Six Fun Activities with Your Pressure Washer

Six Fun Activities with Your Pressure Washer

Six Fun Activities with Your Pressure Washer.

You heard it correctly, making use of a pressure washer may really be a lot of fun. It’s possible that it’s all in your head, considering that you can perfectly pretend to be a Ghostbuster while holding the wand for a pressure washer.

However, making use of a pressure washer can be a lot of fun and thrilling in a variety of different ways, and not just for the individual who is making use of it.

You will discover six different entertaining uses for your pressure washer in the following paragraphs.

Although some of these activities need considerable care, and we definitely wouldn’t advocate practicing any of them on a daily basis, the majority of cleaning equipment does not give the same level of variety or thrill as a pressure washer.

The Slightly Refreshing and Delightful Clean

It should come as no surprise that using a pressure washer to clean is really gratifying. Let’s say you’re washing a deck that hasn’t been cleaned in a while, and after only a few seconds with the pressure washer, you see that the deck is starting to take on the appearance of a freshly cleaned deck.

As soon as you begin drawing lines, you see that the deck is gradually becoming cleaner and cleaner.

After that, you will have the opportunity to let all of that filth be washed away by the water. When you start cleaning tile or brick, the most exciting part is when you find that the color you thought the surface was is really a completely another hue.

This may be quite a surprise. There is a certain kind of pride that comes along with being the one who can claim, “I restored it to its original hue!”

Use a Pressure Washer to Create Art on the Sidewalk.

On this beautiful day, maybe you’re feeling a little restless and want to give the youngsters a good chuckle. Draw some creative patterns on your driveway with the pressure washer, and have some fun with it!

Sidewalk art does not survive very long, and the chances are good that you will probably simply want to clean the entire thing anyhow, but you can get a few minutes of satisfaction out of constructing a nice-looking design or sketching a cartoon figure on the sidewalk.

Many photographs of custodians at theme parks producing sidewalk art have gone viral due to the fact that they make it look as if they are merely sweeping the ground, but as you go closer, you see that they are really painting a stunning picture of a fan-favorite figure on the ground.

Peel Potatoes for Dinner

Who doesn’t love potatoes? The potato is a versatile vegetable that can be used in a wide variety of dishes and is a fundamental component of the diet in many parts of the world. There are a variety of reasons why you would wish to peel potatoes, like making french fries, mashed potatoes, or using them in a stew.

Instead of using a peeler, you might consider using a pressure washer since peeling each potato individually may take an interminable amount of time.

Indeed, you may take us seriously. To quickly peel your potatoes, try using your pressure washer! Bring the potatoes outdoors and place them in a bucket or cart that has holes in it. Therefore, the water completely satisfies the capacity of the container.

To begin removing the skin off the potato, start the pressure washer’s spray nozzle near to the vegetable.

You can also create a peel that is more even all over by getting a clean toilet brush that has never been used and attaching it to a drill so that you can scrape off any parts that were missed by the pressure washer.

Even while this is not the most common use for a pressure washer, it is one that may make a dinner party much more interesting.

Pressure Washer-Related Fun During the Holidays

You can spruce up the Christmas season in a few different ways by making use of your pressure washer. To begin, there is Halloween, during which you may use your pressure washer to create a jack-o’-lantern design.

It is strongly recommended that you undertake this activity outdoors, and if you need assistance, you should bring along a buddy or two as well as some safety eyewear. Before you begin, make a template of the pattern you wish to carve into your pumpkin using a sharpie and remove the seeds and pulp from the pumpkin.

Adjust the spray nozzle of your pressure washer to a very narrow setting, and secure the pumpkin in position. Then, all you have to do is follow the lines drawn with the sharpie, and your jack-o’-lantern will soon be grinning.

It is possible that the edges will be somewhat jagged; thus, it would be beneficial to have a knife handy in order to smooth down the sides.

Making snow with your pressure washer is yet another holiday-themed activity suggestion for the list of six fun things to do with your pressure washer. As long as the temperature is low enough, you can get away with using a mist setting on your pressure washer. Keep the wand aloft and, like Elsa, let go of it when the time is right.

To maximize the effects of the wand, you should hold it at a 45-degree angle to the target area. The lower the temperature, the higher the efficiency it will have.

Even while this may not be able to provide the residents of California a white Christmas, it does enable individuals who live in colder climes the opportunity to experience the joy of snow without having to wait.

The Flexibility that Comes With Using a Pressure Washer

Are you looking to clean your pathway of leaves throughout the fall? Instead of going out and purchasing a leaf blower, you could give your pressure washer a try. The pressure that is delivered by pressure washers is sufficient for you to be able to move the leaves about in the pile.

Raking may be a headache since the leaves will end up flying all over the place no matter what you do, so there’s no point. The power washer helps the leaves to cling to one another more effectively, and it enables you to push them into heaps so that they are more manageable.

Retrieve a Ball That Is Stuck in a Tree

This one could be a little more evident to certain people. On the other hand, you may be shocked to learn how many other options consumers investigate before turning to their trusted pressure washer.

The youngsters were playing outdoors when suddenly they saw that the ball was caught in the tree. Use the pressure washer so you won’t have to bother with climbing ladders or coming up with inventive parkour solutions.

Keep the wand held high and direct its aim toward the ball. It is quite probable that it will be pushed out of the tree, which will leave your children smiling as they run after it.

If you found our list of six fun things to do with your pressure washer to be helpful, you may also find our other topics to be of interest. Like a guide to pressure washers for do-it-yourselfers, and information on whether or not it is profitable to start a pressure cleaning company.

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