7 Benefits of Saving Sex with the Lights On

7 Benefits of Saving Sex with the Lights On

7 Benefits of Saving Sex with the Lights On.

7 Benefits of Saving Sex with the Lights On.

People have varying interests when it comes to having sexual encounters. There are people who like having sex with the lights on, and there are also those who don’t want to do it. And then there’s me, who to be honest, hasn’t really given it much consideration, but by some stroke of luck, I’ve managed to get it on in every possible level of illumination, from complete darkness to the brightest possible light.

I am obligated to admit that having sex in the dark does have a certain allure to it. One of the advantages is the intrigue, and another is the absence of distractions, which enables one to concentrate more intently on the experience.

It’s also a good idea if you’re not confident in the relationship or if you have anything to conceal, whether it’s something bodily or something psychological (guilt, shame, or any number of other emotions).

However, none of these things should be used as an excuse to condemn light-on sexy moments. At least not if you’re someone who, like me, values taking advantage of opportunities to enjoy the best of both worlds whenever you can. If I had to choose between having light in the boudoir and having it dark, the following are eleven benefits of having a light that would sway my decision in favor of having it.

Good Reasons to Have Your First Sexual Experience While the Lights Are On

Ambiance: darkness

Have you ever entered a space that was so seductively lit? Doesn’t it make you want to get right into the thick of things and get to work?

When I say mood lighting, I’m referring to lighting that is both soft and hot, and just thinking about what it would be like to be fucked under it sends a rush of want through your body. These are the kinds of lights that may both calm and agitate you at the same time.

Candles are one way that some people do this, but you can also use diffused colored light bulbs that are designed specifically for this purpose. Some of them are even made to cast your shadow on the wall behind you, so that you may enjoy the titillating sight of your entangled silhouettes while you engage in sexual activity.

If you are able to clearly identify the correct opening, you will have a reduced risk of inserting it into the incorrect location.

If viewing your own image in the mirror during sexual activity isn’t your thing, maybe you could focus on more fundamental concerns, such as ensuring that your partner does not accidentally pierce your other hole because they are unable to see it. All the stumbling about in the dark that your companion would have to do in order to go from point A to point B that doesn’t have to happen?

If you’re like the majority of women, you probably need some attention in some other places as the kitty is full, and if you don’t have any light, it could be a little bit tough. Do not even think of starting a conversation with me about changing positions and/or sex toys in the middle of an active session, unless, of course, you have night vision goggles in your arsenal.

It is crystal clear to everyone what each of you is doing to the other.

The intricacies that are revealed to us via sight are another aspect of lights-on sex that should be appreciated. Lighting up the room not only prevents you from knocking your head against the headboard but also enables you to gauge the degree to which your actions have an impact on your spouse. Nothing can compare to the feeling of being able to look down and watch him moving in and out of you, as well as the opportunity for them to see you notice that they are doing that.

Why limit yourself to only listening to noises when the expression on your partner’s face might give you a more detailed tale about how their body is feeling about you right now? When you are with someone who is not very communicative, it may be difficult to tell if they are enjoying the time of their lives or whether they are just counting the minutes until they can go to sleep without lights. How?

An increased feeling of closeness and familiarity

I am a supporter of the practice of sensory deprivation during sexual activity, and I will be the first person to vouch for the sexy twist that something as simple as blindfolding one partner can place on playtime. I’m not going to pretend that I don’t understand the thrill that comes from not being able to see or influence what your partner does next as you’re trying to anticipate their next move.

Still, there is more than one way to enjoy sex, and on days when you feel like engaging in an activity that is more personal, lights provide you the opportunity to make eye contact with your partner. Imagine having the opportunity to gaze the person you love in the eyes; a chance to have not only your bodies but also your souls connect; and the decision to make this happen in the dark.

Sexual activity with the lights on promotes a positive body image.

I am aware that worries over one’s body image are one of the primary reasons why the vast majority of individuals prefer to have sex when the lights are turned off. Many of us, if not all of us—women and men alike—have aspects of ourselves that we aren’t quite pleased with, and that’s okay. And since the majority of people take a performative approach to sexuality, there is virtually always the expectation that it will be as near to flawless as it is possible to get.

Therefore, despite the fact that it is human to have “flaws,” it might be intimidating to go nude in front of another person in any kind of light, whether it be natural light or low light. It’s almost as if we’re trying to draw attention to our flaws while simultaneously forgetting that if someone is having sex with you, they probably don’t care how you look.

It’s possible that the thing that helps you understand you shouldn’t care as much is just forcing yourself to ignore the voice in your mind and carry out the activity in the presence of other people. Especially when you surround yourself with individuals who appreciate you in spite of whatever changes you may have made.

An increased sense of intimacy with your spouse

Now, as someone who has had her fair share of difficulties with body image, I can say from personal experience that being vulnerable may make it easier to form attachments to others. In the event that you are one of those folks who have been missing out on next-level connecting with their wives because they heard that long-term couples do it with the lights out, this is for you.

It’s possible that after some period of time, it won’t seem quite as unique anymore, but being able to gaze into your partner’s eyes as you satisfy one other is a bonding experience that no couple should forego. The same as the joy of developing from a state of vulnerability into a state of self-assurance while simultaneously witnessing each other’s flawed bodies lift each other to new heights.

Have a lower risk of experiencing some sexual blunders

According to the available data, the vast majority of sexually active persons have had at least one sex-related injury. Even if many of these errors are likely to occur even when the lights are on, consider how much worse the chances are when two perspiring and perhaps oiled-up bodies go at it without being able to see each other. Just picture yourself being f**d sorry, being knocked unconscious, falling off, or receiving your period while engaging in oral sex while it’s dark.

We may put all of the blame on Viagra for the spike in bedroom injuries among a specific cohort, but I’m very confident that a significant portion of these dangers can be traced back to the absence of adequate lighting. Oh, and let’s not forget the more typical ones, such as using a condom that has been nicked, mistaking hair products for lubrication, and other similar mistakes.

You have the opportunity to put up a show

Imagine this: you’ve been putting in the effort to build the body of your dreams, and although it’s not quite there yet, you couldn’t be more proud of how far you’ve gone in your journey. Even you get turned on by looking at your own traps; in fact, you can’t wait to watch how big someone’s eyes go when they find you stunning and naked on your traps.

You tease, flirt, and send sexually suggestive texts while practicing and polishing the rodeo in your brain. Now that game time has arrived, they reveal to you that they find it more enjoyable to have sex in the dark. Your whole sexual turn-on is predicated on them taking pleasure in your attractiveness, and vice versa. You’ve been thrown off your game, and your confidence has been rattled as a result. I don’t know how you feel about that, but I certainly wouldn’t like doing it.

Lights help keep you awake

Both in a literal and symbolic sense. If you turn the lights off when you sleep, one trick to remain awake during sleepy sex is to keep the room light up while you are engaging in the activity. The same is true for you if the only time you get to have sex in the morning is in the wee hours of the morning when you would normally be sleeping.

When you’re in a dark environment, you have to make do with whatever vision you have. On the other hand, when you’re on this side of the split, you can truly tell how well you’re doing and what you need to do by just seeing the expression on their face. When you combine it with the view you receive of your partner’s body and all the things it does that drive you on, well, I think you get the idea.

Putting the finishing touches on it

You can’t possibly paint on that canvas when it’s still dark, can you? When it comes to the topic of “cuming,” we all have our own individual tastes. While some individuals find it highly hot when their lover sprays all over their body, others find it more enjoyable to swallow every drop in their mouth instead. Some people find it extremely hot when their spouse sprays all over their body.

In any event, people who make a big deal over where the milk goes have a tendency to focus on that one aspect as if it were the most important element of the whole experience. Now, imagine that you’ve worked your way up to that only for them to miss it at the end because “it’s dark.” Tragic.

You have a clear view of your partner’s posterior region.

Ha-ha! You didn’t really believe that this list would reach its conclusion without including the legendary O-face, did you? The vast majority of individuals have such a comical appearance while they are orgasming. Either it is hilarious or it is so seductive that it makes you want to skip forward to the next round just so you can see it again.

I haven’t been able to locate an in-betweener up to this point, but even if I could, I wouldn’t choose one over the other since, in my opinion, sexiness and humor don’t have to be mutually incompatible. Personally, I’m not one to feel uncomfortable about things that are out of my control, so I’m looking forward to this one. I wish more people were like me in this sense and would have the same attitude about embarrassing situations.

Then we won’t have to make such a big deal out of it that we wind up being too self-conscious to enjoy ourselves, and we’ll be able to appreciate sex for what it really is: a completely amazing experience.

What exactly does it imply if you engage in sexual activity when the lights are on?

When you and your partner engage in sexual activity when the lights are on, it may be a sign that you and your partner are at ease with one another in both their dressed and unclothed states. It may be an indication that things are going well in your relationship. Despite the fact that it occasionally occurs, lights-on sex does not always have a hidden purpose. occasionally, individuals merely engage in it whenever the mood strikes them, without necessarily being mindful of the illumination.

Why is it that males always turn the lights off?

There is no correlation between being a man or a woman and the desire to have the lights off during the bedroom rodeo. Although it is true that humans are visual beings in the sense that we are aroused by what we see, there are occasions when seeing too much might be distracting when one is having sexual relations with another person.

Why is it that males prefer to have sex while the lights are on?

When you have sexual relations with the light on, you are able to pick up on a wide variety of subtleties that you would be unaware of when the light is turned off. Even something as simple as candles or dim light in the background allows you to see the impact you are making on a partner’s life, and there are few things that drive men crazier during sex than seeing the influence they are having on another person’s life.

Should the lights be kept on or turned off during sexual activity?

Just like having sex with the lights on, engaging in sexual activity in the dark has both positive and negative aspects to it. The act may be enjoyed in a variety of different ways. You should just do what you and your partner(s) are comfortable with if it seems right, and there is a low chance that anybody will be wounded as a result of your actions.

Why is it more enjoyable to have sex while the lights are on?

You are able to view your partner and get an immediate reaction from the expression on their face, as well as vice versa. When compared to the alternative, lights-on sex puts you in a far better position to avoid some embarrassing situations. You get an extra point for intimacy since you can make eye contact with each other, and you may make fun of each other’s O-faces after the fact.

In conclusion, sexual activity is sexual activity, but is this actually the case?

Do you feel like you have a better understanding of the benefits of illumination during sexual activity, or do you still feel like it’s “thanks, but no thanks from you?” Hit me with your response and your own reasoning in the comments section, and if you found the list enjoyable, please feel free to share it with someone else.