Coffee Creamers for Vegans

Coffee Creamers for Vegans

Coffee Creamers for Vegans

Veganism was an undeniably correct choice, and I am grateful for the opportunity. I have absolutely no regrets about my decisions, and I am really pleased of the precise way of life that I have chosen (at the risk of sounding like the stereotypical vegan).


In contrast, sharing a cup of coffee with my non-vegan friends is the only time I feel a little pang of envy in my stomach. As you can see in the picture above, I used to like my coffee with a dash of Half-and-Half when I was younger.


 As a result, whenever I see them all pouring the delicious creaminess into their cups, I can’t help but feel a sense of resentment against those animal-murdering, environment-destroying bastards.


 (Of course, I’m kidding; I love each and every one of them, and they are completely free to eat anything they want without feeling bad or having to account to me. )


However, this was prior to my being aware of the wide range of vegan coffee creamers that are now available on the market today. When it comes to veganism, the industry has responded by inventing some fantastic and inventive alternatives to milk, which is becoming more popular (it is believed that more than 3 percent of people in the United States are now vegan). 


Essentially, it alters everything.

With so many possibilities on the market, I thought it would be good for my fellow vegetarians to compile a list of some of the better options available right now, just in case they were looking for anything in particular. After much deliberation, these are the best eight vegan coffee creamers on the market right now:



Coffee Creamers for Vegans: The Top 8 (in No Particular Order)

No matter what base flavor you like, the oat milks, almond milks, and coconut cream based coffee creamers listed in our best vegan coffee creamer list will suit your creaming needs without compromising on taste.

The California Farms Almond Milk Coffee Creamer with Pecans and Caramel is made with almond milk and contains pecans and caramel.

Walden Farms Original Coffee Creamer 

The California Farms – Pecan Caramel Almond Milk Coffee Creamer with Coconut Cream, 32 Oz (Pack of 6) is free of dairy, soy, and gluten, and is also vegan, non-GMO, and non-GMO-certified.

Start the festivities off properly with this scrumptious gift from Califia Farms, a Californian company that has evolved to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plant-based foods.





As a result of the title of this product, you should already be aware of what is going on with it. To summarize, it is an almond milk that is made with coconut cream and has flavors of pecan and caramel to them. 


Dairy is obviously absent from the recipe; nonetheless, there are no soy products or genetically engineered creatures. It is also kosher. It satisfies all of the requirements.




Compared to a regular milk-based creamer, the taste of this creamer is similar. Honestly, it seems so stunningly natural and creamy that you may not be able to tell the difference just by looking at it. 


Also advantageous are its low calorie count (just 15 calories per serving, compared to around 40 calories per serving with a conventional creamer), as well as its low sugar content (only 2 grams).




If you purchase a shelf stable product, you can be certain that it will not spoil too rapidly once it has been unwrapped. Purchasing in bulk is especially helpful if you are the only vegan in the family since it helps you to save money on your purchases (and ensures that you never run out of food, which is the worst case scenario).




In addition to being a fantastic example of the huge choice of vegan options available on the market today, this product is also quite reasonably priced. If you like the delicate combination of pecan, almond, coconut, and caramel tastes, you will have a tough time choosing anything else to try. 



To give your morning cereal or oatmeal a taste boost without adding any additional calories, you may sprinkle it on top of it before eating.


This is an excellent option to explore as a starting point for your investigation into vegan coffee creamers. It has received a lot of praise.




Developed by Califia Farms, this coffee creamer contains hazelnuts and almond milk.

The following is the product information for CAPIA FARMS – Vanilla Almond Milk Coffee Creamer with Coconut Cream, 32 Oz (Pack of 6) | Dairy Free; Soy Free; Plant Based; Vegan; Non-GMO; Shelf Stable; Gluten Free;  Soy Free; Plant Based; Vegan; Non-GMO; Shelf Stable; Gluten Free; CA
Califia Farms, how are you? 

How have things been going for you lately? Having you here is a great joy for us. As previously said, these folks are among the world’s biggest producers of vegan milk, and it should come as no surprise that they hold a significant place on my ranking.




This Hazelnut Coffee Creamer with Coconut Cream follows in the footsteps of the Pecan Caramel Almond Milk Coffee Creamer with Coconut Cream mentioned above, with just 15 calories and 2 grams of sugar for each serving. It is also free of dairy, soy, gluten, carrageenan, and genetically engineered organisms, and it is kosher-certified as such.



 Califia farm goods have a naturally sweet taste that is achieved via the use of natural ingredients; no artificial sweeteners are ever used in the manufacturing of these products.


It has already been stated that this product is shelf stable and comes in airtight packaging, so you may stock up on these and preserve them until they are needed; once opened, you will just need to put it in the refrigerator to keep it cool. The bag is perfect for packing and transporting while you’re traveling or heading out for the day with a flask of coffee in one hand.




For the record, it’s texture is so similar to traditional creamers that many of my friends have used it as a replacement for cream in baking recipes. It really is a terrific plant-based alternative to cream. When blended with coffee, it becomes a seamless part of the beverage, giving a very smooth finish as well as a gorgeous color in the finished product.




This coffee is made with a deliciously sweet hazelnut taste that complements the coffee’s natural sweetness without dominating it. This results in a highly tasty beverage that is also a really nice way to start the morning.




When it comes to the pecan caramel taste of this creamer, everything comes down to personal choice and preference. Both of these products are fantastic substitutes for traditional creamers, and I suggest that you play with them both to discover which one you like the best to begin with. 


If you use one of these products, you will almost certainly not be displeased, and you may find yourself using them virtually everyday.





Pricing information about Hazelnut Coffee Creamer is updated often.


Are all of these things from Califia Farms, if you don’t mind me asking… No, there are some other companies on the list that will be mentioned later; but, the fact that the top three products on the list are all from Califia Farms says volumes about the company’s dominance in the area.


In contrast to the previous two options, this oat milk has no sugar, making it a healthier option for those who want a sweeter drink (the pecan caramel and the hazelnut). The first thing to observe about this one is that it is made from oats that are grown in North America, as opposed to the almond and coconut mixtures that we have seen in the previous versions.





Given that this is an unsweetened product, all of the flavor comes from the oats themselves, with just a little trace of nut flavoring the overall flavor experience. Those of you who have sought far and low for the best coffees will likely want to get the most out of those tastes, thus this oat milk may be the best option for you if you want to optimize those features.




It is also another shelf stable product (another benefit of avoiding dairy), so you will be able to buy in bulk to save money and avoid running out – they will last for one year if they are not opened. 



This product is free of nuts, allergens, soy, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), gluten, and is certified kosher.

This milk behaved quite well in my milk frother, allowing me to make exceptionally delicious and authentic cappuccinos and lattes with it, which I thought to be the most attractive element of it. 




You will get a really good, uniform foam at the end of the process. An important factor in the popularity of oat milk in so many cafés and coffee shops throughout the world is the fact that it tastes tasty.


If you’re looking for a milk that has a very neutral taste but is creamy and consistent, and that can be used to make cappuccinos and other drinks, I highly recommend giving this one a try!

Look below for the most up-to-date pricing information for Califia Farms Oat Milk.

118.2 Fl Oz Whole30/Paleo/Keto/11.2 Fl Oz Vegan/11.2 Fl Oz Sugar-Free (Pack of 12)