Experts Say Men Want These 14 Things in a Woman

Experts Say Men Want These 14 Things in a Woman

Experts Say Men Want These 14 Things in a Woman

When it comes to dating, have you ever thought what men are looking for the most. In other words, what is the one (and maybe most essential) quality that a guy seeks in a girlfriend, without which the relationship begins to seem unpleasant to him.



We posed this same topic to 14 relationship specialists, and we got some quite insightful responses in response to our query.

And here are some examples of what they look like:

a person who helps him feel comfortable and at ease
Positivity and self-assurance
Being mysterious is a quality.



The sensation of being deeply connected.
Embraced with tenderness and warmth
With whom to share his life as an eyewitness, confidant, and friend.
A woman who is interested in him yet does not reject him for who he is.
It is a partner on an equal footing




An independent woman who looks after her own needs.
a person who makes him feel important and respected
Support for the building’s structure
Someone who makes him feel wanted, significant, and the one guy in her life is what he is searching for.



He is attracted to someone who exudes his inner manly nature.
Someone on whom he can trust and with whom he can develop as a couple
Let’s take a closer look at each of the responses:


1. Someone who makes him feel at ease is written by her.

It is a certain emotion that a guy seeks in a lady that is the most essential thing to him. A sense of belongingness prevails in the room.

Whenever a guy is with the woman he loves, he wants to feel ‘at ease.’ Her presence serves as a respite from the craziness of the outside world, rather than contributing to it. Men want women who will enable them to be completely themselves and who will accept them for who they are as they are now.




She is a lady with a strong sense of self who is secure enough in her own skin to support her guy from a distance or right on his arm.. A guy seeks a woman who understands herself and loves herself profoundly, totally, and unconditionally because she will treat him in the same manner in which she respects her own body and spirit.




Neediness repels people, thus it’s critical for both sides of any marriage to accept complete responsibility for their own well-being and learn how to meet their own needs first, in order for their relationship to be one of joy and security rather than one of codependency and dependence.

Instead than trying to make a man or a woman whole in themselves, they should work on improving each other.




A woman who brings out his finest characteristics and best self in all aspects of life, and who does so just by being her best self as well, is what a guy seeks in a relationship.

When it comes down to what matters to a guy, his appearance, his work, and his clothing are all simply cherries and sprinkles on top of what really counts, and what truly counts is the sensation of being at ease in his own skin.



He will never want to leave ‘home’ if you are the strong, confident, and independent woman who knows who she is and how to give as well as receive; treat him like a King while effortlessly allowing him to treat you like a Queen and he will never want to leave ‘home.’





2.Christine Baumgartner’s article on self-confidence




For the last eight years, I’ve worked as a dating and relationship counselor, and I often find myself lecturing to both men and women about “what guys truly want.”

I’ve discovered that the most crucial quality a guy looks for in a woman is self-confidence. As a matter of fact, guys continually tell me that it’s one of the most attractive characteristics a woman may possess.




Men tell me that when a self-confident woman enters into a room, their attention is immediately pulled to her, and they regularly find her to be attractive and alluring. I believe this to be true.

In order to determine your level of self-confidence, here is a guideline to use: (and where you might need to do some work).




A woman who is self-assured is:

What she desires is clearly defined by her. She has a good understanding of herself and what is necessary to make her happy in her life.
Her questions to a guy are direct and specific, and she provides sufficient information to ensure that the man is successful in meeting her needs.


She has the self-assurance to ask a guy for anything and to feel comfortable accepting his response.
When males come to her aid, she should express her gratitude for their assistance.
Has a good attitude about oneself.



With friends, family, and things that she is enthusiastic about, she has a fulfilling life.
She is confident and at ease in her skin (no matter her shape, size, etc.)
She understands that she deserves to be surrounded by people who treat her with the same respect that she gives herself.



An assertive lady avoids the following behaviors:

Speaking sarcastically to a guy is not appropriate.
He completely takes over her life, leaving her with little to offer in exchange.
Take it for granted that he has the ability to read her thoughts.
she doesn’t have any personal interests (is waiting for a man to fill her life or encourage her to start doing something).



Reassurance that she is deserving is required on a constant basis
Call her out on the flaws in her character (physically, emotionally, mentally, etc.).
Some people may be startled to realize that feeling self-assured is often acquired behavior (not just a natural way to be).



 The ability to do so is something that everyone can learn. I know this because it’s something I learned myself and that I continue to educate my customers. In that case, please let me know if there is anything on the list that you would want to be more certain about.






3. quality is that of being secretive.

For men, it is important that you stay something mysterious to them at all times.

During a conversation with a French acquaintance, Geraldine, she expressed her surprise that Americans refer to their love partners as “best friends.”


 They do not believe in such a system – they have lovers and they have friends, but they are seldom the same thing. And it is a method of thinking that I find really enjoyable.



When it comes to finding a loving partner who can also be your closest friend or co-provider, it may be really difficult. Choose someone who can fulfill just a handful of the most essential roles in your life, and surround yourself with others (such as your closest girlfriend) who can fulfill the other responsibilities.




In my role as a woman, I maintain the mystery by continuing to live a life apart from my marriage.

It is impossible for my lover to be aware of every location I visit or whoever I associate with, and the same can be true for me with him. At the end of the day, we have much to speak about since we totally trust one another. 



In fact, it offers us something new to talk about. The fact that we allowed each other the room to develop things outside of the relationship means that we are able to catch up on our activities, ideas, and interactions when we do meet up.

Women are already seen by the majority of men as fascinating, sometimes unpredictable beings – and they like this perception of them!



In other words, although trust may be formed and lives can be shared, there is a certain exhilaration for a guy who hasn’t quite “figured out” his female companion yet. Because of this, even decades into a relationship might have a little element of mystery and attraction still there.

Experts Say Men Want These 14 Things in a Woman

Why does my husband prioritize work over me

Four, a strong feeling of belonging

Men care about more than just how a woman looks and feels, contrary to popular belief. For the higher-quality guy, it goes far deeper than that. The goal is to form a genuine relationship with a lady, one that makes the two of them feel like best friends to each other.

They just “get” each other on a human level, rather than attempting to squeeze the proverbial square peg into a round hole as they have in the past.




Finally, a guy who is secure and content with his masculinity would undoubtedly like and respect a strong and powerful woman….

But when she recognizes the inestimable worth of her feminine nature and uses it to spark his masculinity, he is overjoyed.




A guy who values and respects women, as well as their feminine nature, would only get into a long-term relationship with a woman who values and respects men in the same way, as well as expecting the best from him, rather than one who is bitter or suspicious of men.




Over the years, I’ve also come to the conclusion that optimism and generosity are two characteristics that contribute to a wonderful romantic connection. However, despite the fact that individuals who possess such characteristics are often vulnerable to selfish manipulation at the hands of others, they are constantly on the lookout for someone who shares their values.





5. Feelings of fondness and warmth.

When it comes to finding a lady, I believe warmth is the most crucial quality a guy seeks.

Women, particularly strong, successful women, have a tendency to undervalue the relevance of warmth while exaggerating the importance of ‘hotness,’ education, and professional performance, according to research.




Warmth is vital to most guys, but it is not as important as being physically handsome, educated, and independent. This is something that men will not share with you. Perhaps they aren’t even aware of their own actions. If a guy desires a ‘nice’ lady, though, you may have heard him say so in the past. What he means by lovely is cheerful, sociable, easygoing, kind, generous, loving, and so on. To put it another way, it’s toasty hot.



So the next time you’re getting ready for a date or about to spend time with your boyfriend or husband, think less about your appearance or what’s going on in your professional life and more about how you can shower him with warmth – and then sit back and watch how happy it makes him and how much he appreciates you for it.




A witness, confidant, and partner with whom to share his life is essential.

Men, like women, go through phases in their life, and as a result, their desires grow, develop, and evolve in response to their changing circumstances and circumstances..

In our 20s and 30s, we have quite different desires from our 45s and 60s.

After experiencing the sorrow of infidelity in previous relationships, traits such as trust and honesty become more vital.




Men learn to prioritize what is really essential in their lives as a result of their experiences with life’s accomplishments and difficulties.


As a result, I’m answering this question on behalf of the grown-ass men who have been through something in their lives, the men who have matured and who are courageous enough to go deeper than the surface in order to discover what they truly want to feel and have in their most important and intimate relationships.





Initially, when I considered the issue, “What is the most significant quality a guy seeks in a woman?” I said to myself, “Truth.” They want to know the truth.

They are interested in learning about our true identities. These individuals do not want to be associated with our social persona or our façade.



No effort to be the person you believe they want you to be will be tolerated, according to the ruling. Your friends and family members want to know what keeps you awake at night and what inspires you to get out of bed in the morning. They are interested in knowing how you feel about them and in feeling connected to you.




In my opinion, guys want something more than just truth…

And even if you are a fantastic person, mother, or lover, it is not enough in a relationship to just be a nice person…or even a good mother…or even a good lover.

Males want a female companion.




They are looking for someone with whom they can share their happiness as well as someone who will remain by their side when they experience difficulties in their lives. They want a lady who has their backs, who is always there for them, but who will also push them to realize their greatest potential.





Because guys desire a woman who is self-assured enough to know who she is and what she has inside of her, they are less likely to let jealously, insecurity, or suspicion to come in the way of a good thing while they are dating.




They are looking for someone who will prioritize them and their future together.

When it comes to dating, strong, self-assured men seek a partner who will walk with them and provide them with the chance to be a witness, confidant, and companion to the life you are building together.






7-Someone who is interested in him and accepts him for who he is as a person

The desire a woman has for a guy is the most crucial quality a man searches for.

Almost every guy wants to be wanted and to believe that the lady he is seeing loves and approves of him just as he is. We want our business partners to be the most enthusiastic supporters of our products. Due to our dissatisfaction with being a letdown, we avoid conflicts at all costs.




Drs. John and Julie Gottman discovered two facts about men after 40 years of study on thousands of couples: they want more sex and they want to quarrel less. Sexual desire and one of the ways males emotionally connect are expressed via sex for men, however women need emotional connection in order to engage in sexual activity with a man.




Furthermore, we despise arguing and often assume responsibility for our partners’ emotions out of fear of being the reason of their dissatisfaction. In this situation, most guys make a huge mistake and attempt to become ‘Mr. Fix it’ when all they really need to do is listen and sympathize. We want to be sincerely appreciated by the lady we are seeing, and this is what we really desire.







8. A companion who is on a same level with you

It is a partner on an equal footing We are all seeking for something similar in the end, whether we are men or women, in terms of substance and character.

Although equality does not necessarily imply equality in terms of financial standing, I am referring to equality in terms of self-esteem and degrees of personal development.




A relationship is a two-way exchange of emotional support, and we are driven to seek them because we want the support and encouragement to become the greatest versions of ourselves that are possible. Because of this, we need a partner with whom we can be entirely open.




The ability to empathize with someone is something we all need, and having closely matched levels of esteem indicates that someone can meet our emotional needs as well as that we can meet theirs. The ability to be vulnerable and open up emotionally, as well as seek help when required, becomes more difficult when esteem levels are not closely matched.




Consequently, my greatest suggestion to you is to focus on developing the most happy and healthy relationship possible with yourself first, since a guy will need to see you in order for you to feel safe and comfortable enough to really see him.




No. 9: A woman who looks after her own needs

Most importantly, a woman who takes care of herself is what a guy seeks in a female partner. As well as a body of scientific evidence,

According to psychologists Mehrabian and Blum, a research of more than 50 males was undertaken to determine the relative relevance of physical characteristics (such as body weight, body type, and height) and whether or not a woman takes good care of herself (e.g. exercising, grooming and clothing). 


In the end, what happened was this: Woman found the most appealing in women who were driven to take care of oneself (as opposed to women who were inherently gorgeous but were not as motivated).




It’s important to note that guys are not devoid of intelligence. They are aware that things such as attractiveness and appearance degrade with time and exposure. Women who have children understand how tough it may be for them to maintain a healthy weight after giving birth to a kid. 



A guy will frequently seek to determine whether or not she is someone who is likely to put out her best effort to keep her appearance over the long term…rather than allowing her physical characteristics to decline over time.




In this case, we’re not talking about a lady who has had cosmetic surgery to keep her appearance in good shape. If a woman exercises, this is one of the indicators that men look for to decide if she is likely to retain her appearance over time. Is she getting enough to eat each day? 


Her appearance is professional. … What about two or three years after she’s been seeing the man, does she continue to do these things?




While there is nothing anybody can do to change their physical appearance, women (and men, as it happens) may considerably boost their attractiveness just by demonstrating that they are committed to their own well-being.






10 as “someone who makes him feel respected and cherished.'”

The desire to make his wife or girlfriend happy is at the top of a man’s list when you ask him what he wants most from a romantic relationship. Seeing her smile gives him the satisfaction that he is doing something right. How wonderful to know that a guy really wants to make his spouse happy.




Unfortunately, a large number of women are unaware of how significant this is to their success. A lack of respect and appreciation for him may put an end to a perfectly excellent relationship, yet clear and frequent gestures of respect and gratitude can infuse passion into a relationship almost instantly and without hesitation.




So, what is the best way to demonstrate to a guy that he is making us happy? – Putting on a huge grin when you meet him is a good start, but you should also be aware that he is counting on you to be his greatest supporter.




Respect and appreciation are like oxygen to him: respect for him as a man, respect for what he does for work and for the choices he takes, and appreciation for what he brings to the table in terms of contribution to the partnership.



Put yourself in your spouse or boyfriend’s shoes and say something like:

“You are a really hard worker, and I much appreciate everything you do for our household.” as well as “I have faith in your ability to resolve the situation.



 ‘I have faith in your judgment.'” for a more straightforward “Thank you very much for doing that, I really appreciate it!”

The fact that you have always been at his side will inspire and motivate him, and most importantly, he will admire and cherish you for that.




Criticism, nagging, grumbling, disdain, and emasculation, on the other hand, all extinguish his ardour. Over time, you will see that he will begin to work later at the office, to spend more time on the golf course, and to take refuge in his man cave for longer periods of time than before.



 One does not want to be under the threat of being in trouble and feeling helpless.

“You always have to play the great hero, don’t you?” an acquaintance yelled at her husband in front of everyone at a social event, I recall.




My recollection of her words is hazy at best, but I’m curious about what she was hoping to achieve from this. It took her just a few seconds to humiliate and degrade him in front of the whole class, and she did it without even trying.



 After a while, she will begin to question why he has become more distant, why he is spending more time fishing on weekends, and why the wonderful feeling they used to have has disappeared.




Consider where your words are coming from before you talk to your partner or spouse. Stay silent if it’s a negative comment. Speaking words of compassion, respect, and gratitude may result in a plethora of benefits.

You Might Not Know These 8 Obvious Soulmate Signs

 structural assistance in number 11.

One of the most crucial things a guy looks for in a woman is STRUCTURAL SUPPORT for his life goal.

That is, someone who creates an atmosphere in which his or her objectives may be encouraged and realized more swiftly is what is meant.



In fact, it is not even about directly assisting him with what he is trying to do. Being able to be his blind spot by injecting creative energy into that thing is all about actually KNOWING what he is doing, knowing why he is passionate about that thing, and being able to BE that thing.

For the rest of his life, he wants to be the Chief Operating Officer.


Rather than desiring him without his passion, it is more important to be able to have a connection with him and his passion at the same time.
It’s about being able to assist him in fleshing out his concepts and assisting him in making them a reality that is even greater than he had imagined.



It’s about doing things that not only demonstrate your affection for HIM as a person, but also demonstrate your affection for WHO he is attempting to become.
Basically, it’s about being his biggest supporter and unofficial manager.
If you do that, he will not let you leave.




So, how does it play out in the end? Consider the following scenario: he is a member of a band. You may not be familiar with music in general, but being able to assist him in planning his tour dates and ensuring that the final performance of the night is near to the hotel where his band is staying is invaluable… getting him a t-shirt made of a fabric that wicks away perspiration so that he can still appear respectable when taking photographs with fans after his performance, etc..




Because males might get so focused on the ultimate goal that they lose sight of the trip and the subtleties that will make the end result spectacular, this is especially important for them.

This is crucial for males since it is the only way they can feel secure in their lives.


 Keep in mind that men do not expect to women to provide for them or to protect them. But does this imply that guys aren’t concerned about their own safety? No. All that they need is a different form of protection. It provides them with the security of their fantasies.



Knowing that they have the permission and encouragement to go out there and try, and that you understand what they are going through; that you understand their barriers and problems, is a great feeling. That is the kind of security that every guy seeks in a relationship.



That most women are unaware of this is mostly because it’s the one thing most guys have to pretend they don’t need at the start of a relationship (or in order to GET a relationship). Most men believe they must seem to be in control in order to attract a female partner, and as a result, most women are unaware of the need for this assistance.



 12th recommendation is someone who makes him feel wanted, significant, and the only guy in her life.

On the surface, it seems that many men are on the lookout for a lady who is “hot” and who is dynamite in bed. 



This is mostly due to the messages they have been inundated with, which has nothing to do with the media. Nevertheless, if you go underneath the surface of what men have been trained to seek for in a woman, you will discover what every guy really desires.




Everyone, as a person, has fundamental wants, and the most basic of them is to believe that you are enough for your spouse and that they would not abandon you. A guy wants to be wanted, to feel significant, and to believe that he is the only male available for his partner.




If a woman can supply him with continual reassurance for these deeper needs, that is what he is looking for in a relationship, whether he is aware of it or not, he will find her attractive.


 Many men, however, find it difficult to separate themselves from the messages of the media and porn in order to examine their genuine desires, which are to feel like they are enough and to feel significant.

What happens when this is put into practice?


 Consider the following scenario: a guy seeks closeness with his spouse, which at first sight may seem to be “simply sex,” but is really more complicated. Beneath the lustful grasp for her is a deeper yearning to be wanted by his partner, to feel that he is sufficient and that she requires him.




The most essential quality a man searches for and requires in a woman is self-assurance. A woman who can recognize and realize that her reach is a reach for reassurance that she needs him is the most important quality a man looks for and requires in a woman.



13th character is someone who awakens his inner male spirit.

Okay, this is going to come out as extremely simplistic….but hey, the truth is frequently that way. According to my observations, what a guy really wants from his spouse is to feel like a man!



He desires that his core male essence be ignited, while his partner radiates all of the beauty of her feminine essence in him. This coupling of the masculine and feminine is responsible for all of the exquisite chemistry, desire, and polarity that can be found in romantic situations.




In the case of men who have a strong masculine core (which accounts for 85 percent of all males), they get their strength from doing, completing objectives, seeking and giving. These natural ways of being for him are accentuated by her allowing herself to be fully immersed in her feminine essence.


 The feminine derives her strength from her ability to feel, see, and connect, as well as from accepting and fostering acceptance.




In other words, doing things for her and feeling the satisfaction of being successful in making her happy are what he finds appealing. And, paradoxically, what strengthens her attraction to him is her acceptance and appreciation of what he gives, as well as her belief that he may be the one who will bring her happiness.




As long as he is chasing her and organizing dates and taking her out on adventures where she feels completely cared for and supplied for on all levels (physical, mental, and emotional), this is rather simple to do.



 Nonetheless, after the wooing intensity has faded and she begins to organize the dates and take care of him in the relationship, it is critical that he continues to have chances to do things to help her.




In addition, the masculinity develops via Challenge, thus the finest thing she can do for the relationship is to Ask a question. Inquire about assistance, favors, and support.

Often, he is unsure of how to accomplish or make this offer, thus asking provides him with a plan to follow, in essence, the keys to the kingdom.




14. It is an enormous gift for the two of you.

Neither she nor he is denied the necessities of life. In the same way, the feminine develops not through trials and tribulations, but through praise and support. 


As a result, the more she understands how she wants to be supported and what is helpful for her, the better she will be at asking for and appreciating it (positive reinforcement) when he does provide it when he does.


Devon Loomis describes his ideal mate as one on whom he can trust and with whom he can develop with.




The most crucial quality in a woman that a guy seeks is something that he is generally completely ignorant of himself.



There is a golden thread that runs profoundly through the majority of males, apart from all of the preconditioned needs that men collectively have in regards to finding a female companionship. The urge for relationship is a deeply ingrained yearning.



There is a stronger attraction for a lady who is devoted to being more than a companion – but a partner as well.



In light of the above, there are several key characteristics that go under the umbrella term “partner.” When presenting oneself to the market of men as a potential spouse, the most crucial trait to consider is a sincere desire to improve one’s own appearance.




Working on yourself entails accepting responsibility for the fact that you are projecting your fears or anger onto your male partner. It entails a commitment to being open and honest in all situations. In other words, it means making a commitment to speaking in the most productive way possible — that is, without being aggressive against the other person.




Subconsciously, men want to be with a woman who is trustworthy and who will assist them in becoming a better version of themselves. This does not imply that you should search for a guy to repair you, which is a very typical pitfall for women to fall into. Look for a guy who is conscious of the fact that he wants a companion and who also has the characteristics listed above.




A good partner encourages and supports their other, but also recognizes that in order for the relationship to be successful, each partner must do their own personal work. A good partner understands that a romantic connection is not just for the purpose of satisfying emotional and physical demands, but also for the purpose of helping each other become better versions of themselves.