Are Cakes for weddings from Walmart good?

Are Cakes for weddings from Walmart good?

Are Cakes for weddings from Walmart good?
Are Cakes for weddings from Walmart good?

Are Cakes for weddings from Walmart good?

Couple doing some preliminary research on wedding cakes.
Wedding cakes sold at Walmart are notorious for having a poor reputation due to the fact that they are sold at such a cheap price and originate from a large retail chain.

On the other hand, they could be the best option for some couples. Your neighborhood Walmart Bakery is the best source of information on the selection of cakes, ranging from ordinary cakes to cakes designed just for you.

Simple Wedding Cakes Available at Walmart

You may place an order for select Walmart cakes on their website; but, if you call or visit your local Walmart Bakery, you will have access to a wider variety of ordering alternatives.

Compare different Walmart Bakeries’ offerings by having a conversation with the head cake designer at each location to find out which one is most capable of executing the design you have in mind.

Wedding Cakes of Various Forms and Measurements Sold at Walmart

Wedding cakes at Walmart typically come in either a square or round shape, although other shapes and sizes, including specialized cupcakes, are also available. If you’re searching for a fashionable topsy-turvy cake or a cake in a creative form like a hexagon, Walmart often does not sell the components necessary to construct such types of cakes.

About 64 people may be served by circular cakes with two tiers.

About 134 people may be served by cakes with three tiers and a round shape.

Wedding Cake Sold at Walmart

There is no other option for round-tiered cakes save either chocolate or white layers.

About 96 people may be served from a complete sheet cake.

You may purchase cupcakes by the dozen or have them arranged as cupcake cakes with as many as 24 cupcakes in a single presentation.

One little round cake is often included in a party combination cake, and it is encircled by a dozen cupcakes.

Choices of Flavors for Wedding Cakes Sold at Walmart

White cake and chocolate cake are the two most common options for cakes sold at Walmart, and they are also the only two flavors available for cupcakes. In some areas, you may also get blast cakes in yellow, marble, or rainbow flavors.

When making stacked cakes, you have the option of selecting a filling taste in addition to the cake flavor. Some of the flavors of filling that are available include:

  • Lemon
  • Strawberry
  • Bavarian cream
  • Raspberry
  • Caramel
  • Pineapple

Wedding Cake Sold at Walmart

Different Options for Frosting at Walmart Wedding Cakes

When it comes to cake frostings from Walmart, you may choose between buttercream and whipped icing as your primary alternatives. Your choices for the color of the icing are:

  1. White
  2. Pink, 2 colors
  3. Red
  4. Orange
  5. Yellow
  6. Two nuances of blue
  7. Purple
  8. Green
  9. Teal
  10. Black
  11. Grey
  12. Chocolate

The Special Occasion Cake Book from Walmart

If you have ever purchased a cake from the bakery at Walmart, you are aware that they have cake books or cake brochures available for customers to look at as they wait in line.

These books include all of the regular cover styles that they have available. You may go through the book of special occasion cake recipes that Walmart offers online before you even get into the shop.

The Ruffles and Shine motif includes ruffled piping and a touch of sparkle here and there throughout the design.

The Tailored Chocolate design has a chocolate nameplate on which your initials may be written as well as traditional beaded piping done in chocolate frosting throughout the whole design.

The Stripes & Sparkle design has a glittering gold and blue striped pattern that takes center stage.

You have the option of choosing the color of the piped flowers on the classic cake decorated with elegant rose motifs.

The Pretty Princess designs each come with a crown that is the perfect finishing touch for any bride-to-be.

Wedding Cake Sold at Walmart

Walmart’s Provision of Tailor-Made Wedding Cakes

In order to determine whether or not it is feasible for you to create your very own cake from scratch while shopping at Walmart, you will need to cultivate a relationship with the bakery department.

Even while the majority of Walmart’s cake decorators adhere to the established designs they’ve learned from the company’s catalog throughout their training, many of them will investigate alternate options.

If you want a cake from Walmart and bring in a custom design at the time you place your order, the shop will probably do its best to meet your request and make the cake you desire.

You may personalize even the smallest details of your cake when you place your order online, even if all you want is a completely unique sheet cake.

Wedding Cake Sold at Walmart

  1. You have the option of selecting a serving size of 12, 24, 48, or 96.
  2. Pick your taste from the many ones that come standard.
  3. You may choose any filling you like for an additional cost of $5.
  4. Determine the sort of icing you want to use and the primary color.
  5. Choose the color for the piping border that will go around the top of the cake, then choose one of the seven different designs.
  6. Choose a border for the bottom.
  7. If you’d like, you may add some piped flowers.
  8. Determine what you want to write on the top of the cake.

If it’s necessary, include a message to the baker with any particular instructions.

Wedding Cake Sold at Walmart

Prices for Wedding Cakes at Walmart

Prices of cakes may differ from one location to another or be subject to change dependent on the particular cakes that you choose to purchase. However, these are the typical rates that you may anticipate paying for wedding cakes when you get them from Walmart.

  • Prices start at roughly $10 for a bespoke sheet cake with 12 servings.
  • A sheet cake with 24 servings and your own design will set you back little about $20.
  • A bespoke sheet cake with 48 servings begins at around $30.
  • A sheet cake with 96 servings may be purchased for around $43.
  • A wedding cake with two tiers typically costs roughly $60.
  • A wedding cake with three tiers typically costs about $140.
  • Cupcakes made to order are around $10 for a dozen.
  • Wedding Cake Sold at Walmart

Considerations Regarding the Walmart Wedding Cake

When purchasing a wedding cake from Walmart, there are a few other things to take into consideration in addition to the obvious financial benefits.

The theme for the Wedding

Cakes that are both regular and traditional are Walmart’s specialty. Walmart is not going to be your greatest choice for selecting a cake design that goes with your ultra-modern or zany wedding theme if you are looking for a coherent cake design.

Anyone who is interested in a wedding cake that is more conventional need go no farther than Walmart to obtain what they are searching for.

Wedding Cake Sold at Walmart

Wedding Size

When thinking about where to place an order for a cake, in addition to your wedding budget and the aesthetic preferences you have, it is important to take into consideration the size of your event.

Be aware that the pricing per slice or set-up labor on many cakes may not be viable for your objectives if you are planning on having a large number of visitors attend your event.

Walmart, on the other hand, is more likely to be able to fulfill your order in the event that you are having a very modest wedding in comparison to large specialized cake stores that prefer large orders.

Wedding Cake Sold at Walmart

DIY Bride

A simple cake from Walmart might serve as your wedding’s blank canvas if you’re the bride who’s conducting all of the wedding preparations yourself. You may have a simple cake made at Walmart for your wedding, and you can pick it up in advance.

After you have obtained the flowers for the celebration and any other necessary decorating items, you should personalize the cake and then arrange it so that it may be shown.

In the crafts area of Walmart, you may often find cake decorating products that are appropriate for wedding cakes.

Walmart Wedding Cake Reviews

Although the cakes at Walmart may not be very spectacular or interesting, they provide excellent value for the price. Review the various benefits and drawbacks before making an order for one if you are considering doing so.

Customer Opinions on Different Types of Cake

Customer Judy says that the wedding cake that her daughter purchased from Walmart was “beautiful and tasty.” In addition to this, she cannot say enough good things about how well everything was wrapped for shipping.

On the other side, several buyers have complained that their creations seem “amateurish” and have even begun slipping as the event has progressed. Before you purchase a cake from the bakery, consider placing an order for something more straightforward and manageable, such as a dozen personalized cupcakes, and seeing how the decorators there handle it.

Wedding Cake Sold at Walmart

What’s So Great About the Wedding Cakes at Walmart?

The cake designers at Walmart have a great deal of expertise making straightforward white cakes with little embellishments in many cases. It’s possible that their wedding catalog has just what you’re looking for, even if you don’t want a complex or unique design on your cake.

When it comes to having the lowest pricing, the bakery at Walmart is difficult to top.

The cakes sold at Walmart often have a rich texture and flavorful flavor. Because their tastes and fillings are among the most popular selections, it is probable that the majority of the guests at the wedding will like them.

Walmart is able to manufacture the majority of conventional designs for you.

It is just necessary to place your purchase about one week in advance.

Wedding Cake Sold at Walmart

The Downsides of Purchasing Your Wedding Cake from Walmart

If you want a unique cake taste or a cake with a bespoke design, you should probably look for a different bakery that has more possibilities that are acceptable for your needs.

If you have gourmet inclinations or are seeking a cake that will blow your taste senses away, you will probably need to pay for a more expensive recipe than what Walmart can provide you. If you are looking for a cake that will blow your taste buds away, you can find one here.

There is not a great deal of variety available at Walmart in terms of wedding cakes. There are just a handful of different tastes available for you to pick from.

Due to the fact that they adhere to conventional flavor profiles, the wedding cakes sold at Walmart will not be responsible for starting any new viral wedding trends.

There is no delivery service available; thus, you will need to arrange for someone you know to convey the cake for you.

Walmart Does Weddings

If you are content with the selection that Walmart provides and if you like the flavor and appearance of the cakes that they sell, place an order for one. You are not required to notify everyone who attends your wedding about where you purchased the cake, so you are free to keep this information to yourself if you so want.

Guests should not come to your wedding to critique your cake; rather, they should come to join in the joy of celebrating the love and pleasure that the marriage has brought about. This is the most significant aspect of any wedding.

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