20 Things Every College Girl Should Know

20 Things Every College Girl Should Know

20 Things Every College Girl Should Know

20 Things Every College Girl Should Know

While walking along sisterhood row with her teenage daughter on a Saturday afternoon during college football game weekend, my friend’s daughter seemed to be taking it all in.

It’s all about the energy. It’s all the rage. The sea of people, all dressed in the school colors and brimming with anticipation and optimism. Her kid popped up out of nowhere and asked a question.

“Mom, what is the most difficult aspect of college?”

Her mother responded with the first thing that sprang to mind: a firm refusal.

It was a humorous response, but it was also quite accurate. Saying no is one of the most difficult aspects of college.

It is advantageous and good to get comfortable with saying no, whether it is to Domino’s pizza at midnight, going out on a Tuesday night because you need to study, or saying no to someone who is pressuring you against your better judgment.

Despite this, college is an incredible amount of fun, even if you decline all of the invites. It is a period of freedom, enjoyment, and the formation of lifetime friendships with whom you will always feel connected since you are all helping each other grow up.

As a mother of four girls, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to best prepare them for college.

Here are 20 things that every college lady should be aware of.

1. Boundaries are important, and it is critical to establish them for yourself since no one else will do it for you.

One season of life in which you may sacrifice your ideals without anybody batting an eye is during your college years. Without anybody to keep an eye on you, making sure you study, take care of yourself, and pick healthy relationships, it’s critical to establish personal standards and define what you will and will not do in ahead.

2. College is the time in your life when you begin to transform into the person you want to be. Because friends have such a significant influence on this person’s development, it is critical to pick your friends carefully.

The best friends are not only entertaining, but they are also beneficial to you. When there is strength in numbers, it is easier to live out your principles. Finding people who share your values may help you do so. It provides you with partners who may state, “These are our objectives.” “We have what it takes.”

3. When you’re homesick, your pals fill in the gaps for you. 

They become part of your family as you rely on them for comfort, counsel, and support through difficult times. Eventually, the new acquaintances you meet today will turn into old friends with whom you’ll have had a long and often amusing history.

4. It is important to consider what you consume into your body. 

Your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being are all impacted by what you consume, whether it’s food, drink, or narcotics. Love your body enough to take precautions to keep it safe. Make healthy choices that will help you feel strong and confident in your appearance and self-esteem.

5.The consequences of taking a few erroneous steps might be compounded by taking further bad steps in the same direction.

 If you make a mistake, use the opportunity to learn from it. Don’t make the same mistake again or allow your error to develop a habit that will be difficult to break later.

6. You always have a choice in what you do. 

You are under no obligation to do something you believe is wrong. It’s quite OK to leave a party if it becomes too rowdy. It is OK to end a date with someone who is being rude. Think for yourself, take the initiative, and watch out for individuals in your immediate vicinity.

7. Take good care of your companions.

 It is necessary to think clearly for someone else when they are not thinking clearly themselves. This may include taking away her vehicle keys in order to prevent her from drinking and driving. Alternatively, you may draw her back before she goes with a strange guy. Alternatively, she may contact her parents if she is experiencing a significant situation that requires immediate treatment. Love your friends as much as you hope they would love you in return.

8. College may be a period when you either abandon your religious beliefs or take them to a new degree of commitment. 

When you take things to a new level, you have something to hold on to. As an anchor, it may help you to center yourself and remind you of what is genuine, right, and true in your life.

9.The feeling of loneliness may strike at the most inconvenient moments, and this is totally natural. 

With so many changes and uncertainties, you may find yourself missing the security of your home and the familiarity of your previous life from time to time. It is normal to have these growing pains as an adult, and talking about yours with someone might make you feel less alone.

10.Tend to your surroundings and be aware of your environment. 

Keep your eyes and ears wide open, and your radar set at high alert. Avoid being near somebody if you get the impression that they are following you or emitting negative energy. Avoid putting yourself in their path or getting yourself into circumstances that might make you a target, such as going on a nighttime jog alone. Consider taking a self-defense course with a group of friends as well. Knowing how to defend oneself ahead of time might make all the difference in your ability to escape a dangerous situation in the future.

11. Professors like students who take the initiative. 

And when you speak to them, ask questions, participate in class, and seek their assistance, you develop a relationship with them that may lead to career prospects, higher confidence, and improved communication with adults in the future.

12. Mastering the art of stress management is a gift you offer to yourself. 

Having to balance scholastic demands with adult duties is a difficult task. Stress management techniques, such as exercising, praying, listening to music, spending time in the great outdoors, eating properly and sleeping well as well as taking breaks with friends and writing in a gratitude journal, may help you stay calm instead of feeling overwhelmed.

13. You were created to follow your aspirations, not those of other people. 

While males are unquestionably a part of your universe, making them the focus of your world is detrimental to your well-being. Instead, follow your interests and use them to create a wonderful life for yourself. Make yourself the kind of lady that finally attracts the appropriate men because they see you and say, “Wow. She’s just fantastic. She’s the whole package: attractive, intelligent, talented, and kind. I aspire to be a part of her universe. “I’d want to get to know her better.”

14. Recognizing when you may be tempted to compromise your ideals might help you maintain your resolve. 

A common reason why people develop bad habits is because they don’t plan ahead or establish personal goals for themselves. The most common periods for college ladies to cave are during their freshman year (when they are overjoyed and caught up in the taste of freedom) and their sophomore year (when they are tired and bored) (when the novelty of you and your friends wears off, and the attention shifts to the new college girls on campus). You can avoid the individuals and circumstances that make it difficult to say no if you are aware of your trigger points.

15. God’s mercy is greater than whatever error you may have made in the past.

 You are not defined by your faults. For those who wake up one day and can’t believe who they’ve become – or for those who are just dissatisfied with themselves – they should turn to God for forgiveness. Turn the page and make a better choice the next time. God’s mercies are fresh every morning, and no matter what occurred yesterday, today may bring a completely different outcome.

16. Being able to listen to a variety of perspectives without necessarily accepting everything you hear is an important life skill. 

In the words of Aristotle, “It is the mark of a well-educated mind to be able to entertain a concept while remaining open to it.” When you attend college, you are exposed to a wide range of personalities, opinions, and lifestyles. This may be both exciting and perplexing at the same time. Allow your mind to be enlightened, but establish your own views and conclusions as a result of your experience. Seek the truth through coming to know God, for God is the source of all truth.

Regardless of your political beliefs, treat everyone with respect and decency. 18. Learn about their backgrounds in order to better comprehend the “Why?” underlying their opinions.

18. Your parents are more in love with you than you realize. 

Their hearts want to hear from you and to be a part of your life, and if they’re anything like the parents I know, they will always be delighted to have you back.

19. You were created to make a difference in the world; therefore, do not allow the world to alter you. 

Remember that you were created to be unique and to serve your generation in a way that no one else in the history of the universe has ever done before. A wonderful plan for your life has been laid out by God, and education is just one chapter in a much larger tale.

Your finest years are still ahead of you, according to numerology. Your future is brimming with HOPE.

Having the opportunity to attend college is a remarkable experience in so many ways. It provides the most incredible chance to broaden your horizons, your heart, and your social network at the same time.

And as you begin your new life on campus, I want you to remember two important words: enjoy it. Soak a few moments to look around and take it all in. Prepare to be entertained, to weep, and to go on an endless number of experiences. Take pleasure in the memories you create and the connections you establish. Keep in mind that for every time you say no, there will be another invitation waiting for you around the corner.

Yes, education prepares you for a vocation, but it also prepares you for life in general, which is more essential. It provides you with a window into life outside of your house as well as some of the most wonderful individuals you will ever meet, friends who you will cherish and rely on for decades and decades to come.