These amazing coffee facts will astound your senses, just like a cup of our Warrior Coffee will do for yours. So grab your morning cup and settle back for a relaxing read while sipping on your favorite hot beverage. This morning’s proceedings are going to become a bit frothy!



1.The Bean Belt is the first of them.

Just as there is an equator or bible belt that runs across much of the earth, there is also a bean belt that runs through all of it, between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. The Bean Belt encompasses the whole world’s coffee-growing region.

2. There were goats dancing.

You may be wondering what goats have to do with the excellent cup of warrior coffee that you are now sipping. According to tradition, a goat herder realized that his animals were growing more invigorated whenever they ate off one of his unusual trees that grew brilliant red berries. As a result of the pleasurable shock of euphoria, the goat herder began to bounce about with his goats.


3. Chewing the Beans (or other legumes)

This is how coffee was initially drank, despite the fact that I appreciate the flavor when prepared well. While chewing on a coffee bean may not seem attractive, it is the traditional method to enjoy it. In the past, ground coffee berries were combined with some animal fat (similar to the addition of ghee to your coffee) and then wrapped into a ball of energy. Who knew that power bars existed hundreds of years ago?


4. Breakfast with a beer

You wake up, turn on your coffee maker, and eagerly anticipate and savor the scent of your butter coffee permeating your house before sitting down and beginning your morning with the taste of goodness. Could you picture having a beer at morning instead of a cup of coffee?



 Eh! After all, that doesn’t sound so horrible, does it? Putting away the sarcasm, this is exactly what occurred centuries ago when Prussians were anxious that coffee might interfere with their beer drinking. As a result, they pushed people to drink beer for morning rather than coffee. How’s that for a way to get your day started?


5. The Kings and Queens of the Coffee Industry

Many people believe that the United States is the world’s foremost authority on coffee, yet the country ranks 25th on the list of nations that drink the most of the beverage. 



Finland, on the other hand, is a nation that is addicted to coffee, earning the top rank. In fact, we Finns eat around three times the amount of coffee that Americans do. We might be onto something (and finally on the road to quality)!

6. Curiosity was the cat’s only source of survival.

Crème Puff, a cat that lived to be 38 years old, liked a cup of coffee every morning, along with some bacon eggs and vegetables. If we do say so ourselves, she must have been sipping on some wonderful Warrior Coffee. 


The most incredible thing is that not only is she claimed to be the world’s oldest cat, but the same owner also nurtured another cat that lived for 34 years on a cup of coffee a day! That’s an unusually lengthy period of time for a feline, therefore it seems that the cat’s inquisitive taste buds did not kill him.

7. Artists are well-versed in Java

Honoré de Balzac, a French writer, is said to have consumed 50 cups of coffee every day! Can you image how he must have felt when he saw it? Beethoven, on the other hand, was not a heavy coffee drinker, but he was particular about the way each cup was prepared, and he specifically ordered that precisely 60 beans – neither more nor fewer – be used in each cup.


8.Coffee is now in vogue.

When you smell and see a warrior coffee bean, your senses aren’t the only ones that are heightened. During the Civil War era, Southern jewelers actually utilized coffee beans as diamonds in their creations. You could officially carry about the innocuous fragrance of freshly brewed coffee throughout the day.

9. It can save your life.

We’re not simply talking about how a cup of coffee may help you wake up in the morning. The list of coffee’s health advantages is almost limitless. 

It has been shown to be effective in the prevention of depression, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer.


 It may also improve your physical performance and protect you against illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. These are just a handful of the many health advantages of coffee, and the list could go on and on.



So go ahead and get yourself another cup of coffee and let our warrior coffee to transform you into a warrior on all levels: physically, psychologically, and emotional. 


They make for good discussion starters for the morning boardroom meeting, and they may even serve as a pleasant icebreaker for that cute girl who sits opposite you in the café.