When you want to provide the appearance of nature to the inside of your house, wicker patio furniture, which is often constructed of rattan, is an excellent choice to consider. The fact that wicker chairs don’t need nearly as much in the way of setup as other types of chairs makes them quite versatile in terms of where they may be placed alongside other kinds of chairs.

You may simply position them wherever within or outside your home, such as on your patio, in your living room, or in your bedroom. The following are ten suggestions on how to choose and organize the wicker patio furniture you purchase:

When not in use, cover the cushions and pillows on the furniture.

When you cover outdoor pillows and cushions, you shield them from dirt, dust, dampness, and direct sunshine, which may all damage them. It is imperative that you constantly cover pillows and cushions that are left out overnight or that are otherwise exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time. Sunlight is one of the worst enemies that wicker furniture can have. You may choose to use sheets instead, or you can buy specific coverings.

Take Dimensions of Your Room Before Purchasing Chairs

It may seem to be an unnecessary step to measure areas before purchasing furniture; nonetheless, doing so can assist you in determining which pieces of furniture will fit into your space without sacrificing your level of comfort or safety. Take a look at the ad for the business, and if you don’t have one, use a measuring tape.

Buy just what will fit in the space you have allotted, make sure there is enough of room between all of the objects so that you can move about comfortably, and check to make sure that the corners won’t block any entrances or corridors.

Make room in your space for a group of tables.

It’s possible that you’ll be inclined to acquire just one or two sets of tables and chairs, particularly if you already have a good number of seating choices in other areas of your home (couch, armchairs). However, when combined with various seating choices, tables provide more versatility as well as improved economic value.

Make sure there is space for at least two and ideally three tables that are 6 feet in length so that you may maximize the number of seats available for gatherings. In the event that you are limited on room, keep in mind that you may employ smaller tables as an alternative to end or coffee tables.

The fact that leaves, snow, and rain may cause severe damage to furniture is something that homeowners of homes sometimes fail to notice. Condensation forms on cushions and in wood during the winter months because of the cold and the moisture that is present during those months. This increases the likelihood that mold or mildew may develop.

Take off your bags, your shoes, and your children.

Wicker furniture requires that any and all things, including bags, wallets, and computer cases, be removed before use. Wicker will eventually get damaged by anything that is not specifically meant to sit directly on the material. The same rule applies to youngsters; there should always be an adult there to supervise them.

Clean the seats using a gentle soap and water solution.

To clean the cushions on your furniture without resorting to harsh chemicals or solvents, use a solution made of equal parts liquid soap and water. To thoroughly clean each seat, just spray some solution into a fresh, gentle cloth, and then wipe over the surface.

Do Not Deliberately Place Soggy Objects Atop Wicker Furniture.

Be careful to dry any damp goods, such as ice buckets or beer cans, before setting them on your wicker furniture. You can do this by wrapping them in a towel or by putting them someplace that is shaded. Before placing anything else on top of them, it is essential that they be completely dried off, since this might result in damage caused by water as well as damage caused by other liquids.

Keep Wicker Out Of The Line Of Sight Of Direct Sunlight

Wicker, just like clothing, is susceptible to fading and cracking when exposed to direct sunlight. You may surely slow down the rate at which it occurs, despite the fact that it is a natural process that occurs to all different sorts of materials.

Change Your Seating Arrangements Every Seven to Ten Days

Rotating your sitting arrangements on a regular basis can help spread out the wear and tear on your furniture, allowing it to last longer. This is true even if you don’t use your furniture for entertaining or even dining.

Make a list of the things that you already own.

You are free to decide whether or not to recycle old pieces of furniture. If the item does not comply with the necessary spacing criteria, it will not operate effectively with new ones until the right spacing is applied. Consider the item’s total size as well as its footprint while trying to decide if it is acceptable to retain the item or whether it should be replaced. Is it too big? Does it take up the majority of your patio or balcony space? Will it block the views from the inside (or make it more difficult to see the outside from the interior)?

Store outdoor furniture inside for the duration of the winter months.

The majority of establishments are aware that they should not store their patio furniture throughout the autumn and winter months. If you did that, it would be terrible for business since it would restrict consumers from dining outdoors during the months that they like the most.

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