2 Wines You Must Have in Your Collection

2 Wines You Must Have in Your Collection

2 Wines You Must Have in Your Collection.

Rapet Pernand Les Vergelesses

Some of the world’s greatest wine collections are built on great Burgundies. Rapet Pernand Les Vergelesses (2002 vintage) and Rapet Pernand Vergelesses Ile de Vergelesses (2003 vintage) are two wines that we believe would be fantastic additions to your collection.

This duo comes from the Pernand-Vergelesses vineyard, which is located at the foot of Corton Hill. They are both excellent. In fact, it is the only wine-producing region in the world that produces equal amounts of red and white wines.

Even simply focusing on the wines of this area would be a worthwhile endeavor. There are two possible origins for the name “Pernand.”

It may be traced back to either the Gallic terms for “stream,” “valley,” and the Latin word for “stone,” or it can be traced back to the Gallic word for “four.” Thus, the place is referred to as the “village of four valleys” because of its geographic location.

Agrarian enterprise Rapet was founded in 1765. Pernand’s villages, which include Savigny les Beaune, Alox Corton, and Vegelesses, have a total of 20 hectares of vineyards.

This diverse selection of grapes, along with the family’s extensive knowledge and expertise, enables this vineyard to provide not just reds and whites, but also a diverse selection of vintages.

Rapet Pernand Vergelesses Ile de Vergelesses is cultivated on a block of land that has been in the same family for more than 50 years.

In soil composed mostly of limestone and iron, the grapes are planted on a moderate slope with little wind exposure.

There is just enough drainage to keep the grapes from being too moist, resulting in beautiful, fully soaked fruit on the vine. Flavors are mild, and the wine is well-liked for its silky smoothness.

A wine that can be aged for 10 years or more is ideal for cellaring. As soon as you have decided that it is ready to serve, pour it into a 15-degree Celsius container (59 degrees Fahrenheit). Coq au vin, duck fricassee, veal saute, or beef tenderloin are all excellent accompaniments.

ripe grapes with a delicious taste and high tannin content are used to make the Rapet Pernand Les Vergelesses. In order to reduce bruising, grapes are transported on a conveyer belt. In order to produce a deep ruby-colored wine, the grapes are fermented with their skins after being crushed. A blend of old and new barrels is then used to mature the wine.

Bellows are used to racking the wine. The combination of these efforts results in the least amount of handling, which results in a more complex wine. Its bright crimson and black current flavors are accented by thicket notes in the Rapet Pernand Les Vergelesses.

The wine may be served as young as three years old, although it improves with time in the cellar. It’s a fantastic accompaniment to lamb, veal, duck, beef tenderloin, or a variety of fruits and cheeses on a cheese plate.

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