How to Identify Authentic Gucci Bags

How to Identify Authentic Gucci Bags

How to Identify Authentic Gucci Bags.
How to Identify Authentic Gucci Bags.

How to Identify Authentic Gucci Bags.

Should you be a fan of Gucci bags, it might be useful to understand the fundamentals of how to tell a genuine one from a fake. Even while it may not always be simple to distinguish the differences, you may empower yourself with the information you need to recognize a genuine Gucci bag.

Assessing General Quality

Even though it is against the law to sell anything that is a counterfeit in the US, it probably happens more often than most people know. While it’s true that some fakes closely resemble authentic products, it’s not always the case. So begin by examining the craftsmanship.

Genuine Gucci bags often have stitching that is tighter and more even, hardware that fits more tightly and consistently, and sturdy, hefty material. Conclusion: The actual thing just has a higher-quality appearance and feel.

Real and imitation Gucci handbags may be distinguished from one other in four more ways. The amount of craftsmanship put into each Gucci bag, including the leather or fabric, the hardware, and the tag with the serial number, is one of their best features. Each of these might either dispel or reinforce your worry that it could be a hoax.

Examine the leather or fabric.

It is possible to confirm the authenticity of the bag by carefully examining some of the components inside the leather or cloth.

bag made of canvas

The most prevalent material for Gucci handbags is canvas, so look for signs of authenticity there.

Look at the logo on the canvas first. The factors to pay close attention to are as follows:

The Gs should be facing each other, the righthand G facing the left and the lefthand G the right. It is simple to tell when something is copied wrong.

The Gs should have lengthy, refined serifs. The portion that reaches into the G ought to be longer than the portion that reaches into the opposing G. They must not be hazy. They should also have a slender, elegant appearance rather than being overly contemporary or bulky.

The G’s rounded portion should be a flawless oval with no points.

The logo will be sharp and even, not fuzzy or ill-defined, whether it is printed on canvas or coated canvas.

There are more fabric components that are involved. Each pair of interlocking Gs has two distinct diamond-shaped “dots” in between them. Some fake bags will do this mistakenly. For instance, there might be more or fewer than two, or the dots could be too close together or too far apart. Instead of being printed on the cloth, this design should be weaved into it. Contrast this with the Gucci fabric, which has just diamond dots and no Gs.

Even if the fabric of monogram canvas bags gradually softens, it is tougher.

Gucci bags are often made of guccissima, a stamped leather. This leather has an imprinted logo on it. The logo should be crisp and simple to see, not hazy, and the design should be even and regular. (With time, it may get more dim, however.)

Gucci brand


Many fake bags will include hardware that is instantly recognizable as being fake because it may be light, hollow, corroded, peeling, or flaking, among other things. Gucci hardware, on the other hand, is substantial and heavy.

Zippers and engraving

The word “Gucci” will be etched on a lot of the hardware, and if it is, it will be done neatly and cleanly, not fuzzy or unevenly. The canvas or leather used for the remainder of the bag’s construction will also be used for the zipper pull. Never a plastic zipper, the Gucci insignia will be imprinted on the bottom of modern bags’ zippers.


Additionally, there has been a significant alteration to the brand as of 2016. The logo has been modified by a new designer such that the elements are now overlapping rather than interlocking. The interlocking logo will still be visible on the canvas and leather, but other details, such a larger logo on the clasp, will change. The top aperture is sharper and the new G is more streamlined.

Sometimes the Gs will be replaced with a textured tiger head closure, a styled buckle, or another design feature in addition to the new G logo.

Serial number

Many people believe that the easiest method to tell a genuine item from a fake is to look for the serial number tag. The Gucci serial number is usually found on a leather patch that is attached to the inside of the bag at the top; it is not stitched down completely. The tag should be square-shaped or hardly vertically angled.

The bottom of 1990s bags were somewhat rounded, and several of their characteristics have since changed. The trademark emblem is absent, and the phrase “made in Italy” is written in all capital letters rather than lowercase. The term “Gucci” seems to be same.

More lately, you’ll discover that the tag’s writing and look are consistently the same. Make it a point to research these factors if you’re considering purchasing Gucci bags. They consist of:

  • A trademark emblem is located at the tag’s top (although very occasionally it will be missing)
  • The letter G in the centre of the word Gucci is shaped similarly to how it is in the logo’s interlocking Gs.
  • “Made in Italy” is written at the bottom. The words are in the same typeface as the firm name just above them and are all lowercase.
  • Serial no.
  • Lettering
  • Once you know what to look for, you can easily identify the letters that make up the word “Gucci.” Several distinctive qualities include:
  • The G is very rounded; if the line went on, it would nearly resemble an O.
  • Unlike the interlocking Gs, the serifs on the letter G are equal.
  • The left side of the U is thicker than the right side, which is thinner.
  • Like the G, the Cs are quite rounded.

Fonts and Position

The typeface used for the numerals is delicate; those that seem too straight or contemporary are false. There won’t be any letters in the serial number on brand-new bags, which will have two rows stacked one on top of the other. In antique bags, the format might vary and may include periods or hyphens. There is no guarantee that the numbers will line up exactly.

The numbers will seem a bit crookedly aligned due to the whims of workmanship, the challenges of embossing pigskin, which some of the bags are made of, and other things.

The serial number may also be used to screen out bags that seem dubious. Two rows will make up the number. The bottom number may be a supplier or manufacturing code, while the top row may be the style number, experts speculate. Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be agreement on what the digits represent. There will be between 10 and 13 total digits.

Dust bags and check papers

Specific packaging is included with genuine Gucci bags. They will never be wrapped in plastic, since it would indicate a fake bag for sure. They do include dustbags, whose hues have changed over time. These bags are available in dark, light, or black.

Cards Controllato

The controllato card, which is off white on more recent ones and white on older ones, is often cited online as evidence that a Gucci bag is authentic. Italian for “checked,” “controllato” indicates that the bag has undergone quality control. Gucci and Controllato are printed on the card, while the numbers 1 through 9 appear beneath.

Controllato and cards with information

Using a card to provide information about your luggage has two drawbacks. First, because the card is completely independent of the bag, it may be transferred from one bag to another. Second, a card can disappear. Therefore, you shouldn’t instantly assume that your bag is a fake simply because it lacks a card.

Knowledge Cards

The information card is available in addition to the controllato card. This may also come off the bag or be made by counterfeiters, so if one doesn’t seem properly (for example, the logo is off), it can be used to prove a bag is fake. A bag’s authenticity cannot be established by the absence of these cards.

Additionally, new bags include an inner label with a QR code.

Due to the fact that Gucci was founded as a business in 1921, numerous vintage bags are still available and in great demand. There are certain guidelines that apply to both younger and antique bags, which are defined as ones that are 20 years old or older. Observe the following:

Quality. A real antique bag will always feature top-notch hardware, stitching, and materials, just as contemporary bags do. Poor craftsmanship most usually indicates a fake.

the emblem. The interlocking G logo, which was established in the early 1960s, wasn’t always the logo.

serial number Some vintage bags lack a serial number, while others feature double-digit digits or none at all.

Request only high-quality images

Make sure to request and get several high-quality images if you want to purchase your Gucci bag online but not from a large department store or the Gucci website and you don’t have the bag in your possession. To view the intricacies, several of these photographs need close-ups. If the photographs are excellent enough and you know what to look for, you’ll be able to identify bags from photos and a few bits of information just as handbag specialists can.

Detailed view of the Gucci tag and stitching

Consult specialized resources

If you locate a bag you like but aren’t sure is legitimate despite having knowledge about Gucci bag authentication, you may get assistance online.

Free Community Assistance

Utilize tools like the Bag Forum and the Purse Blog Forum. Both are neighborhood discussion boards with sections devoted to identifying genuine Gucci bags. Make careful to provide the needed information since the authenticators are particular about adhering to specific regulations because they are offering their knowledge. This comprises:

  • Stunning images that show the circuitry up close and the serial number tag
  • Details about the vendor
  • The background of the bag
  • the connection to the purchase, if relevant
  • Anything else that might assist the authenticator

Paid Services for Authentication

Instead, you could like to spend a little money and get your bag validated by one of the businesses that offer this service, such as Authentication First, Real Authentication, Luxury Exchange, and My Poupette.

Some businesses, like Real Authentication, have specialists that spend a lot of time observing and managing certain brands. One of their specialists claims that on rare occasions, even they may need several hours to validate a bag.

You don’t have to depend exclusively on your newly gained authentication abilities since some, like My Poupette, also suggest reliable resellers of Gucci bags.

You do have options if you do find yourself the unfortunate owner of a fake Gucci bag. Get certified confirmation that it is a counterfeit by contacting an authentication business. It can assist you in obtaining a refund from the vendor or even your credit card provider.

Be assured in the purchase you make.

Knowing the specifics of a Gucci bag and what to pay special attention to when purchasing one may assist you in making a decision you can be confidence in. You can expect to acquire a genuine handbag whether you’re shopping at a pre-owned or brand-new model at a store or online.

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