Ethiopian Chicken Stew Recipe

Ethiopian Chicken Stew Recipe

Ethiopian Chicken Stew Recipe.
Ethiopian Chicken Stew Recipe.

Ethiopian Chicken Stew Recipe.

The country of Ethiopia in Africa is the origin of the meal known as Doro Wat, which is an Ethiopian chicken stew. The primary component of Doro wat is a chicken and egg stew made with eggs that have been hard-boiled.

This is a one-of-a-kind recipe that not only tastes exceptional but also makes use of components that are common in culinary fare. This stew is a substantial recipe that makes for the ideal supper for each and every occasion.

The stew begins with a mixture of spices, tomato, paprika, garlic, and ginger, which are then boiled along with chicken, carrots, and potatoes, according on the individual’s preferences. It is possible to serve the meal with Doro Wat –

Cooking an Ethiopian Chicken Stew: the Step-by-Step Guide

cabbage that has been steamed, and served with a side of injera bread.
However, Doro wat is a meal that is enjoyed across ethnic lines and is quite tasty. Although it was first practiced in Ethiopia, its popularity has now spread to a large number of other nations in Africa and the Middle East.

This article on the site will present you with a straightforward recipe for a mouthwatering Doro wat meal.

What exactly is this Doro Wat?

The traditional Ethiopian cuisine Doro wat is a chicken stew that is mildly and generously flavored. It is seasoned with berbere, onions and garlic, tomato paste, and spicy chile. This meal is traditionally eaten with injera, a kind of bread common in Ethiopia. This meal is a fan favorite among a large number of people and is generally served on any day, including special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and parties in general.

The Four Most Important Components of Doro Wat
The following components are usually included in the authentic preparation of doro wat:

  1. Chicken The word “chicken” is the most common translation of the Ethiopian word “doro,” which is the country’s official language. For the preparation of doro wat, you may make use of chicken thighs, chicken drumsticks, or a whole chicken.
  2. Berbere is an Ethiopian chili and spice blend that is used to season a variety of Ethiopian dishes. Among the components that are often put to use are ground fenugreek, chiles, paprika, ginger, onion powder, cardamom, garlic, coriander, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves.
  3. Injera is a kind of spongy flatbread that originates in Ethiopia. It is made from a batter of fermented wheat flour. Teff is a kind of millet that has been cultivated for a significant amount of time and is used as a staple crop in both Eritrea and Ethiopia. Teff grains, which are gluten-free, have a flavor that is comparable to that of molasses and are high in both iron and calcium content. If you are unable to locate or prepare injera, you may substitute rice for it in the Doro wat dish.
  4. Niter kibbeh is a popular dish in Ethiopia. It is made of spiced butter that has hardened. In the event that you are unable to acquire niter kibbeh, an excellent substitute is a ghee; alternatively, you might make your own butter. After that, you should sprinkle in some cardamom, nigella seeds, and fenugreek.

What exactly is the composition of Doro wat?

Chicken, eggs that have been hard-boiled, berbere spice mix, niter kibbeh spicy butter, tomato, garlic, ginger, hot chilies, paprika, and salt are the primary ingredients in the traditional Ethiopian dish known as Doro wat or Doro wot. This healthful and savory stew is strong in protein and requires a slow cooking method. It is a favorite of many people.

Recipe for Doro Wat, an Ethiopian Chicken Stew: Instructions and an Ingredients List

4 kg of chicken (skinless legs)
4-6 eggs hard-boiled ¼ cup berbere spice
2 onions of a moderate size
1 tbsp grated ginger
½ cup Vegetable oil
kibbeh, which is an Ethiopian spicy butter, 2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon of garlic, minced
1 can tomato paste (6 ounces)
Salt to taste

The recipe for Doro Wat, an Ethiopian chicken stew, with step-by-step instructions

  1. To begin, pour some lemon juice into the bowl where the chicken pieces are located. At room temperature, let to sit undisturbed for at least half an hour. When you are ready to use it, rinse it and let it drain.
  2. After the eggs have been boiled, either remove the shells or peel them and then put them aside.
  3. Dice the onions in the third step. In a saucepan, melt the butter that was used for the niter kibbeh. After adding the onions, continue to sauté them while preventing them from burning by turning them at regular intervals until they change color.
  4. Add the berbere spice, minced garlic, and ginger, along with the salt, and stir in the vegetable oil. Stir thoroughly. Incorporate the tomato paste while maintaining the stirring motion.
  5. The next step is to add the chicken to the stew and sauté it for about five minutes before adding enough water to cover it all. After that, simmer it over medium heat for approximate twenty-five to thirty minutes while turning it every so often to avoid it from burning.
  6. Once the stew has thickened to the desired consistency and the chicken has reached the desired tenderness, you should taste it for salt before stirring in the hard-boiled eggs and allowing it to continue cooking for an additional five to seven minutes.
  7. At this time, the wonderful Doro wot stew you’ve been making is ready to be served.
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Injera, rice, or boiled potatoes might be served with this dish.\

The meal known as Doro wot lives up to its reputation for being very spicy. You may find the Ethiopian delicacy known as Doro wat, which is known for its fiery flavor, on the menus of a number of different eateries.