The top 10 productivity-enhancing Google Chrome add-ons

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The top 10 productivity-enhancing Google Chrome add-ons

The top 10 productivity-enhancing Google Chrome addons.

There is a very strong possibility that the individuals you know who are the most productive are not inherently the most organized and efficient people. Instead, it’s possible that they have a whole arsenal of tools at their disposal to keep them on track.

Extensions for Google Chrome are one example of the kinds of technologies that might assist with problems related to productivity.

These teeny-tiny software packages run in the background of your browser to give it functionality that is both novel and helpful.

Our focus today is on the most useful add-ons for increasing productivity that can be added to Google Chrome.

An additional perk is that none of them cost anything to make use of. You most likely do not need each and every one of them, but by activating a well-chosen handful, others may begin to wonder how you are able to be so productive…

This is the perfect solution for anybody who tends to spend too much time on their email inbox: Google’s Checker Plus for Email

Screenshot of the extension Screengrab by Amy-Mae Turner (Credit: Screenshot)
This time-saving application is something that should be considered by everybody who believes they spend an excessive amount of time on email.

It enables you to receive Gmail notification pop-ups that are totally personalized to your preferences, allowing you to be informed about what’s occurring in your inbox while preventing you from having to open your email in a different tab.

You can also receive an inbox preview window by clicking on the icon for this extension. This allows you to quickly examine the first few items in your inbox, as well as read, listen to, or delete emails without having to open the full-fat version of Gmail, which may be distracting.

Suitable for use by anybody who requires a configuration with two monitors: Dualless

Screenshot of the extension Screengrab by Amy-Mae Turner (Credit: Screenshot)
Anyone who might truly benefit from using a two monitor setup but either has the financial means to purchase one or the physical space necessary to put one up will find this addon to be an absolute lifesaver.

One reviewer referred to Dualless as “a poor man’s twin monitor option.” It is capable of doubling the amount of work you get done in a day by dividing your browser window into two on a single screen in ratios that are customized to meet your requirements, such as 3:7, 4:6, 5:5, 6:4, or 7:3. It’s a really useful program that’s completely free.

This is the perfect gift for anybody who has trouble focusing: Focus To-Do:

Pomodoro Timer & To Do List
Snapshot of the extension’s screen
Amy-Mae Turner is credited for this screen capture.
This plugin will educate you how to better manage your time while you are working, which will in turn increase your overall productivity.

The “Pomodoro Technique” was developed by Francesco Cirillo, and the “Pomodoro Timer” is a timer that helps you split up your day into half-hour pieces.

You start by giving yourself 25 minutes of focused work, then once the timer goes off, you stop what you’re doing for five minutes before starting the process all over again.

This is the perfect tool for anybody who often exchanges URLs: Google Tone

Google Tone is an example of pure technological sorcery. Instead of having to copy and paste the URL before emailing it, you may just send it with the press of a button.

This addon generates a unique acoustic fingerprint that can be recognized as a URL by the microphones of other computers. It does it by broadcasting this one-of-a-kind sound code over the speaker of your computer.

The audio will be received by any computer that is able to “hear” this code (and is in the same physical place as you or is on a video or audio call) and that also has the extension installed. That computer will then convert the audio into the URL that you wish to publish.

This is the perfect tool for anybody who finds themselves spending too much time fixing typos: Grammarly

According to Grammarly, having spelling mistakes and grammatical flaws in your writing might have a negative impact on your trustworthiness. Spending time going back over work and correcting it for spelling errors is a waste of time.

Consider downloading this add-on so that any text you input in Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, as well as WordPress and millions of other websites, will be automatically edited and corrected.

It will highlight improperly spelt words in red, as well as grammatical problems and improper punctuation, and it will also detect abuse of punctuation. Even the succinctness of your writing will be evaluated by it.

Perfect for those who have trouble focusing due to background noise: Noisli

What you listen to as you work has the potential to either significantly hamper or significantly help your working process. You’ll be able to better concentrate and filter out distracting background noise by using the soundscape you generate with the Noisli addon.

A wide range of natural sounds, such as rain, waves, a forest, fires flickering, and so on, may be used to create a monotonous sound environment that will help you focus better. You could even listen to the noises of a busy coffee shop or a train, whatever option seems most appealing to you.

Perfect for anybody who makes use of the cloud computing solutions provided by Google:

Editing Services for Office Documents, Including Sheets and Slides

Anyone who has fully embraced the Google Drive way of life would benefit immensely from using this ingenious little application. It will save you time because it enables you to view and edit files created in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

You do not need to have Office installed on your computer in order to do this. After you have finished reading and/or editing a file, you have the option of saving it in its original Office format, converting it to Docs, Sheets, or Slides, or both.

This is the perfect gift for anybody who is addicted to spending too much time on social media: StayFocusd

StayFocusd prevents you from squandering time on websites that undermine your ability to effectively manage your time. You have the option of adding the URLs of websites that you are aware you visit when you should be concentrating on production but instead spend time procrastinating.

After doing so, you will have the ability to restrict how much time you spend on each website on a daily basis by setting time restrictions. When you reach that time threshold, StayFocusd will prevent you from accessing the site for the remainder of the day.

This is the perfect gift for everyone who uses Zoom: Zoom Scheduler

Through the use of the Zoom Chrome Extension, any user is able to plan Zoom cloud meetings straight from inside Google Calendar. You may start an immediate meeting right there and then with the click of your mouse, or you can arrange a meeting for some time in the future.

After you have scheduled a meeting, an invitation using Google Calendar will be sent out with the URL. One-click is all it takes for everyone who has been invited to join.

Those who find themselves regularly translating may find this book to be an invaluable resource: Google Translate was used.

capture of the extension’s screen showing all of its supported languages.
This article from the Norwegian publication Dagbladet has been translated into English. The Google Translate plugin provides access to hundreds of other translation possibilities. Google is responsible for this screenshot.

You can save time when translating text using Google Translate since it enables you to translate with the press of a button, as opposed to having to copy and paste the text and then go to Google Translate on the web.

With the help of the plugin, all you have to do to translate the text is highlight it and then right-click on it, and voila, it’s translated!

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