Powerful Morning Affirmations from Jason Stephenson

Powerful Morning Affirmations from Jason Stephenson

Powerful Morning Affirmations from Jason Stephenson
Powerful Morning Affirmations from Jason Stephenson

Powerful Morning Affirmations from Jason Stephenson.

Like many of you reading this essay, Jason Stephenson is a tremendous admirer of mine.

One of the finest instructors out there, in my view, is Jason whether you’re interested in guided talks, relaxation music, visualization, or any other kind of meditation.

His Powerful Positive Morning Affirmations, which he advises you to listen to for 21 days, is one of his videos that really altered my life.

A few years back, I was at a place in my life where I really needed to realign my focus and start moving forward.

I had previously used affirmations with tremendous success, so I set out to discover a potent set of affirmations I could use consistently for some time while truly putting all of my focus into it.

I stumbled upon this Jason Stephenson video, and it really blew me away:

According to Jason’s description of affirmations in the introduction,

Affirmations and scientific prayer are harmonious interplays of the subconscious and conscious consciousness.

This video is a total game-changer and should be added to the lengthy list of potent “I am” affirmations that helped me transform my mindset and bring some very strong things into my life.

For the highest possibility of successfully manifesting the things you desire to bring into your life, I hope you can watch this video every day for 21 days.

In case you wanted to choose the affirmations that are most applicable to you, I’ve also included a list of all the ones from this video for your convenience:

the following Jason Stephenson Efficacious Morning Affirmations!

I have strength.
‘I am love,’
I am releasing.
I accept myself as I am.
I am safe.
I respect myself and others.
I am assured.
I am liberty.
I am a part of the Earth.
I deserve it.
I’m amazing, really.
I adore every aspect of myself.
I’m making the life of my dreams happen.
I adore you in every way.
I am a component of the bigger picture.
My inner strength and I are in harmony.
I am well-being.
I have enough.
I appreciate what I have.
I’m content.
My physical condition is good.
I am at one with everything.
I am moving with life’s flow.
I’m here to grow and develop.
I am a life supporter.
I am an exuberant entity of light.
I am wellness.
I am appreciative.
All that is, I am.
As I recover,
I feel calm.
I am lovable.
I am respecting my higher selves.
I’m a soul.
True, I am.
I am open to change.
I have unimaginable life force.
I have light.
I’m letting.
The wellspring of all creation loves me.
My goal in being here is to educate myself.
A magnificent cosmos is being co-created by me.
I feel relaxed.
Every instant, I make decisions about my life.
Simply said, I am life.
Everything that is and I are interconnected.
I appreciate it.
Jason reiterates each of these statements throughout the video.

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Reasons to Use Daily Affirmations
I am aware of your concerns if you are absolutely new to affirmations.

I once questioned how saying encouraging things to yourself repeatedly could possibly assist you in any way.

Affirmations do work, and there is strong scientific evidence to support this.

But I won’t go into it right now. For me, at least, personal testimonies from real people are often more persuasive than analytical reasoning and academic research.

The reason I’m posting this piece is that I personally have a ton of anecdotal proof from utilizing affirmations. However, having been there, I can get why people are first skeptical.

But consider this: Affirmations are often utilized by athletes, prosperous businesspeople, and other high-performance individuals because they can really work.

You may have caught me using the term “can.” This is due to the fact that utilizing affirmations does not always work and that some individuals are more open to them than others.

Affirmations don’t work like magic. Just saying the appropriate affirmations won’t help you become debt-free, run your fastest mile, or hit the million-dollar mark.

However, you will strengthen your sense of self-integrity, implant uplifting ideas into your conscious and subconscious minds, and empower yourself to make better choices based on the affirmations you are saying to yourself.

When Should You Use An Affirmation?
The title of the affirmations in this video, “Powerful Morning Affirmations,” makes it rather obvious that they should be utilized in the morning.

The optimum time to employ affirmations, though, is often thought to be in the morning.

This is due to the fact that your mind should be less crowded and more open to signals from the conscious and subconscious when you first wake up.

The same logic underlies why I find morning meditation to be more fruitful, since there is less talk about things that transpired throughout the day.

You should be able to locate a quiet area where you won’t be bothered so you may put on headphones and spend a few minutes each day immersed in this film.

Simply repeat the affirmations as Jason does, being sure to concentrate intently on each word and to completely clear your mind.

For your convenience, I’ve laid out the affirmations above so you may write down any or all of them and repeat them when it’s more convenient for you.

Good luck, and I ask that you continue to say these affirmations every day.

Simply trust the affirmations and allow your subconscious mind time to absorb them. Don’t attempt to hurry or push anything.

Affirmations are very effective when utilized as a regular practice, as you’ll come to understand over time.