board-certified mental health experts may guide you through your path and give you with support and encouragement.




Participants in therapy sessions with an in-office clinician as well as with an online therapist are both valid choices. Choosing online treatment over traditional therapy is becoming more popular due to the ease and low cost of attending therapy nearly anywhere. Online therapy sessions are now done through desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, which allow clients and therapists to communicate in a private and confidential setting.




Various virtual ways of communication, such as text chat, video messaging, voice messaging, and SMS treatment, are available for use by clients and therapists. With, leading relationship therapy practitioners can deliver relationship counseling for couples at a fraction of the expense associated with in-office treatment.




 employs professional and board-certified therapists who work in a collaborative environment. When you choose relationship therapy on the Regain platform, you will be able to work with therapists that are licensed, experienced, and skilled.




Psychology Doctorates and Doctorates in Philosophy (Psych. D/Ph.D.) Psychologists are professionals who specialize in the study of the mind and behavior.



Marriage and family therapists who are licensed in their field (LMFT)
Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC/LPCC) are those who have completed a formal training program in professional counseling.
Clinical Social Workers with a license (LCSW)

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What does it indicate when you can’t stop thinking about a certain person or situation?

When you are unable to stop obsessing over someone or prevent yourself from thinking about them, it might indicate a number of different factors. 


You’re thinking about and picturing spending time with them since you have no idea what it would be like, and you imagine what a great relationship it might be. You should keep in mind that there is a fine line between becoming infatuated with someone and wanting to learn more about them. 


Having trouble stopping yourself from thinking or worrying over someone might be a sign that you’re developing a fixation on them, according to the American Psychological Association. 


That is not a positive development. In the event that they have begun seeing someone else or are thinking about someone else other than you, it is essential that you respect their decision.


 Every circumstance has its own set of intricacies, but it’s not healthy for your mental health to get too preoccupied with a single person. The use of distraction as a strategy might be beneficial when you see yourself becoming obsessed with a person. Your mental health will be grateful to you.


Is it true that if you’re thinking about someone, it means that they’re thinking about you as well?

A relationship with someone may be based on intuition if you have a strong intuitive feeling for them. Have you ever had a fleeting idea for someone, and then that person calls or texts you immediately away?


 There’s something to be said about trusting your gut instincts. The fact that you’re thinking about someone, and maybe even that you’re unable to stop thinking about or stop obsessing over that person, does not necessarily mean that they’re also thinking about you. It is, nevertheless, a possibility! 


However, thinking in this manner is not always beneficial. Having a discussion with the object of your passion or a crush is a good way to get to know each other better. By engaging in a conversation, you might learn more about what could be a fantastic connection between you two. 


When you stress about whether or not someone is thinking about you, it is detrimental to your mental wellbeing. You will finally come to terms with the reality.


What is the best way to tell whether someone misses you?

Whenever someone contacts you in any form, whether it’s by text or phone call, you’ll know that they are thinking of you and miss you. 


A obvious indicator that someone is thinking of you is if they send you a text message that says something like “I miss you.” Someone might express their need for you in a more clandestine manner by like, commenting, or otherwise connecting with your social media postings. 


A substantial boost to your mental health occurs when you realize that someone you care about misses you and expresses their disappointment. 


Hearing from that person might cause dopamine, which is a love hormone, to be released in your brain. A crush on someone who notices your absence and expresses disappointment in your absence is a wonderful feeling.


Is it possible to compel someone to speak with you?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to coerce someone into talking to you. When you’re waiting for a response from someone, and they don’t respond, it may be really annoying.


 Being neglected is something that no one wants to experience. But keep in mind that they might be really busy, and the fact that you haven’t heard from them does not imply that they dislike you. 


People have a lot on their plates, and life may be chaotic. It’s possible that you’re nervous about talking to that individual, and that you communicate in a different way than they do. 


Perhaps you’re the sort of person that responds swiftly to messages or emails from others. It’s possible that they’ll be different. It is possible that not hearing from someone you care about will have an impact on your mental health. This is understandable, however you may rant to your pals about it if you want. 


Taking a break from your infatuation is a good idea if you feel yourself becoming obsessed with him or her. As an alternative to texting your sweetheart, consider sending a message to a buddy. You’ll be able to divert your attention away from the task at hand for a bit. 


If you are turned down by someone, realize that you will not be able to alter their opinion and that you must accept their decision. When it comes to attaining what you want, pressuring someone will have the opposite effect; it will most likely cause them to become even more distant. 


The only thing you can do is pray for the person’s good fortune and happiness, and trust that if anything is meant to be, it will manifest itself.





What is the best way to tell whether you’re meant to be with someone?

Sometimes you have a crush on someone who you can’t seem to get away from. Whether you and your crush are destined to be together will come to light with time. Working on yourself is the most beneficial thing you can do for your mental health. 




Therapy may help you create the feeling of self-understanding that we all crave and benefit from. You can work with a counselor online or in your local region to achieve this goal. Obsessing over a person may be very distressing, but many therapists are familiar with this habit and can provide assistance. 




If you wish someone good success and happiness in the future, this does not rule out the possibility of being hurt; expressing your emotions is a normal part of the process, and a mental health professional can assist you in processing whatever the result of this circumstance is.




What do you do to get yourself to stop thinking about someone else?

As previously said, if you are unable to stop thinking about someone, it is critical that you concentrate on what you want to achieve in your life. What are your objectives? 




Do you aspire to be the proud owner of a home one day? Is there a particular milestone you’d want to reach in your career? Do you wish to return to school at some point in the future? 




What is it that you would want to study in the future? Similarly, socializing is a very vital component of our mental well-being, and it may be really beneficial for someone who is in this circumstance. 




It may be beneficial to consult with a certified mental health professional when you’re feeling trapped. Not only can you chat to your friends and family members, but a qualified counselor or therapist will have various tools and abilities to offer you to assist you in working through this difficult period.




 Tests, counseling, and other methods may assist you in determining whether or not you are experiencing troubles with obsession. After participating in test treatment and reading online information about obsession, you will be able to work through your problems and develop coping mechanisms over time. 





Therapy, in particular, may assist you in overcoming negative thinking and avoiding other possible setbacks. Over time, you will no longer be affected by the harmful impacts of love obsession.




What is the best way to tell whether someone is thinking about you?

It’s difficult to tell for certain whether or not someone is thinking about you until they express their interest in you. 



Furthermore, if you see that they have visited your social media accounts, it is probable that they are thinking about you. Having said that, if you’re attempting to get over someone, it’s critical to keep your attention on your own world rather than theirs.





 You should go about your business and keep this person out of your life if necessary, whether it means banning them online or keeping away from them in person. 




You don’t want them to come in the way of your recovery, particularly if you’ve been together for a long time or if the other person involved has caused you significant emotional pain. 


Sometimes individuals are unable to connect in the manner in which they want, and although this is painful, remember that everything will be OK. This will pass in due course. It’s painful right now, but it won’t be for the rest of your life if you keep going.







What does it mean to be unable to remove someone from your thoughts?

As previously said, there are a variety of reasons why you can find it difficult to quit thinking about someone. If this is someone with whom you previously had a romantic connection, any of the following reasons might explain why you are unable to get this person out of your head:

Whether you’re still in contact with them or they’re reaching out to you,


Following the breakup, you continue to check their social media accounts.


You’re concentrating on your memories of them or memorabilia that contains them, such as old pictures from when you first began dating each other.



You’re dealing with love obsession, also known as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OLD)
You’re having difficulties with Relationship OCD (ROCD)
You’ve just recently ended your relationship, and you’re still dealing with the emotional agony that comes with it.



Only you will be able to choose which options are the most appropriate for you and your circumstances. Take a big breath and consider what you want to do with your life after this relationship. Breakups are painful, particularly for people who have spent their whole lives wanting to find love. While you can’t reverse what has occurred, you can go ahead and learn from the mistakes you have made.




What should I do to get him off my mind?

It may have been a long-term romance or an infatuation that you couldn’t stop thinking about it. One of the first things you should do is avoid any contact with him if at all feasible. Don’t check his social media accounts or text him.




 You don’t have to find a new crush immediately soon, or even force yourself to forget about the one you can’t seem to shake off your thoughts about at the moment. Everything takes time, and when you’re ready, you could even begin to consider dating someone else for the first time.




 After a while, he will no longer be “that crush you can’t seem to get away from,” but will instead be remembered fondly. You could even find yourself thinking about someone else one day and realize that you’ve moved on from the “crush you can’t stop thinking about” phase of your previous relationship.




What is the best way to let someone go emotionally?

You should seek professional treatment if after some time you are still unable to get someone off your mind, whether it was a crush you couldn’t shake or a new love interest who wasn’t them. A therapist may assist you in moving on from your past relationship and into the future. 




Even if things are difficult right now, you will be able to get through this. To locate a therapist, you might go through an internet directory such as the one maintained by the website Psychology Today. Finding mental health specialists that specialize in a variety of areas, such as relationship troubles, may be accomplished by looking through the Psychology Today online directory. 





If you’re searching for a therapist who accepts your insurance, you’ll see that you can pick your insurance company from the drop-down menu on the left side of the Psychologist Today therapist finder or directory. Additionally, on the left-hand side of the Psychology Today therapist finder or directory, you can specify the type of therapy you want (if you have a specific form of therapy in mind), your age group, and any other specifics that you believe will enhance your care or make it more tailored to your needs and preferences.





What does it signify if I can’t seem to get my thoughts off of someone?

There is no need to feel alone if you are asking, “Why can’t I stop thinking about him?” Many individuals find themselves saying, “I can’t stop thinking about this person,” whether it’s about someone they have a crush on, someone they’re seeing, or someone they’ve previously dated. 




The fact that you can’t stop thinking about someone is typically an indication that you want to spend more time with them, want to learn more about them, or want to know more about what they are doing or thinking.





There is a small line between being interested in and being obsessed with a person, and there is a fine line between being unhappy without the capacity to introduce him to your friends and family. If you are thinking about this man in a healthy way, you may have butterflies in your stomach. 




This individual may be on your mind even while you are totally engaged in another discussion or work, which indicates that you are thinking about this person in an unhealthy manner. The person in question may have gained emotional control over you and you are unsure of how to free yourself from their influence. 




Perhaps you find yourself excessively thinking about them on a regular basis. Whatever the circumstances, if you find yourself thinking about someone all the time, particularly in a manner that makes them uncomfortable, you might consider speaking with a professional about it.




What is the best way to tell whether someone is thinking about you?

Typically, when someone is thinking about you, they will give subtle indications to let you know. A person who can’t seem to get you out of their head could do the following:




Look for pictures of yourself on social media.

When they are among other individuals, they should inquire about you.


You may text or phone me.
Request to visit you on a more frequent basis.
Make up reasons to be in your company.
Show real interest in the topics that you like and are passionate about by making direct eye contact with you or staring at you while you are in the vicinity of other people.



When people are near you, they get anxious.
Make an attempt to make you laugh or to impress you.
It is impossible to read the minds of others; nonetheless, they will often send off indications that are obvious if you pay close enough attention if they are thinking about you all the time.




Why am I obsessively thinking about him?

Does it matter if you have a favorable or negative opinion of this individual? Thinking about a person you like is typically innocuous, but thinking about a guy in a way that has a negative affect on either you or him is something that has to be dealt with. 




Do you have a negative opinion of this man that causes you to feel insecure? Do you spend a lot of time worrying about how he feels about you? Do you offer him an opportunity to form an opinion about you? If you are in a relationship, it is possible that there is a lack of trust, which is prompting you to think about this person excessively.




 Alternatively, if you find yourself obsessively thinking about him, you may be suffering from a mild case of fixation. It is possible for a healthy infatuation to turn into an obsession when you think about the person so much that it takes over your whole day. 




If you can’t stop thinking about someone, you could come to believe that you want their presence, admiration, affection, or attention in order to function well. Initially, thinking about a person in this manner might be amusing and harmless; nevertheless, it is vital to recognize when it crosses a limit. In the event that you are unable to stop thinking about this someone on your own, you should seek the aid of a qualified specialist.





Does the fact that you are thinking about someone imply that they are thinking about you?

In the event that you can’t stop thinking about someone, you can question whether they are experiencing the same feelings. Most of the time, just because you can’t stop thinking about this man doesn’t indicate that everyone else is having the same reaction. 




Finally, you will never know whether they are thinking about you in the same manner that you will never be able to stop thinking about them. If you are thinking about this person and want to express your thoughts to him, you may offer him the opportunity to express his sentiments to you. 




If he does not feel the same way, offer him the opportunity to spend some time apart from the group.



Just because you are thinking about a person does not imply that he has the same thoughts about you, and the same is true for him. It’s reasonable to wonder why you can’t seem to stop thinking about this person if your thoughts about him has become notably one-sided. A therapist can assist you if you need to talk about your emotions with someone else who is not involved in your situation. 





Note when these emotions are no longer reciprocal and when thinking about this individual becomes detrimental to your health. Consider the following scenario:




 If you aren’t happy with or without him in your life, you may want assistance in finding happiness inside yourself. Actually, you shouldn’t have to guess if he is thinking about you or not, particularly if you have previously expressed your love to him. 




Following your emotional outburst, give both of you and him some distance, particularly if you can’t seem to stop thinking about him otherwise.




What is the best way to tell whether someone cares about you?

Whether you can’t stop thinking about someone you miss, you could start to worry if they miss you as much as you miss them. 





Even when someone expresses their thoughts, determining whether they miss you might be difficult, particularly if they do not communicate their feelings. 




It is possible that you may never know how another person really feels about you, and it can be difficult to find peace of mind in such situations. Consider consulting with a therapist if you want to find peace of mind without having to interact with the individual directly.