How to Use a Pressure Washer to Remove Algae

How to Use a Pressure Washer to Remove Algae

How to Use a Pressure Washer to Remove Algae.

When it comes to keeping your house and property clean, pressure washers are very helpful equipment to have. They are effective not just in eliminating dirt, dust, and stains from surfaces, but also in cleaning algae from pathways, roads, and other locations.

The following are some of the benefits that come with removing algae using a power washer:

Make your home or business more appealing to the eye.
make it safer for pedestrians make it safer for automobiles prevent regrowth for longer

Instructions on How to Remove the Green Stuff

You probably have some idea of how unattractive algae can be if you’ve ever seen it growing on a sidewalk or driveway. It is also possible for algae to be slippery, making the surface hazardous for walking on. The use of pressure washers, on the other hand, makes short work of the task of eliminating algae. This is the procedure to follow:

Safety Equipment

Wearing protective eyewear and shoes with closed toes is a must before attempting to clean any surface with a pressure washer. Because it is possible that you may get wet while going through this procedure, it is recommended that you dress in old clothing.

Give the Plants Some Water

Be sure to give the plants in the area plenty of water before beginning the pressure washing process, especially if you intend to use any chemical cleaning solutions. This is especially important to remember to do before pressure washing.

During the cleaning procedure, the impact of any chemicals that cover them will be nullified as a result of this action. After you are done, you must remember to wash any plants that you worked with.

Soak the Region with Water

Before beginning to clean an area, take a few minutes to thoroughly saturate it with water using nothing more than a hose or a low-pressure setting. Pay special attention to the regions that are covered with heavy algae. This will allow any pieces that are difficult to remove to become softer and simpler to remove.

Clean the Region Using Pressure

Move slowly but surely around the area that needs to be cleaned while using a sweeping motion that goes from left to right.

You run the danger of damaging the surface you’re cleaning if you hold the pressure washer too near to the surface you’re working on. If the surface you’re working on has a directional grain, like a wooden deck for example, you should work with the grain rather than against it. It will have a nicer appearance.

Distribute the Cleaning Product Throughout the Area

This is done primarily to reduce the amount of grow-back. If you take the step to add a chemical cleaner to the procedure, it might be three or four years before you need to repeat the process instead of once a season. If you take the step to add a chemical cleaner to the process, it could be three or four years.

When applying a cleaning solution, it is best to start at the bottom and work your way up since this reduces the likelihood that the substance may streak. This is an especially important consideration for cleaning products that include bleach.

If the cleaning chemical you’re using includes bleach, you should never put it in the internal tank of a pressure washer. Make use of a foam cannon or, failing that, just a hose with some cleaning solution connected to it. Any product that you use in your pressure washer that includes bleach can soon cause internal harm to the machine.


After rinsing away the chemicals with your power washer by softly washing the area, you should concentrate on giving it another thorough cleaning to ensure that you do not leave any marks behind.

Now give the grass and plants in the surrounding area a good rinsing to ensure that any debris and pesticides have been removed.

A Few Parting Thoughts

The removal of algae may be a tedious and troublesome task; however, making use of a pressure washer is a simple and efficient approach to get the job done.

During the process of removing algae from your property, it is imperative that you protect all surfaces with extreme caution and use protective clothing at all times. With the help of these suggestions, you should have no problem cleaning up the mess caused by the algae.

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