Is Availability always attractive?

Is Availability always attractive?

Is Availability always attractive?

Here’s a fun activity for you to try.
Take a look at a man who is clearly smitten with a lady. Take a look at how beneficial this is.
They are companions. Keep a close eye on what he does. Is there a trend that you’ve noticed?
This person is accessible to her 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
year. This man clearly goes out of his way to help her.

All she has to do now is pick up the phone, and he’ll be there. It’s a good thing.
For someone who wants to get into bed with someone, this is a bad game plan.
It’s not going to help if you’re constantly there and behave like her sock puppet.
any help to you.

It will, if anything, drive you further and deeper into it.
It’s friendly zone time. If your relationship isn’t working, this is the last place you want to be.
You’re itching to get your hands on her underwear. It’s not what a material guy does in a relationship.
This is for her.

This may seem counterintuitive to you.

Women like being pampered, but if you take this to its logical conclusion and pander to their every whim, you’ll end up with a woman who doesn’t want to be taken care of.
It’s unappealing and finally unpleasant to be subjected to their every whim.
Few women like being regarded as princesses and being in charge of their husbands.
This is in direct opposition to what the majority of women want.

when it comes to finding a partner

It’s time to think about it. Have you given this thing of yours any thought?
Are you going over backward for her, and do you have unique affections?
It’s likely that you’ve already entered the Friendzone.

When you’re asked to choose between two people, you’re in the Friendzone.
wash the clothes If she continually asks you to do things, you’re in the Friendzone.
perhaps do some errands for her and bring her a cup of coffee. There need to be more of you.
than that, in terms of self-respect

Men believe that the more time they spend with her, the more she will like them.
They come to rely on you. At some level, they are true in that the woman will succeed.
They’re vital, but for the wrong reasons.

Disengage and prepare yourself is the best line of action for you right now.
a lot more rare and inaccessible – in other words, more like a regular buddy of mine

Make it obvious to her that you won’t be accessible all of the time.

When ladies realize you’ve placed them on a pedestal by being so kind to them all of the time,
What do you think will happen if this option is made accessible to you?
You’re allowing them to get away with their misbehavior because you’re financing them If you’ve observed her shoving you about, don’t take it personally.
a little and forcing you to do things you don’t want to do (but must).
It’s going to grow worse if you do it anyhow out of responsibility. If she notices you’re in a bad mood, she’ll let you know.

You’ll get more of the same behavior if you place her on a pedestal.

She may even take things a step further. In the future, rather of becoming her lover,
You turn to become her closest homosexual buddy. What do you think about that for a raise?
Don’t make yourself accessible to her at all hours if you don’t want any of it.

Don’t answer her phone or react to her texts on the same day she calls.
It’ll appear on your phone in a matter of seconds. She isn’t a greater priority than you.
It’s not on a pedestal for you to adore like your other buddies.

Make it plain that you do not and will not treat her differently, even if she asks for it.
begs and moans about you doing it for her before. This boldness and assurance
In many cases, standing up for oneself has unanticipated beneficial consequences in her life.
you’re regarded as

The more they can be present for a lady, the better, believe men in the Friendzone.
The more emotionally and physically important they are to a woman, the more they will become.
For a variety of reasons, this is incorrect, but the final consequence is that you will not be seen as intelligent.
a guy a woman lusts for How frequently do you hear a lady oohing and aahing over something?
someone who drives them to the airport vs. someone they desire but can’t find

After all, you want to do these things, so cultivating scarcity might seem fake.
stuff. Focusing on other concerns… rather than on yourself… is the greatest approach to taking a break.
her. When you get actively involved in your own life, you become a much more effective person.
a unique individual You make it impossible for individuals to live for themselves when you live for them.
care about you or regard you as a complete, well-rounded, and interesting person.

Treat her the same way you treat your other pals.

You’re really establishing boundaries and limits by being scarce and inaccessible.
Relationship boundaries that are beneficial
You’re well aware that your relationship is unbalanced.
when you put everything on hold to assist her. This is something you should consider if you notice yourself doing it.

It should be clear to you that you are not treating her the same way you treat your other pals.
It’ll be evident to her if it’s plain to you.
You’ll find yourself in trouble if she notices this tendency, as I already said.
getting up in the middle of the night because she needs assistance, and you require assistance as well
must go to the shop and purchase it for her You’ll begin performing these tiny favors as soon as possible.

Because she need it at inconvenient times, She will appreciate you more the more you do.
The more she demands, the worse she becomes. You’re starting to resemble a professional now.
Rather than a buddy, he’s a bike messenger.

What is the major difference here?

She takes you for granted when you pander to her wants, and she doesn’t genuinely end up like you.
That’s how much I appreciate you. If she’s asking you to do all these things, she just doesn’t care.
things for her, especially if she knows what you’re giving up for her.
adapt to her needs She’s well aware that she’s exploiting you, and she relishes it.
All of this comes at your expense.

That’s not the way a respectable person behaves.
you’re being treated well
Another important aspect of cultivating scarcity is to create a sense of scarcity. When you’re not always at your best
She will value your time and money if you are available and willing to do her will.
is priceless and scarce.

As if you were married, treat her as such.
“If you want to kill your sex life, get married,” there’s an old adage.
Basically, getting married is the best way to ruin your romance.

There was no need for a chase, no need to impress anyone, and no effort at all.
If you want to spit some cold water on the uneven pedestal-based system,
You and the object of your affections have a relationship (really, a friendship).
Imagine your daily life with her and act accordingly –

To put it another way, it’s as if you’re no longer attempting to win her over.
Things get complicated when you start treating her as if you’re already dating her.
For you, things will start to make sense.

Consider it: you’ll be the one doing everything.

heavy lifting and she has no intention of returning the favor. The so-called connection
As you take more risks, your relationship will begin to resemble that of a father and daughter.
Instead of taking care of each other, you should take care of her.

What exactly do you gain from it? Assume sex is extremely important in a long marriage.
reduced. So, in exchange for your undying love, do you get emotional support from her?
presence? Doubtful. Will she be there for you when you’re down and carry you through the tough times?
the manner in which you’ve borne her?

You should be able to convince her that you are deserving of respect – and much more.
than you are currently receiving from that relationship.
Scarcity is the solution, but not in the sense that you’re teasing her.
Scarcity simply means that you should not devote all of your time and energy to one thing.
Spending all of your time and energy on a woman at the expense of all other aspects of your life and relationships.

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