This is the cause of your pressure washer’s difficulty starting.

This is the cause of your pressure washer’s difficulty starting.

This is the cause of your pressure washer’s difficulty starting.

There are many different ways in which a pressure washer might stand out as an exceptional piece of machinery. One, on the other hand, is known to be very aggravating for machine owners. When using a pressure washer with a pull-start, it is not uncommon for the machine to be difficult to start, and when this occurs, the pull cord may get frayed or even snapped.

It is difficult to pull start your pressure washer because each time you do do, you are adding more pressure to the system, which is generated by the pump.

It may seem to be an unnecessary explanation; yet, it is correct. Pulling the starting cord will cause pressure to build up inside the system. If the pressure washer does not start when you pull the starter handle for the first time, you will need to apply more and more force with each subsequent pull.

The problem will become immediately apparent to you on your second draw, when you will notice that it is a bit more difficult to pull.

After then, it will get more challenging with each subsequent pull, and eventually, the strain will cause the cable to snap under its own weight. Using a pressure washer for the first time may be a particularly aggravating experience, especially for new pressure washer owners.

The good news is that there is a straightforward and uncomplicated approach of dealing with this issue that will not do any harm to your system.

Instructions On How To Start A Pressure Washer Correctly

If you want to prevent the usual problem of having a pressure washer that is difficult to pull, you need to make sure that you follow these simple procedures each time you start it up.

The power switch on most pressure washers has to be turned to the on position. The next step is to take the choke off the engine, following which you will need to check to see whether there is sufficient gasoline in it.

The next step, which the majority of people ignore, is the one that causes the pump’s pressure to gradually increase. It is necessary for you to pull the trigger that is located on the wand handle. Because of this, any pressure that is generated won’t have the chance to build up, and it will be able to rapidly exit the system via the wand and the pressure washer nozzle.

Be careful to keep a close eye on where you are aiming the wand as it begins to activate. Since the trigger will be in the down position, water will be released. After it has started up, you are free to let go of the trigger, and the pressure washer will continue to operate as usual.

If you forget to pull the trigger in the beginning and your starter rope gets difficult to pull, you may still use the pull the trigger method. Do not pull it with excessive force if it is providing you with resistance. It is quite probable that you will wind up breaking the rope, at which point you will have to have your system fixed.

Simply squeezing the trigger will cause the pressure to release, which you will be able to see and feel. When you squeeze the trigger, there will most likely be water that comes out with it as well.

If you give yourself enough time and attention to start your pressure washer correctly, you won’t have any problems with the starting cord being difficult to pull. If you feel as if your cord is beginning to resist or lock up, try squeezing the trigger before doing anything else.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to force it to start when the cord is becoming difficult to draw.

Why do the ropes and starter cords on pressure washers tend to break?

The quality and tensile strength of the starting cord will vary depending on the brand and type of pressure washer you use. The vast majority are crafted from rope cloth and are designed to withstand a certain amount of wear and tear. Nevertheless, even the ones of the highest quality might get damaged with enough time.

The following are common reasons of starting cord breakage in pressure washers:

Age: Whether it’s through the years of normal usage or if you use your machine all the time, your cord will wear down with time. If you use your machine all the time, your cable will wear down faster.

Either the handle or the cable may eventually wear down to the point where they both broke, leaving you without either. You may prevent this kind of deterioration and make this problem less common if you operate the product correctly and perform regular maintenance on it.

Elements of the Environment: Both the environment in which you use and store your pressure washer may have an impact on how long your starting rope will last.

In the event that chemicals and detergents are accidentally spilled over the rope, or if it is left outdoors in the rain or other factors, your cord, like the majority of other things, will deteriorate with time with further exposure. The key to reducing the likelihood of this cause for a broken pressure washer starting cable is proper storage.

Mechanical Problems and Improper Use:

There are occasions when engine components on your washer might fail. This can be caused by either mechanical problems or improper use. In these circumstances, they are also able to tangle up or otherwise ruin your connection.

It is possible that your starter can lock up unexpectedly, in which case you will yank the chord, and it will immediately fall off. Alternatively, as was said before, an increase in pressure in the pump when starting the machine might also cause the cord to break.

If you are in need of a new starting cable, here is one that won’t break the bank and is quite straightforward in its design.

It is recommended that you always have a backup available in the event that the one you are using becomes damaged. Nobody likes to have everything ready for a significant project, only to find out that they can’t even begin working on it because the starting rope on their pressure washer snapped as they were turning it on.

Even though this starting cable does not have a high-end or fancy design, it is an excellent alternative to have as a backup starter cord in case the one you have breaks. This will save you both time and the task.

Take a look at this True Blue Starter Rope if you are interested in purchasing a rope that is more durable than the one you now have. It is constructed to be long-lasting and to withstand rigorous usage and wear and tear better than other similar products. It is not only inexpensive but also flexible, robust, and simple to clean, not to mention that it has a nice appearance.

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