5 Incredible Bathrooms in Small Camper Trailers

5 Incredible Bathrooms in Small Camper Trailers

5 Incredible Bathrooms in Small Camper Trailers.

Occasionally, when nature calls, you have to heed that call…well, in the middle of the wilderness. Even if it isn’t the most perfect situation, while you’re camping, it is often the only alternative available to you. It’s not quite that simple, however.

If you’ve already purchased a camper, it’s likely that space was a major concern when making your decision. To make the most of your basic conveniences, you needed as much space as you could afford. That may have included foregoing bathroom space since, as previously said, there is a perfectly adequate bathroom just outside (nature’s bathroom) that could have served the purpose.

The good news is that a smaller trailer may be purchased while still providing the advantages of having a toilet. Among the best are these seven incredible small camper trailers. We produced an article that covers a comprehensive travel trailer guide so that you will be well prepared when you go out and purchase a camper trailer. Please read it first before reading this page.

You may rent a camper to use while you’re still looking for a camper before making a large financial commitment to purchase one. Campers with on-board restrooms are plentiful at RVShare, and some of the best examples are seen here. For a look at what’s available in your area, go here.

Jay Sport Trailer is a trailer that is designed to be used for sports.

Why waste your money on a hotel room night after night when you can camp out in the Jay Sport Trailer from Jayco instead? With all of the conveniences you could possibly desire without taking up a lot of additional room, this camper trailer is a great choice for 2017.

Begin with the outside of the building. This camper is compact and straightforward, yet it is packed with useful amenities that will make your time in the wilderness more enjoyable. You will get the following items:

Optional and Standard Features
The frame is made of a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant material.
Norco® Integrated A-frame
Poly FlexTM underbelly material wrapped over a one-piece timber floor deck
Exterior coating is scratch-resistant embossed metal.
The ceiling is made of mildew-resistant metal and has a domed, seamless fiberglass roof.
DuraTekTM water-repellent sectionalized tent with 1,050 lb. rated beds DuraTekTM water-repellent sectionalized tent with broad lifter poles incorporated into tent
Bed braces that may be removed and stored in a bag
Entrance door made in one piece with a self-storing screen door
Aluminum step that retracts (s)
E-range tires with a diameter of 12 inches (8SD, 10SD, 12UD)
C-range tires with a diameter of 14 inches (12SC)
Axles with E-Z Lube® E-Z Lube® E-Z Lube® E-Z Lube® E-Z Lube
With a 110V converter, a 12V electrical system may be used.
Power cable with 30 amps
Prepare the battery wiring
Steel construction with bumpers welded on
Tongue jack for leveling City water hookup
GFCI-protected 120V outdoor receptacle
propane gas bottle, 20 lb.


  • Cabinetry for the home with doors and drawers
  • Drawer guides with a 75-pound capacity and ball bearings.
  • Sink and faucet made of acrylic
  • All versions have a hinged gallery with accessible access while the roof is closed, as well as an inside connection for a freestanding TV and appliances that are pre-plumbed for propane.
  • Indoor/outdoor stainless steel stove with wind deflectors
  • Cushions for the dinette are reversible.
  • Fine mesh screening on tinted vinyl windows
  • Storage cabinet for porta-potties
  • Beauflor® vinyl flooring, wall to wall
  • Auxiliary 12V jack and bunk end privacy curtains
  • Prepped and wired for stereo


  • Water tank with a 28 gallon capacity and a demand water pump
  • 2 cu. ft. canopy awning, 3 way gas/electric fridge (110V/12V/propane)
  • A/C set-up
  • Lighted bunk with a fan (2)
  • Brakes that are powered by electricity
  • Tire-spare
  • (4) sand-pad stabilizing jacks
  • Black diamond plating on the front and back


  • Goodyear® off-road mud tires, 15 inch
  • Additional ground clearance of 5 inches
  • Step two of the entrance process

steps with two entrances (which can retract)
15-inch mud tires ideal for off-roading stabilizer jacks for overnight stays
When you look at this tiny Jayco trailer, you’d never guess what’s inside. Inside, you’ll find:

a stainless steel stove that can be used both outside and inside residential cabinetry
a sink made of acrylic and DiamondFlor vinyl flooring
I’m only at the beginning. For those perfectly sunny days, let the air in through a roof vent and mesh screening. You will also have access to the following features:

bed mats with heat
cushions that can be reversed
a comfortable diner with a radio and TV
Pre-plumbing using propane is a great way to save money on your next project.
The bathroom is, without a doubt, one of the best aspects of this trailer. The water heater in the Jay Sport Trailer is almost as big as the trailer itself, at six gallons! You may shower outside or inside, and you can use a toilet, basin, and running water thanks to the water tank.

Spirit Deluxe Casita Travel Trailer Casita Travel Trailers Casita Travel Trailers Spirit Deluxe Casit
The Spirit Deluxe Trailer from Casita Travel Trailers is an excellent choice for a small family. Three people can easily fit in this 17-foot trailer. The dinette tables can be converted into two sleeping areas and vice versa, allowing you to expand your living space as needed.

This trailer is built to withstand any weather or road conditions. Its Marine-grade fiberglass body is tailored to each Spirit Deluxe. You won’t want to miss these other great exterior features:

an outside 110-volt outlet
a battery pack with a 12-volt output
For greater hygiene, a fresh water fill that you can lock
an outdoor door light a city water hookup as a backup supply of water
One of the most spacious areas of the camper is the bathroom. For maximum privacy, the shower and toilet areas have been divided. The Spirit Deluxe has a power fan roof vent and screened windows, so you won’t have to worry about bathroom odors or humidity.

Do you need storage space? That’s OK. You’ll also get several carpet-lined storage compartments in the ceiling to store valuables or camping gear.

Barefoot Caravans are a type of caravan that is made up entirely of people who
Barefoot Caravans will ship to the United States despite being headquartered in the United Kingdom (for a fee). The Bugatti Trust Award-winning Barefoot trailer was created by Tom Ogen, Lewis Earle, Matt Cullis, and Tom Buttigeig.

Customization choices are one of the finest aspects about this clip. The following features may have their colors changed:

Bathroom and kitchen walls, seat upholstery, and the Roberts Revival DAB Mini Radio drapes (which may be custom-made or embroidered depending on your fabric selections) (which is fabric or vinyl)
Gray, lime green, navy blue, orange, stone, and duck egg blue are the most common colors for most of those features. You have the option of designing your Barefoot Caravan to match or to change it up!

What makes the Barefoot Caravan so unique, other from its curving form and playful design? There are a number of noteworthy characteristics, such as:

When on the road, the L-shaped seating can be converted into a spacious bed with cupboards and wardrobe space for storing belongings. There was a freezer and an Isotherm compressor fridge, as well as eco-friendly polycarbonate windows.
The bathroom, of course, must be mentioned. To begin, a few details: A 30-liter onboard water tank and a Truma Combi hot water system are included in this camper trailer. Electricity or gas can be connected.

The bathroom, which has a mirror, cabinet, shower, sink, and Dometic cassette toilet, is powered by the water tank and hot water system. You’ll never want to leave your trailer if you’re having this much fun!

Travel Trailer Lance 1575
For more than 50 years, Lance has been manufacturing travel trailers and truck campers. The 1575 Travel Trailer, which weighs less than 2,700 pounds yet is jam-packed with fantastic features, benefits from those decades of craftsmanship.

It’s never been so comfortable to travel. When you leave home, you will have everything you need, including:

Roof vents, a spare tire carrier, and storage compartment doors with a radius entrance door
Separate wastewater and freshwater systems with Thermopane Euro windows with laminated fiberglass.
The small details are what make a camper trailer feel like home, and Lance didn’t miss any of them with the 1575. You will get the following items:

an inside key holder, a wall clock, tables and counters, and a window shade and screen
There is a wall backsplash on the dinette.
a three-burner range, a stainless steel stove, and a three-way double door refrigerator with a storage capacity of five cubic feet.
There is, indeed, a restroom. The Marine toilet is made of plastic and operates with a foot pedal. It is connected to a valve-controlled black tank flush. This bathroom, with its lovely twin pane skylights and mirrored medicine cabinet, may even outperform the one you have at home!

The iCamp Elite is a product from United Recreational Vehicles, LLC.
The iCamp Elite is noted for its small size and is colorful, athletic, and, yes, rather adorable. It’s constructed of heavy-duty Styrofoam, high-gloss fiberglass, and aluminum tubing, despite its size. This small camper is quite the powerhouse as a result of this!

In comparison to some of the other campers on this list, the iCamp Elite has a limited amount of storage space. If you intend on making the iCamp Elite your home away from home, be aware that it is significantly smaller.

For example, the manufacturer expects rounded furniture with just-right corners to match the space limits, according to the manufacturer. Because this camper’s tallest point is five feet and eleven inches, it’s not for everyone.

The iCamp Elite makes up for its lack of space with unique features like:

less drag coefficients and lower fuel consumption
Semi-gloss painted wooden furniture wallpaper throughout simple towing iPod hookup so you can listen to anything other than the radio while on the road
Despite the trailer’s diminutive size, the designers managed to squeeze in a bathroom corner. It is one of the largest areas of the camper and includes a toilet and shower.

13′ Scamp Trailer (Standard)
As Minnesota-based trailer firm Scamp illustrates, good things come in little packaging. The smallest of their travel trailers is the 13-footer (the manufacturer sells trailers that measure up to 19 feet). Even so, there’s plenty of variety since you may choose between two layouts, one of which includes a front-facing bathroom (complete with a shower).

You’ll also receive the following features with that design:

a gas stove with sink and two closets convertible beds that change to tables chairs with storage
The Scamp, which is designed for a family of four, makes excellent use of the available space. For cooking, using the toilet, and bathing, there is a 12-gallon water tank provided.

You’re not compromising your other water sources since the Sani Potti uses municipal water.

Even yet, if you’re willing to spend a little more, Scamp will provide you with a slew of benefits, including:

Cabinets in fiberglass
extra outlets and lights vinyl flooring or carpets
a power supply with a 30-amp capacity
front porch light microwave oven stove cover roof-mounted air conditioning roof air heat strip
2018 Sport Airstream
The Airstream name has been associated with travel vehicles since the 1920s. Sport in 2018 is no different. It’s brimming with name-brand luxury, ensuring that your whole family’s time in the trailer is one to remember.

The Sport has a number of high-end features, including:

air conditioning with a supplemental heating strip
For natural air rotation, this is an excellent fan.
Convection microwave oven/standard microwave, refrigerator, and two-burner stove are among the ultraleather dinette set’s utilities (which can be folded)
Blackout curtains with panoramic front windows, Moen faucet, chopping board, sink cover
JVC stereo with LED HDTV
The Sport’s toilet is just as opulent as the rest of the establishment. Warm air is kept out of the remainder of your trailer via roof fans and venting. The porcelain toilet, Moen bathroom faucet, and Lavy sink all contribute to the elegance. Then there are the little details, such as a towel bar, a retractable clothesline in the shower, and even a showerhead.

What happens when you’re not inside the trailer? Sport 2018 is a fantastic film. The black tank flush mechanism for removing bathroom waste may be found here. Aside from that, there are a few more additions that will help you keep your show on the road:

Temperature control with tempered tinted windows and a one-piece white aluminum roof ZipDee patio awning with cold and hot water waste hose storage and fresh water tank inlet
connection for cable TV
Prior to purchasing, consider renting.
If you’re thinking about purchasing an RV or camper, I recommend renting one first to be sure it’s something you’ll like. Buying the incorrect camper might be a pricey mistake. RVshare is a fantastic resource for discovering rental RVs and campers in your region. The 7 most popular RV rental services are included in this article. We’ll look at the costs and advantages of renting in this post.

You’ll need basic comforts if you’re going to be on the road for many weeks or months at a time. To have a vast living space, numerous bedrooms, cooking facilities, and a bathroom, logic suggests that you’ll need a larger camper trailer.

That isn’t true, as I’ve shown. In a camper tiny enough to fit in your garage, you can shower, cook, sleep, and live. It’s simply a matter of knowing where to look.