How to use a pressure washer to clean aluminum siding

How to use a pressure washer to clean aluminum siding

How to use a pressure washer to clean aluminum siding.


shines up your siding
rapidly sanitize enormous regions

eliminates tenacious dirt, including mold and mildew


Much of the pressure may harm siding


In residential homes or commercial structures, most people choose aluminum siding. Naturally, there must be some justification for this. It provides more than just useful advantages in its own right. Aluminum siding has a nice appearance and won’t need painting or replacement for a long time. Notably, it doesn’t need much upkeep.

But with time, a hazy layer of dust, mildew, and stains may cover your siding, dulling the look of your property as a whole. Having stated that, it’s crucial to pressure wash the aluminum slide. How effective is pressure washing? The finest pressure washer for aluminum siding is necessary, however, therefore, absolutely.

Can painted aluminum siding be power washed?

Yes! Your metal siding looks spotless after a pressure wash. Fortunately, these things are available to spruce it up. Without further ado, let’s focus on the best pressure washers that can get rid of all that tough debris.

Just remember that using excessive pressure will harm your siding, so start off gently and build up the pressure as needed.

Here’s how we suggest you go about using a pressure washer to clean your metal siding.

1.When necessary, use protective clothes and equipment such boots and goggles

2. To reach those difficult-to-reach locations, rinse your siding with low to medium pressure and a nozzle with an angle.

3.Put your detergent in now. Read your pressure washer manual and the detergent’s instructions carefully.

4. Apply your detergent to the siding with a low-pressure setting.

Wait a little while.

6. Starting at the top of your siding, rinse the detergent away. For this, you may choose a medium-to-high setting. We advise using a broad nozzle during rinsing.

7. Make sure all of the detergent has been gone, then let your siding air dry.

The pressure of 1# Electric pressure washer Joe SPX3000

The Pressure Joe SPX3000 is a fantastic bargain if money is limited. It is renowned for its adaptability to handle a variety of cleaning activities, including washing aluminum siding buildings, homes, patios, automobiles and lawn equipment, decks, and more. The SPX3000 pressure washer has two onboard, detachable, 0.9-liter tanks where it may store several detergents to accomplish many cleaning chores at once.

This model’s 1800W motor generates the electricity it uses. Although you would desire something strong, the electric motor produces roughly 2030 PSI at 1.76 GPM. This maximal cleaning strength should be enough to handle both the easiest and most difficult cleaning chores.

Price check on Amazon

Its Total Stop System is helpful (TSS). When the trigger is not pressed, the TSS automatically turns off your pump. The safety lock switch hence extends pump life and enables energy savings.

A 20-foot pressure line, two 0.9 L (30.4 ounce) removable detergent tanks, and a 34-inch extension wand are just a few of the most important extras included with the pressure washer. A garden hose adapter, 5 rapid spray tips, and a power wire are additional items. All of them serve the activity.

To make it easier to operate, the model is placed on a two-wheel system. You can easily carry it whenever the wheels come off while it is operating thanks to a carrying handle. The Lightweight variant enables you to access even remote areas of your home.

Above importantly, Joe SPX3000 has steel Iance fittings and a steel hose as opposed to plastic. This provides a wonderful touch akin to the top pressure washers available.


can perform a variety of cleaning chores

Reaching even the highest corners is made easy by the lightweight characteristic.

When the washer is not in use, the TSS auto-shutoff conserves electricity.

Things that we dislike

Many customers see it as a medium-duty model rather than a heavy-duty one.

3800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer, 2# TEANDE

Wondering how to thoroughly clean your home with aluminum siding while you’re stuck at home? Among the best options, the TEANDE 3800PSI Electric Pressure Washer is worthy of consideration. When it comes to washing everything in your house, it is a workhorse.

The pressure washer’s five adjustable spray nozzles allow it to work with various spray patterns and soaps. As a result, this generates varying pressures to carry out various cleaning duties. To remove filth and dirt, the soap container sprays a generous layer of rich, thick foam.

Price check on Amazon

Better still, it has a strong motor that can provide up to 3800 PSI @ 2.8GPM for the best washing power. This model will do the job whether you want to remove dust off your home, automobiles, fences, sidewalks, patios, and more.

TEANDE, an improved model, has wheels for simple mobility. Additionally, built-in storage spaces neatly house all of the parts and prevent the fitted power wire from tangling. Storage is therefore a breeze!

3800PSI offers a Total Stop System (TSS) for simple application, much like the other top options. In the event that the machine is not in use, it turns off automatically. It has defense mechanisms installed to increase durability and safety for movement.

You’ll appreciate its aerospace-grade quality and precise technologies. Additionally, you can maintain the quality of the paint on the siding of your home by rotating at a fast speed.


friendly to users

has simple, unrestricted movement for maximum mobility

promising gadgets that make cleaning tasks simpler

Simple to assemble and use

Nearly all surfaces may be properly cleaned by it.

Things that we dislike

Quite pricey in comparison to the Joe SPX3000 machine.

3# Gas Pressure Washer MSH3125 from Simpson Cleaning

A stylish, gas-powered machine with serious punch is now here. Due to its engine, the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 is often more powerful than many electric versions. Although expensive, it will remove dirt and grime to repair your metal siding.

A Honda GC190 household engine provides steady power for this pressure washer. The model is unquestionably the best for cleaning your aluminum siding home, painting surfaces, automobile, patio furniture, and more with a tremendous 3,200 PSI at 2.5 GPM. Simply said, MSH3125 is adaptable.

Price check on Amazon

Additionally, this machine is just 66 pounds in weight and has a welded steel construction frame. The 10-inch pneumatic tires provide improved cleaning outcomes via enhanced stability. You can transport it without worrying.

Additionally, the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 has five quick-connect nozzle tips, allowing for broad uses. MSH3125 is no different from the other pressure washers from Simpson Cleaning Store in that it has undergone complete functional testing to get certification. You will be guaranteed of a genuine bargain even before you place your hard-earned money.

On the other hand, it has the advantage to complete the task fast and fully thanks to an ergonomic spray gun and OEM axial pump. This gas-powered machine is easy to start and set up, according to many users, and it is described as durable, powerful, and dependable by numerous reviews.


Gas power gives it strength, dependability, and effectiveness.

constructed with a strong, welded steel frame.

may be used to a wide range of applications

stable wheels, lightweight, and portable

simple to setup and launch

Things that we dislike

When compared to electric pressure washers, outrageously pricey

Possibility of bad gasoline odor or leftover oil

GreenWorks pressure washer, 4#, 1600 PSI

You need a device like the GreenWorks 1600 PSI pressure Washer for cleaning concrete, aluminum siding, and other surfaces that need powerful cleaning. This is undoubtedly one of the sturdiest pieces of equipment made for people looking to take on little cleaning chores.

Contrary to our top picks, this model is the least expensive while still being admirably good. To start, it provides thorough cleaning options to suit practically any homeowner’s requirements.

Price check on Amazon

This type is effective and simple to operate, and it will do the task well. It is supported by a powerful 13Amp universal motor that uses 1600 PSI at 1.2 GPM to locate hidden dirt and restore the beauty of your aluminum siding.

Simply said, for simpler storage and transportation, this lightweight machine weights just 17.5 pounds. Anything around can be pressure washed without any effort. Excellent coverage is ensured with a 20-foot pressure hose and 35-foot power cable.

For exceptional stability, GreenWorks 1600 PSI may be applied either horizontally or vertically. This pressure washer offers excellent value since it has a soap applicator and two high-pressure nozzles that can handle various spraying levels. It may seem easy, but it’s worthwhile.


  • A reasonable choice
  • ideal for short jobs of limited scope
  • simple to save, move, and drag
  • Lightweight for routine laundry
  • includes necessary extras like a soap applicator

Things that we dislike

For heavy-duty, high-power tasks, not recommended

What to Look for in an Aluminum Siding Pressure Washer

When selecting the finest pressure washer for aluminum slides, there are a number of things to take into account. In reality, by considering these elements, you can decide what job a machine is most suited for and how effective it is. What are the things you need to look into now?

Power Source

Power is of the biggest significance when we discuss pressure washers. You should look into the power sources used by various models. The most common types are gas and electric versions, each of which has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

Although often more costly than electric ones, gas-powered devices are more powerful. You may use them for labor-intensive tasks around the house. On the other hand, electric-powered vehicles are lighter, more affordable, and need less upkeep.

In addition, they work silently without disturbing others or polluting the air. These are appropriate for little tasks. When it comes to washing the house’s metal siding, both will work, however.

Plumbing Pressure

Water pressure should also be taken into account. You must note the force the pressure washer produces while choosing your model. Remember that pressure and cleaning effectiveness are correlated; more pressure equals greater cleaning effectiveness.

The mathematical unit for measuring water pressure is pounds per square inch (PSI). However, this does not imply that you should get the model with the greatest PSI you can find. What you want to accomplish with the machine will determine how to proceed.

Aluminum siding may be worked on by any equipment that begins at roughly 2,000 PSI and goes as high as 3,000 PSI. But to prevent any damage, maintain the pressure between 300 and 500 PSI.

per minute per gallon (GPM)

The GPM is the following important variable, which is strongly connected to PSI (Gallon Per Minute). This refers to the amount of liquid that the pressure washer is using. The PSI and GPM have a direct relationship. The machine will require more water per minute when the pressure is high.

High GPM pressure washers will clean more thoroughly and quickly. In our situation, additional water is needed to completely remove embedded dirt, mildew, and stains from metal siding. A machine that operates at 2GPM to 4GPN may move.

Machine & Engine

A pressure washer’s motor is a necessary component. It exerts the force necessary to keep the machine running. For an engine to function well, it must be strong.

The pressure washer’s heart is its engine. The engine of an electric pressure washer defines how strong and fantastic it is, just like a healthy heart is essential for your body. For instance, the Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 has a strong Honda GC190 household engine that provides dependable power.

Questions and Answers

How Do I Keep My Aluminum Siding Looking Great?

How can aluminum siding be maintained now that it is the best option for home exteriors? It must be cleaned in order to preserve and restore its good looks. It may survive for many years, but regular cleaning will keep it looking good. For this, a pressure washer is an appropriate instrument. At least once a year, clean it.

How Much PSI Am I Required For Aluminum Siding Pressure Washing?

As indicated, you need between 1,500 and 3,000 PSI to clean the aluminum siding on the outside of your home. But it makes sense to choose a machine that can be used for a variety of tasks and is adaptable.

Final Conclusion

In general, cleaning aluminum siding on your home may be challenging, particularly if it seems aged and dingy. The only way to make things simpler is to use the most effective method and strategy. The finest pressure washer for metal might be useful in this situation.

The accumulated filth and grime will be cleaned away using a pressure washer. Your siding will appear fantastic in no time if you seize the machine and use it properly. The Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 is our top selection. This gas-powered device is robust, dependable, and adaptable. Good fortune!

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