He will miss you terribly after this.

He will miss you terribly after this.

He Will Miss You Terribly After This.

He Will Miss You Terribly After This.

When you’re not in the same spot as a man, how can you establish a connection?

Making him miss you is the greatest approach to make the most of this time apart.

How can you be sure you’re on his mind, though?


Make him drool at the prospect of seeing you again.
To begin, I’ll state that you must have spent a large amount of time with a guy in order to make him miss you. He doesn’t have to be your boyfriend, but it helps if you’re at least buddies or have spent some time together. Ex boyfriends will benefit from this advise as well.

This is significant because many women would attempt to make a man miss her BEFORE they have really bonded with him. This isn’t going to work, sadly. I mention this because I don’t want you to waste time attempting to make a man miss you when the truth is that he is completely unaware of your existence.

Make an effort to connect with him before attempting my advise. This is really my first method, which is fortunate for you.




1. Extend your hand, then retract it.

This is seduction at its most gentle. You should begin by testing the waters if you’re interested in a guy. Send him a random message to start a conversation, and then take it from there. After a brief exchange of words, back away and leave him in the dark about your whereabouts.

Be aware that this might be seen as “game playing,” so be careful how you present yourself. Don’t simply vanish off the face of the earth and ignore all of his messages. Simply reduce the heat from red to lukewarm and watch how he begins to pursue you more.

This also gives him the impression that you’re busy, which is a good thing for guys. We’d all want to believe that the person we’re seeking has a lot of other possibilities, so that when they select us, we feel respected and not taken advantage of.





2. Maintain an air of mystery

When you’re attempting to woo a man, keeping him guessing is one of the greatest methods to make sure he remembers you after you’ve gone. Instead of pouring your heart out and revealing all of your secrets and ideas, pull back a bit and avoid the common danger of oversharing.

Be evasive if he asks you about your background. Answer his inquiries truthfully, but don’t overshare. To make him want to spend more time with you, a little uncertainty is the best way to go.




3. Maintain a safe separation

Remember that in order for a man to miss you, the two of you must spend time apart. As a result, don’t communicate with him on a regular basis. Opt for a more detached approach instead of snapchat streaks.

This will make him curious about your whereabouts, and when you finally decide to contact him after a few weeks, he’ll be overjoyed to get it.




4. Use social media to promote your business

Without speaking to him directly, social media is a terrific method to attract his attention. He’ll wonder what he’s missing out on if you give him the impression that you have a busy and interesting life outside of your time with him.

With this one, less is more, so don’t reveal too much about what you’re up to or who you’re hanging out with.

The more you leave things up to his imagination, the more he’ll think about you, and the more he’ll miss you.




5. Maintain a solid bedtime routine.

This one is a little naughty, but believe me when I say that if you know how to rock his world between the sheets, he’ll be missing you in no time!

This is particularly true if you’re in a long-distance relationship since your boyfriend will need something to help him get through those long, lonely evenings.

Being a sex queen would make him desire you and just you, not just miss you. Why would he forego mind-blowing sex in exchange for a fling that isn’t so great?

Relax if this seems scary… You have an advantage over the competition simply because you know what your partner like and hates. Check out my free video presentation if you want to discover some new sex tactics to spice up your life.




6. Inspire envy in him

Jealousy is a good way to make a man want to be with you. So, what are some of the ways you can make it work for you? Jealousy works best on ex-boyfriends or men who haven’t made a commitment to you, which is why it’s such a great way to make a man miss you.

Shift your focus away from your true love interest and onto someone else to put this into effect. When you’re with that individual, make sure you’re dressed well, that you laugh often, that you flirt frequently, and that you use delicate touches on your hands and arms.

In this scenario, you want to make everyone aware of your ostensible interest in this individual. When the guy you desire notices this, it can be the motivation he needs to try harder to reclaim you. Just don’t go overboard, or you’ll find yourself with two guys vying for your affections.




7. Maintain a professional appearance.

Look nice is a simple one. To avoid seeming superficial, if you and your partner just split up and believe there’s still a possibility you’ll get back together, looking great is one of the finest methods to make it happen.

Wear appealing clothing, flaunt your gorgeous attributes, and pamper yourself with hair, cosmetics, and whatever else that makes you feel good about yourself. Enhancing your natural attractiveness not only makes you more gorgeous, but it also gives you a confident demeanor that makes him want you even more.




8. Exit with a bang

Nothing can make a more lasting impression on your boyfriend than leaving on a positive note. This is particularly true if your relationship has recently been strained.

When you and your boyfriend leave on bad or too serious terms, there’s a significant possibility he’ll spend his time away from you wondering whether he’d be better off without you.

Rather of allowing him to doubt your connection, make him miss you by departing enthusiastically with hugs, kisses, laughing, and promises to see each other again soon.


He Will Miss You Terribly After This.