Best Ice Drill & Auger Setups

Best Ice Drill & Auger Setups

Best Ice Drill & Auger Setups

Is it possible to find the best cordless drill and ice auger combination? Fortunately, I have completed all of my assignments and research… also has a fantastic set-up A few of winters of testing my new cordless drill ice auger resulted in the ability to drill hundreds of holes in record time while still having plenty of battery life left in the battery.




 My experience with ice augers has been extensive, having owned and used almost every gas, electric, and propane ice auger available on the market. The fact is that I will never, ever return… Please allow me to elaborate…




Describe your journey to this point. In any case, after the failure of my most recent EXPENSIVE ice auger, I decided it was time to look for an alternative with fewer moving parts (and parts to break). 



Several of my friends use cordless drills for their ice auger requirements, and they’ve been really satisfied with their purchases thus far. Only gas-powered augers have been dependable in my experience, but they stink up the permanent ice house, are heavy, and need frequent repair. 



The ice auger arrangement I was looking for had to be lightweight, small, and dependable…. That seems like a lot to ask.





When it comes to the significance of this, If you have an ice auger that breaks down on ice, there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that is more annoying. Only to be let down after all of the effort and time put in to get to where you are.

You only need to be in this circumstance ONCE, and ideally you will never find yourself in a similar situation ever again.




Let’s have a look at some of your alternatives for an ice auger drill configuration now, shall we?

Check out the video below to see our recommended cordless drill / ice auger configuration in action.







To begin my study of cordless drill ice augers, I’m going to start with the drill in its most basic form. You must make this selection since any cordless drill will not function properly. I discovered while doing research that many men preferred one cordless drill over another drill…but there was consistency in their opinions. 





Take note that if you’re planning on using a K-Drill in your setup (for instance), you should be aware that only a small number of cordless drills are officially supported by K-Drill (see the K-Drill Website for models). Truth be told, a powerful ice auger drill with a lot of strength will be required for this task.

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT scrimp and save money by using a shoddy cordless drill that you believe would suffice for the task at hand! 




For a dependable and strong cordless drill for your ice auger, expect to pay anywhere in the neighborhood of $250-350 dollars. Only two different brands will enough for this task. Milwaukee or DeWalt are the only brands you should consider. I promise you that you will not be disappointed!





With the Dewalt DCD996P2 Cordless Drill, I was able to complete my project. Why? For starters, it is one of the models that K-Drill supports. The fact that this has been said is significant. In addition, I know a few folks who fish hard water on a regular basis and who swear by it. 


And I was able to get it at a good price since it was on sale. In addition to the side handle, it comes with two LONG LITHium batteries. 




Cutting a large number of holes in ice, regardless of its thickness, is possible with this tool. There are practically no worries for me; I am confident in any situation. And, to be fair, I did keep the batteries warm in order to prolong their life.. I believed it was important to point out, even if it is obvious.




Finally, if you intend on drilling a large number of ice holes and are serious about your ice fishing, you may want to consider purchasing a large battery to power your drill. Above all, it’s difficult to top the performance of this one.





As much as I believe the cordless drill to be the most critical component of this setup, the second most important issue is which ice auger should I utilize in conjunction with my cordless drill. As things stand right now, there are only two viable solutions. 




A complete system (ice auger plus ice auger adapter attachment) is available for purchase, or the ice auger and the adapter may be purchased individually. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop, the K-Drill, Strikemaster Lite-Flight, or Eskimo Pistol Bit configurations are excellent choices.




 I’ve tried them all and found them to be viable possibilities. One of the things I appreciate about them is their simplicity and lightness, which is perfect for the ice fisherman on the go.





Rather of using an ice auger and an adaptor, I elected to take the opposite method. All that is required is that you choose the hand auger that you want, and then purchase the necessary adapter attachment for your drill in order to link the two devices together… DONE. 



In the event that you want to pursue this road, it is not a terrible one, and it is also CHEAPER! A hand ice auger will cost you between $50 and $100, and an adaptor will cost you between $20 and $25. The all-in-one configurations will cost you twice as much as the standard arrangement. 



A vital point to remember is that you must not lose sight of one important fact. It features a plate on top that prevents your ice auger from falling into the hole, which is common with all-in-one ice augers such as the K-Drill or Pistol Bit (should your adaptor fall apart or fail). 




For those who choose to save money by skipping out on integrated ice augers, they will need to install a plate to the top of their ice augers to prevent ice buildup. The lids of ice cream buckets have been reported to be used in this manner by certain men. Cheap and simple to construct, it is a good choice. You’re probably accustomed to fabricating at this point, having been a cheap ice angler for years…




This page has been updated to reflect the ice fishing season of 2021/2022. My adapter was already set up when I left, so I went and grabbed a Lite-Flight instead. For the simple reason that it just works, I’ve been really pleased with this all-in-one ice auger adapter.





In conjunction with your cordless drill, which hand ice auge do I recommend you use.
I believe you have two excellent choices for a hand ice auger in this category, in my view. Both are under $100, which is a good deal.




 The Eskimo was the choice for me since I’d previously had success with one. The blades are sharp and long-lasting, and you can sometimes get them for less than $50. To be honest, that’s the price of a set of replacement auger blades. 



My next purchase, though, is likely to be a Strikemaster Lazer, which is particularly useful for cutting ice holes. However, they are more costly in comparison, but are well worth it if you are looking for an ice auger that will endure for a long time.

As of 2021, I have in fact obtained a Strikemaster Lazer hand auger to test and have found it to be the most effective.


Ice auger drill adapters are available in a variety of configurations (also called ice auger drill attachments). It is also beneficial to have alternatives. However, you must ensure that the adapter is compatible with your ice auger.



 Choosing the appropriate attachment isn’t always the most costly aspect of the procedure, but if you don’t get it right the first time, you might end up setting yourself up for failure on the ice. Make use of your common sense and choose an ice auger drill adaptor that is compatible with your auger model number and size.






Which ice auger cordless drill setup did I use for this project?

Consider utilizing the three options stated below to keep things simple and to utilize EXACTLY what I’m currently using. Using it with the Strikemaster Lite-Flight combination, the Dewalt DCD996P2 cordless drill is a dream come true. 



Despite the fact that it is somewhat heavier than the K-Drill, when it comes to cutting holes, its speed more than makes up for it. This tool will pay for itself in no time if you’re like me and cut at least 50 holes every day.





There you have it: the top cordless drill ice auger combinations available on the ice today. We are seeing an increasing number of fishermen selling their conventional ice augers for this method and I believe that there will be a significant increase in rivals and items entering this market over the next 5 years. 



Taking a look at this combo is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED; after the ice melts, you’ll find that you still have a dependable and functional cordless drill!