Is ENTJ Relationships the best?

Is ENTJ Relationships the best?

Is ENTJ Relationships the best?
Is ENTJ Relationships the best?

Is ENTJ Relationships the best?

The ENTJ personality type is fascinating to examine, and the complexities and mysteries that underlie ENTJ interactions are fascinating to contemplate. Because of their inherent leadership abilities, they have a personality that is both intriguing and dynamic.

It takes a unique combination of self-assurance and personality to be able to bring in a large group of people, and this advantage is not available to everyone. They exude an aura of self-assurance, make themselves accessible, and exude an air of charm.

When seen in this light, the negative aspect is the ruthlessness with which they approach things. putting oneself first on occasion and doing whatever it takes to attain their objectives, regardless of the consequences.

There are only around 3% of people who have the ENTJ personality type, which is appropriate given that there isn’t a place for any more of them.

They are responsible for a significant portion of the prosperous businesses and organizations that we all take for granted. This personality type has a lot of positive qualities, and if you understand someone well, you can really bring out their finest qualities and use those qualities to your advantage.

Characteristics of an ENTJ Personality

Leadership, self-assurance, and charm are all characteristics of their personalities. A fairly delicious drink I’m sure you’ll agree. There are, without a doubt, a few negatives, and I shall investigate them at various points throughout this piece.

They become excited when confronted with difficult problems and are given significant responsibilities. putting their leadership abilities to use to inspire others around them and bring out the best in them. While simultaneously exceeding expectations in their own efforts as well.

They often prioritize efficiency and processes above individuals, and their level of compassion may sometimes be lacking as a result. An ENTJ, on the other hand, is the kind of person you can always count on to be there for you when you need them.

ENTJ Strengths

The ENTJ has a wide variety of strengths across the board. Let’s take a look at some of the ones that have garnered the most attention.


Because ENTJs see inefficiency as a significant burden and challenge, they make it their mission to find a solution to the issue. They are going to address problems that are inefficient and search for a solution that is more efficient.


They get their strength from figuring out solutions to problems and continue to improve. instead of being disheartened or feeling defeated when faced with adversity.


An ENTJ will often exhibit high levels of both self-confidence and self-esteem. Two wonderful characteristics that contribute to positive thinking and overall health. They have faith in themselves, as well as their own judgment, and they trust themselves.


They are not the kind to give up quickly and will advocate for themselves when necessary. Not just for themselves, but also for others in matters about which they have strong feelings. It is most definitely advantageous to have an ENTJ on your team.


People that possess all of the aforementioned attributes are often charismatic, and this is not an exception to that rule. This enables them to inspire others, maintain a good attitude, and achieve a high level of success.

ENTJ Weaknesses

Let’s take a look at some of the common flaws that people who have the ENTJ personality tend to exhibit.


Along with self-assurance and a strong desire to accomplish one’s objectives comes a certain level of stubbornness. However, it may be quite annoying for other people.

Inability to Show Patience

Being impatient with other people may be really irritating for them since it can be very aggravating. Because not everyone works or thinks at the same rate, the ability to change and provide more time when it’s required is a critical talent that’s severely missing.


There are occasions when it is due to a misunderstanding, but other times it is appropriate. They may give off an air of superiority. This creates a problem for those who are close to them, but in most cases, friends and family are able to figure out how to deal with it.

devoid of feeling or passion

Because of their fearlessness and self-assurance, individuals are sometimes able to put their feelings aside. Frequently coming to the realization at a later time and having the ability to put things in to check. On the other hand, this could be too little, too late.


They may come out as very indifferent to the feelings of others as a result of their dogged perseverance and obsessive approach toward accomplishing their objectives.

Relationships with Other People for ENTJs

Relationships are approached by ENTJs in a manner that is quite similar to how they approach other aspects of their life. has a distinct and self-assured vision of what it is they desire and the path to achieving it.

After that, they approach it in a way that exudes vitality and self-assurance. When it comes down to working with a partner, that person will almost always assume the leadership position and decide what has to be done.

The fact that they are prepared to accept responsibility for a large number of choices, whether they turn out well or not, is a strong positive. It is essential to the health of any relationship that both parties be able to communicate effectively and that each acknowledges their share of responsibility.

They place a high priority on romantic pursuits and approach them with serious intent. It is more probable that they are in it for the long haul rather than for a brief period. Despite the fact that sentiments aren’t always taken into account, the fundamental ideas are still there.

In most cases, the energy that they offer must be returned or else it might be too much for those involved. However, the introduction of novel concepts and activities is often welcomed.

When it comes to choosing relationships, they often have solid judgment and aren’t hesitant to sever connections when it’s necessary to do so.

As was alluded to in their shortcomings, they tend to be callous and frequently indifferent to others’ feelings.

One of their less developed talents is an inability to accurately gauge the emotions of others who are emotionally close to them. However, they have the ability to work toward improving these talents, which is a benefit of their determined mindset.

To summarize, ENTJs are capable of developing meaningful connections with other people. It is necessary to have an understanding of not just their sometimes complicated demands but also the needs of others.

Do ENTJs Make Good Friends

Taking into consideration the qualities described above, it is easy to imagine that ENTJs are wonderful friends—but only when they are with the appropriate people. They are not the kind of individuals that are able to amass a large number of friends and maintain relationships with all of their acquaintances.

Instead, finding others who have the same objectives and way of thinking as them brings out the best in them.

Friends that provide them feelings that are profound and insightful bring out the best in them because of the inherent drive they have to improve themselves and evolve as individuals. Keep in mind that gaining new skills and making further advancements are high on their list of priorities.

Their connections are often founded on concepts and ideals that are near and dear to both of their selves. They aren’t scared to compete with their pals either, which is impressive. Therefore, you should be prepared to be questioned, and you may win some respect by maintaining your composure.

Putting up a fight against them is not an easy task, but if you do it in a way that is sensible and reasonable, people will appreciate you for it. enhancing your connection and allowing you to have a better understanding of what makes the other person tick.

Some ENTJs are more along in their quest to improve themselves, and as a result, they are more likely to listen to others and change in response to their environment. It’s true that some of them are quite obstinate, but not all of them.

There is a lot you can learn through talking with them and becoming friends with them, particularly if you are someone who is open-minded and diplomatic. If you wish to contribute to the accomplishment of the aims, it would be fantastic. There is no question that there is value in having a large group.

Do ENTJs Make Good Parents

Now comes the part when things start to become more difficult. The connection between a parent and a kid may be difficult since children often have strong personalities and can be difficult to deal with.

This is not to argue that ENTJs are incapable of becoming good parents. Not at all; many of its guiding ideas are ideally suited to encouraging and assisting parents in helping their children become better people.

The most challenging aspect of working with children is mastering communication skills and bringing forth their finest qualities.

When dealing with children, an approach that is considerably more tactile and empathetic is required.

This is where they believe there is some room for interpretation of the boundary. They are eager to hold others to the same high standards that they hold themselves to, and when those expectations are not met by others, they may be a bit harsh.

It is well knowledge that ENTJs take pleasure in engaging in debate and like the opportunity to consider other points of view. Children are much like adults in this regard; they often argue and search for logical reasons to explain things.

In addition to this, they often adhere to more stringent standards. This may lead to tension between a kid and a parent, and as any parent will tell you, striking this delicate balance can be difficult.

Both advocates and opponents of rigorous parenting have valid points, but it is important to be mindful of the potential consequences when dealing with someone who has this personality type.

Am I an ENTJ

Do you exhibit any of the following characteristics:

  1. Extrovert and endowed with a magnetic presence
  2. enthusiastic in one’s responsibilities and goals.
  3. Always thinking many steps ahead, and never deviating from the plan.
  4. Naturally more logical than emotional, and resistant to making course corrections.
  5. Take pleasure in guiding others and motivating them to do better.

These are some of the first inquiries that you need to inquire of yourself. Obviously, in order to narrow down your personality types, you need to put in a lot more effort. In the next paragraphs and throughout the rest of this essay, we will dive into this topic in more depth.

Options for a Career for an ENTJ

ENTJs are known for having an attitude that is bold and determined, and it is within their jobs that they see the rewards of their competition and experience the most success. There aren’t very many other personality types that would do as well in the corporate sector as you would.

They may put their brains, organizing abilities, and dogged persistence to work in this environment, among other things.

Their mentality of being able to triumph over challenges and difficulties sets them apart from others, and it frequently gives them the push they need to go up the corporate ladder.

Those who are among them who are more outspoken might infuse others with an excessive level of self-confidence. This may lead to friction in highly competitive work environments, such as those based on sales or commission, for example.

The most desirable kinds of jobs are those in management, in positions of power, and in executive capacities. They have a sharp eye for keeping tabs on staff and making certain that all of the duties at hand are being finished in a timely manner.

When it comes to one’s professional life and commercial endeavors, failure is never an option. They are examples of that sort of person. They are a lifesaver when they are on your squad, but a living nightmare when they are on the other team.

If you are on the same team as someone else, they will notice if you are slacking off and call you out on it. They will not have any trouble identifying you or exposing your behavior in any way. Therefore, be aware that there is an ENTJ on your team, and ensure that you provide your best performance.


They are a formidable adversary on account of their high level of intellect, iron will, capacity for rational thought, and dogged determination. They are going to find a method to do the task successfully despite any challenges, regardless of how big or how little they are.

The disadvantage of this, however, is that they are susceptible to failing when the application of emotion or reason is required. The use of strict protocols is not always the best way to tackle a problem. There are instances when a less formal and more human approach is required.

Therefore, they are wonderful at connecting with people, bringing out the best in others, and accomplishing their goals, but they fall short when it comes to having compassion and being adaptable. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding ENTJ relationships and the complex personality they possess.

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