3 Killer Tips For Making A Guy Cum Fast & Effectively

3 Killer Tips For Making A Guy Cum Fast & Effectively

3 Killer Tips For Making A Guy Cum Fast & Effectively.

3 Killer Tips For Making A Guy Cum Fast & Effectively.

The ONE thing that stands out as the most crucial for you to do for your boyfriend.
Find out how to get him to cum harder than any other lady can.
Why a buildup is so important for him to cumming it up hard and have a really wonderful orgasm.
The process of teaching a man how to cum is surprisingly simple. I will teach you all you need to know about how to make your partner truly cum hard by gratifying him, and I will show you exactly how to do it. It doesn’t matter whether you want to learn how to speak nasty, how to give a great blowjob, or how to learn some fantastic sex positions; this guide has it all.

If you are genuinely serious about giving your boyfriend a strong orgasm and having him come extremely hard, then you need to read this article because it is going to teach you some of the greatest tactics that you can use to accomplish those goals.

A word to the wise: if you are presently having trouble orgasm during sexual activity or masturbation, you could benefit from reading up on the Easy Orgasm Solution. It starts out by instructing you on the skills necessary to get easy and regular orgasms. Then you will be instructed on how to achieve many vaginal and full-body orgasms while you are masturbating and engaging in sexual activity. More information is available on this page.

Enthusiasm Is the Most Important Thing There Is

It would seem that a significant number of the students of the Bad Girls Bible that I speak with do not get or ‘get’ this unless I take the time to explain it to them…

One of the most important aspects of getting your boyfriend on is pleasing his ego in addition to his penis. If you show your partner that you are excited about having sexual encounters, you are sending a strong subconscious signal to him that you find him attractive and that being in his company excites you sexually. This gives his ego a tremendous amount of satisfaction, which is a factor that drives guys on in an extremely potent manner.

You are really acting in the opposite manner when you have sex and are not particularly receptive or immersed in it. You are giving the message to your partner that you are not very attracted to him and that he does not turn you on to the same degree that he does. As a consequence of this, you are communicating to his ego that you do not have a high opinion of him. If you want to get his attention and make him work harder, you shouldn’t do this at all. It won’t work.

I refer to this issue as Starfish Syndrome when it occurs in the bedroom. It’s almost as if you’re a starfish since all you’re doing is laying there with your legs, arms, and head pretty much unmoving. It is the one thing that virtually all males find to be a significant deal breaker.

One thing that you will notice if you watch porn is that all of the female pornstars are really energetic and active in every scene. This is something that I do not really encourage using as a method for learning sex methods and maneuvers, but it is something that you will notice if you watch porn.

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Because it stimulates men’s sexual desire and, as a result, helps them come on much stronger.

Some women may have an increased level of self-consciousness if they are required to take charge or the initiative in bed. However, this may be a necessary component of excitement. You are in luck because you can read our tips for being confident while you are on top and in charge, which should assist you in feeling less self-conscious about yourself.

Find Out What He Likes

Everyone has a certain sex method, position, or dream that gets them far more excited about having regular sex than they do about having sex. You have a responsibility to learn your man’s deepest, darkest desires. When you do this with him, he will climax and come much more vigorously than when you are just performing a regular missionary position with him.

You might get dressed up and act out a situation, for example, or it could be something a little more “out there.” Either way, it could be a perfectly typical event. You could like filthy language since it is one of the things that pushes a lot of people over the brink, and it is possible that you are one of those individuals. Find the motivation to speak trash.

It’s possible that he won’t be able to tell you what he wants or needs to come, either because he feels guilty about it or because he has a particular obsession that makes him feel ashamed.

When talking about it with your partner, it is vitally essential that you have an open mind, are not judgmental, and are happy to try something new with him. In addition, it is important that you are enthusiastic to try something new with him. Because having a conversation about sexual matters may be challenging, we have compiled a handbook on sexual communication. Have a look at the handbook on sexual communication.

The Leading Up to It

Sometimes a quickie feels amazing (find out more about quickies). On the other hand, if you want your partner to have an orgasm so intense that he hurls his load across the room, then you will need to work up to it gradually. The process of gradually working up to orgasm might begin several hours before you even meet the other person.

Before you meet up with him, it could be fun to send him a few naughty messages to build up the sexual tension (read more about sexual tension) and get him excited about what’s to come. Increase the sexual tension between the two of you by saying anything along these lines while you are together in public or at a party.

I can’t wait till we’re both alone so I can reveal my sultry surprise to you, and I can’t wait!


I would fuck your brains out right now if we weren’t in a public location, but since we are, I won’t!

Your level of sexuality depends entirely on your own preferences.

Because of the way you want to come across, your boyfriend will get very aroused whenever you make a statement of this kind. However, since there are other people around, you are unable to do anything about it, which increases the sexual tension in the environment. If this is the case, then when you finally do have some alone time with your boyfriend, he will want to physically strip you naked.

Have you heard that many of our readers have informed us that sexting is a guaranteed method to become horny? If not, you should know that. Find out how to get yourself horny in 11 different ways right now.

It is imperative that you continue to proceed with extreme caution whenever the two of you are alone together. You should begin by kissing him passionately, and then continue on to give him a gentle and fulfilling hand job while moving very slowly (but watch out that he doesn’t come!). After that, you should finish by kissing him passionately. You now have the option of having intercourse with him or sucking his cock after this.

IMPORTANT: During all of this build-up, it’s possible that your boyfriend would want to get right down to business and have sex right away. Don’t allow him. You need to maintain a fair level of control while progressively working your way up to having sexual relations. Then, when your boyfriend does ultimately come, he will be grateful that he waited since he will have a better experience.

Learn more about the art of foreplay.

Remember to describe not only his penis but all of his body in the description. Give his balls a little attention whether you’re blowing him or stroking him (advice on both are included in this article). Keep in mind that this buildup may lead to your own powerful orgasms and make penetrative sex a more delightful experience for both of you.

Strategies for Motivating Him to Work Hard

Orgasm Regulation and Suppression
Orgasm control is an excellent method for providing him with some of the most satisfying orgasms of his whole life. Controlling his orgasms means determining when and how he may engage in sexual activity. If you don’t let him come right away, he can orgasm more intensely when he eventually gets the chance to climax.

Tips for denying orgasm here.

You may try getting him close to the brink and then pulling back, or you could destroy his orgasm numerous times. This technique is referred to as edging, and he won’t believe the orgasms that follow from it.

Learn More About What Edging Is and Why You Should Start Using It Tonight Here.

Orgasm control is most effective in circumstances in which one person is in charge.

Playing the Prostate

Playing with your man’s prostate can be precisely the thing to do if you want to see him cum more quickly and intensely. It is possible to stimulate the prostate via the perineum even if you are not into penetration since the prostate is positioned within the anus. You should not be concerned since many of cisgender men like engaging in prostate play.

Orgasms that result from prostate stimulation are said to feel different to men than typical orgasms. They could include his whole body, and he might not even have to ejaculate during any of them. It is possible for him to have several orgasms if he does it in this manner.

Find out more about how to give him incredible orgasms with the use of prostate play.

Bring Some Variety Into It

Introducing something novel into your sex life may breathe new life into a routine that has become stale and can motivate your partner to work harder and for a longer period of time. There are various forms that novelty may take. It may be sufficient to just experiment with having sexual encounters in a variety of settings and situations. If you tend to play a more submissive position, try your hand at being more assertive.

You may play with one another’s obsessions and kinks, try different types of bonding, and add sex toys to the mix.

Educate yourself on the subject of bondage.

Having sexual encounters in public might be a fresh experience for some individuals. Be cautious not to be caught so you don’t have to deal with the harsh penalties, despite the fact that the excitement of getting caught might drive you over the brink. For instance, if you have sexual relations near a school, people can accuse you of being a sexual offender. A camping area may give the possibility of being captured without the likelihood of it actually happening.

Test out Tantra.

Tantric sex is focused entirely on the exchange of energy. Tantric sex may be experienced as a sort of spirituality by some individuals. Tantric sex requires the participant’s full participation in their body. There is an emphasis placed on the way that you breathe.

It’s possible that you’re familiar with a few of the well-known tantric sex positions as well.

Check out our guide on tantric sex if you’re interested in learning more about this topic.

Use Tools

You may want to add a few more pieces of equipment to your collection if you find that cuming your partner takes a significant amount of time. This may involve the use of cock rings, which restrict blood from escaping the penis, penile pumps, which assist with maintaining an erection, or medicines that may assist with erectile and orgasmic function.

Find out how to choose the right cock ring and how to utilize it.

If there is a medical cause for your guy’s sluggish or weak orgasms, the doctor who treats him may be able to offer medication that would enable him to come more rapidly. One approach that has a lot of promise is cabergoline.

The Announcement of It

If you believe that it is taking too much time, you may speed up the process by using the methods that are listed below. There is little doubt that some will work better on your guy than others, and the same may be said of other men. A little amount of trial and error is all that’s needed to figure out what works best for your boyfriend…

Make it clear to him that you want or need him to come in or on you, and if necessary, beg him. It’s possible that you may insist that he cums if you’re the more dominating partner. You could even whisper it in his ear if you wanted to.

You should try to persuade him not to be cum. The fact that some males can’t control their urges makes them cum rapidly.
Stimulate his prostate.
Make audible noises, take deep breaths, and make it clear that you are having fun.
Orgasmic yourself in your own way. It happens that males won’t let themselves come till after their companions have already done it. If you have a firm grasp on your ability to control your orgasm, you can even offer that the two of you cum together.
You can make the most of the situation regardless of what the catalyst is. If you want to feel like a sexual queen, it might be helpful to figure out what makes your boyfriend come quicker.

After a gradual but consistent buildup, your guy will eventually attain orgasm, at which point he will erupt and come quite forcefully.

The first question on our list of frequently asked questions is: “Is there a secret to making a guy cum hard?”
In most cases, every man has something in his arsenal that can solve the problem. If you are interested in learning more, you may inquire about him in person.

You also have the option of taking your time to get to know him, experimenting with different strategies, and analyzing his body language to see what he reacts to. Behaving enthusiastically, engaging in the nasty language (which might include requesting or demanding him to come), and toying with his prostate or balls are all strategies that have a good chance of success.

Question 2: What distinguishes one orgasm from another in terms of quality?

An orgasm may be triggered by a wide range of circumstances and stimuli. You have undoubtedly had orgasms of varied degrees of intensity before. Common variables include sexual tension (for more information on this topic, see “The Build Up” above), novelty (including new partners, toys, and locations), daydreaming, and the danger of being caught.

To tell you the truth, there are times when we really don’t know what makes one orgasm more delightful or potent than another.

The third often-asked question is: “How long should it take a guy to cum?”

Studies on the topic might give you a general notion of how long it “should” take a man for cum, but you shouldn’t get too hung up on that number. After penetrating their partner vaginally, the guys who last the longest take 44 minutes (circumcised) or 37 minutes (uncircumcised), according to the findings of one research. The median amount of time that men endure before cumming is found to be 5.4 minutes, with the men who last the longest taking 44 minutes. People don’t often engage in sexual activity that goes on for an indefinite amount of time.

In a separate poll, it was discovered that the “desirable” duration of penetrative sex according to the judgments of sex therapists is between 7 and 13 minutes, with intercourse lasting between 3 and 7 minutes being considered “adequate”. This was a coincidental finding. The typical wait time is well in the sweet spot of being considered “adequate.”

If you’ve worked up a lot of sexual tension with a lot of foreplay, not only is your man more likely to come hard, but you’re also more likely to be sated and more fulfilled even if penetration is a bit on the shorter side of the spectrum.

Nevertheless, make an effort not to get preoccupied with the question of how long it should continue. Put more of an emphasis on quality than quantity. The sexual life that you establish with another person is a project that you both work on together. You can discover a solution to your problem if you put your attention on cooperating with one another and determining what works best for the two of you in particular.

Question No. 4: Why Does It Take So Long for My Partner to Cum.

There are a few factors that contribute to the fact that the two of you take such a long time to have an orgasmic experience while you’re together, and some of these factors have nothing to do with either of you.

Because they dominate their partners during masturbation, many men struggle to have satisfying cumming experiences with their partners. It’s possible that he’s become so used to rapid, powerful stroking that it takes him considerably longer to cum, despite the fact that sex feels incredible.

You should try to persuade him to cut down on his masturbation. so is possible for him to do so less often or less passionately for a period of time, which may make it simpler for him to cum when engaging in sexual activity.

A range of health conditions, including depression, are known to have a negative impact on sexual activity. You may already be aware that sadness can wreak havoc on your desire to have sexual encounters. On the other hand, it may lessen sensitivity and make it more difficult to cum.

Unfortuitously, medications designed to treat sadness and anxiety may also lessen the pleasure experienced and make it more difficult to have an orgasmic experience. In point of fact, certain medications that were initially developed to treat depression might result in delayed ejaculation. Other drugs, especially those used to treat hypertension (high blood pressure), may potentially have an impact on a man’s ability to ejaculate or have an orgasm.