3 Kinds of Men You Must Never, Ever Marry

3 Kinds of Men You Must Never, Ever Marry

3 Kinds of Men You Must Never, Ever Marry

3 Kinds of Men You Must Never, Ever Marry.

Poor dating habits are comparable to making poor decisions about one’s food.

We are aware that we ought to grab an apple rather than a Snickers, and we are also conscious that the number for After Midnight Booty Caller ought to be changed to a service that is conscious of our presence throughout the daytime hours.

The challenging part is not recognizing how valuable you are; the challenging part is attempting to meet guys like that. Where have all the morally upstanding guys disappeared to?

The following are four categories of men who you should under no circumstances ever marry:

The man who makes the spicy and sour soup

You’re his perfect match one minute, and the next he forgets your birthday the next. It’s as if you were never there by the third weekend of the month, even if on the first weekend of the month you are his unborn children’s future mother. In one moment, he is assuring you that you will always have a special place in his heart, and in the next, he will not respond to your messages while you are stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. You are beginning to understand.

In the beginning, this brand may be all-absorbing; nevertheless, the cold, which is comparable to being entrapped in a torturous windy shadow, is a suffering that cannot be matched. Really worth it? Not in our opinion. Why on earth would you want to be with a guy if you have no idea if he likes you or not? Get rid of this choice as quickly as possible.

The binge that occurs in the wee hours

This one is nothing but a waste of calories. When the late-night television show is over and the lights have been turned out is the only time he calls (or messages, let’s be serious). You could groggily drag yourself out of bed and open the door, but why would you want to do that? So that he may take up residence on your sofa as you struggle to persuade yourself that the amount of sleep you’re losing is justified, you say? You should save those additional fat grams for the next morning when someone will hopefully be kind enough to send you a mid-morning e-mail.

The alcoholic who never stops drinking beer

Have you ever noticed how consistently inebriated this man is? God, you wonder, how does he do it? It doesn’t matter whether you meet him for cocktails after work or for one of those never-ending Bloody Mary brunches; he’s already completely wasted on both occasions. Do not get the additional six-pack; wouldn’t you rather be bloated from eating a large meal? A liquid diet is not the path to a long and healthy life.

The sloppy wanderer served as an appetizer

It’s difficult to ever be full around this man because he’s all over the place. It’s like biting into a burrito that’s so packed that it splatters rice and cheese all over your clothes when you take a bite off of it.

Where does he work? It’s hazy outside. Where exactly does he call home? Like we know.