5 Telltale Signs That a Versace Purse Is Genuine

5 Telltale Signs That a Versace Purse Is Genuine

5 Telltale Signs That a Versace Purse Is Genuine.
5 Telltale Signs That a Versace Purse Is Genuine.

5 Telltale Signs That a Versace Purse Is Genuine.

When you know what to look for, it is simple to determine whether or not a Versace handbag is authentic. It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to recognize these six essential characteristics to determine whether or not a Versace handbag is authentic.

How to Determine whether a Versace Handbag Is Authentic

Only the highest quality leather and metal will be used in the construction of a Versace handbag.

The stitching, as is the case with all designer bags, will always be perfect and perfectly spaced, and there will be no loose threads. In addition to these features, the handbag will have identification codes, a certificate proving its authenticity, the Medusa logo, manufacturing labels, and particular tags are sewn into its inside.

Inside of a genuine Versace handbag, you ought to be able to locate all six of these important characteristics. Purses that are vintage or have been previously owned will most likely not contain a serial number; nonetheless, the quality of the fabrics, stitching, and hardware may be used to authenticate the purse.

Authentication Codes for Versace That Can Be Checked Out

Verifying one of the three potential codes that are present in the purses is the first step in determining whether or not you are in possession of a genuine Versace. Locating the three codes that have been concealed inside the Versace handbag will allow you to confirm that it is a genuine Versace purse. The NFC serial number, the QR code, and the CLG (Certilogo) code are all examples of these.

A Near Field Communication (NFC) serial number is provided by Versace, and if you download the appropriate software to your smartphone, you will be able to read this number when you wave your phone in front of the tag.

You may check the legitimacy of your handbag by scanning the QR code with your smartphone if that is more convenient for you.

You will need to use the Versace online authentication system on the website in order to input the CLG code. However, a CLG code is not included with each and every item.

Authenticity Statement or Certificate

A certificate of authenticity is included with the purchase of a Versace handbag. This is a piece of very thin white paper that has black printing on it. In most cases, this certificate will be located inside the handbag next to the primary label. It should be printed in a clean and legible manner, without any smudges or streaks.

Medusa Head Logo

The Versace logo has a lot of individual characteristics and can be identified right away. Counterfeiters make an effort to replicate the Medusa head logo, and some of them are extremely skilled at accurately recreating the design while paying careful attention to its minute details.

The Medusa that appears in Versace’s designs does not take the form of a mythological figure named Medusa. Instead, the Medusa in the Versace version is shown before she offended Athena and was punished for her transgression by the goddess.

The Medusa that is used to represent Versace is surrounded by a row of Greek keys. On other handbags, the head of the Medusa is the sole embellishment; the Greek key circle is absent. The name Versace is often put right below the company’s emblem.

Versace handbag medusa logo

Two Stickers for the Production

On the interior of the handbag, there are two production stickers that you may locate. On one of the stickers, it will specify that the item was made or produced in Italy.

The second sticker is for the nation of sale, and it should have “US” on it to indicate that the item may be purchased at a shop in the United States. It is important that the printing be of a good quality and free of any stains or spelling errors.

Quality Hardware that is Seamless

In most cases, a knockoff Versace handbag may be identified by the hardware that the counterfeiter employs to make it. A genuine Versace bag will have substantial hardware that is polished to a high shine.

A fake Versace bag will have seams where the hardware parts should be smooth in a real Versace purse. In a genuine Versace handbag, there should be no plastic hardware, and in particular, there should not be any plastic zippers. The quality and the forms of the hardware should be consistent with one another.

You shouldn’t discover any loose hardware since everything should be in place and secure. It is not acceptable for any kind of hardware to be attached using glue. Instead of being stamped or printed on the metal, the patterns and logo will be etched into the surface.

The Different Forms and Colors of Versace Purse Tags

Tags are yet another important indicator that a Versace handbag is authentic. Typically, the tags for the handbag are fastened to the purse using thread that is black in color. The tags might be black and gold, or black and silver in certain cases. Both color combinations are possible.

It is not acceptable for the paper used for the tags to be thin or fragile since it is produced from incredibly fine cardboard. Either a square or a rectangle may be found in the form of the tag’s shape.

You should discover an embossed version of the Versace emblem on the card, and it should be either gold or silver. You should be able to run your fingertips over the card and pick up a sense of the embossing as you do so.

How to Recognize a Fake Versace Purse and How to Identify a Real One

When attempting to determine whether or not your Versace handbag is genuine, you may refer to the six indicators listed above for assistance.

When each of these six identifying characteristics is present in your Versace handbag, you can be certain that it is genuine and not a knockoff since it meets the criteria for authenticity.

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