Snow tubing at Ober Gatlinburg: 4 reasons to love it

Snow tubing at Ober Gatlinburg: 4 reasons to love it

Snow tubing at Ober Gatlinburg: 4 reasons to love it

Ober Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is the perfect place to enjoy the thrills of snow tubing this winter! As one of the most popular wintertime locations in the Smokies, this exhilarating mountaintop resort boasts an entire hillside of tubing activity!



 Because there are no specific skills necessary to participate, you can bring the entire family out to have a good time together. Listed below are the top four reasons why snow tubing in Ober Gatlinburg will be a blast:




1. There is no need to climb.

You have probably experienced the joy of sledding down a snow-covered hill in your neighborhood. The only drawback is the effort required to get back up each time. The best part about snow tubing at Ober is that you don’t have to worry about getting back up the slope afterward.



 Use the “Magic Carpet” outdoor escalator to return to the top of the hill, which is really handy! You may travel up and down the slopes as many times as you like during your 90-minute tubing session, so make the most of your time!




2. Entertaining for People of All Ages

Tubing on the snow
One of the most compelling reasons to enjoy snow tubing at Ober Gatlinburg is because it is a sport that is enjoyable for people of all ages! Your children will particularly enjoy the thrill of sliding down the tubing hill, which elevates the experience of sledding to a whole new level!



 Children must be at least three years old in order to participate, and children aged three and four are admitted free with the purchase of an adult ticket! Keep in mind that children between the ages of 3 and 5 must be accompanied by an adult who is at least 18 years old.




3. The facility is open in all weather conditions.

Winter snow tubing is fantastic because it allows you to go out and enjoy the great outdoors even when it’s cold outside! 



Regardless of the weather, tubing sessions are done in all situations including sunlight, rain, sleet and snow, so wrap up in your winter gear and prepare to be amazed by the excitement of the 350-foot tubing hill and its 50-foot drop!



 Do not forget to bring a wool hat and gloves, as well as any additional equipment you may need to be comfortable in the outdoors!

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