12 Ways To Convince A Man To Marry You

12 Ways To Convince A Man To Marry You

To win over a guy and sweep him off his feet is one thing; but what does it take to convince him to commit is quite another.

To put it another way, how can you persuade a guy to marry you? I’m wondering what the techniques are that make it feasible.

Generally speaking, guys get comfortable in a relationship at a particular point.

And the strange thing is that this is the period of a relationship that is the most dull for a woman, which is also the most irritating.

That’s the stage you’re attempting to avoid.

What happens is that he becomes at ease, while you sit on the edge of your seat, waiting for things to progress and take your relationship to the next – more serious – level.

In other words, you’re expecting him to propose, but he seems to be content exactly where the two of you are.

What should you do if he becomes agitated at the mere idea of marriage?

What occurs is that you are required to participate in the game. You’re not going to influence people or play filthy games. You’re going to be a shrewd player.

You’re not going to lie; you’re simply going to introduce yourself and persuade him that he needs your services – really, you’re not going to persuade him; you’re going to demonstrate it by your actions.


That’s how men are. They think they’re difficult to comprehend, but they’re really quite simple to read – and, although it’s not nice to say manipulate, let’s just say it’s easy to make them believe they did something on their own when, in reality, you had a major part in influencing their choice.


How do you persuade a guy to marry you?

Maybe you believe you’ve done everything, but I’m sure there are some things you haven’t tried yet, or even considered trying because they seem too insignificant.


1. Take care of yourself.

It’s corny and ubiquitous, but it’s only that way because it’s true. You can’t love anybody else if you don’t love yourself.

Nothing and no one else will ever be adequate if you’re dissatisfied with the way you appear or act, if you’re not pleased with who you are.

And I speak from personal experience. When an issue arises in your life, begin by working on yourself to solve it.

You’ll be able to go on after you’ve dealt with all of your problems, accepted yourself for who you are, and forgiven yourself for what you resent.

Love yourself as a result. Examine and modify the items you don’t like. If you really want to accomplish it, you can.


2. Encourage that he socialize with your married acquaintances.

Do you ever notice how individuals who spend a lot of time together tend to act alike?

They begin to speak in a similar manner and, in some instances, even seem to be the same person.

Mirroring is the term for such phenomena.

It’s a habit in which someone imitates the speech style, body language, or attitude of another person without realizing it.

This occurs in daily interactions, and neither the one reflecting nor the person being reflected is aware of it.

What’s the point of this? If you encourage him to hang out with your married friends and he likes them, he’ll pick up on their habits and begin to imitate them, making marriage seem more attractive than ever.

Your married friends will teach him that marriage has its ups and downs, but that love always triumphs in the end.

Because they came from shattered families, some guys are more hesitant about marriage.

Fighting and contempt are all they’ve learnt and heard. As a result, marriage has a bad reputation.

Make a concerted effort to disprove them. Demonstrate to them that things aren’t always terrible with your married pals.

3. Maintain a constant flow of communication.

You’ll have serious issues if you cease communicating.

You see, any harm done may be undone as long as you communicate with your spouse. Any issue may be resolved via dialogue.

You must speak with your spouse, even if you don’t have any bad feelings against him.

Let him know when you’re pleased with him, or when he’s done something admirable. Simply stated, your spouse should know everything about you.

From the start of a relationship until the end of a marriage, communication is critical.

Even if you love someone profoundly, it’s difficult to live with them for the rest of your life. As a result, do not bury anything within.

He will undoubtedly marry you if you become a communicative person.

4. Create a need for him.

You’ll have to become everything to him if you want to keep him forever.

You’ll have to be his buddy when he needs one, and you’ll have to do it when he wants to watch the game with him.

You’ll have to be everything at once: a lover, a friend, a supporter, and a hobby partner.

It isn’t difficult to accomplish, as you will see. Although it may seem to be a lot of effort, when you love someone, you are already all of these things to them.

If you want him in your life, you must become the whole package.

Make him want to spend time with you by making it valuable. You’ll laugh and create wonderful memories while you’re together.

He didn’t want to abandon the situation. Reduce the turmoil in your life and focus on the person you care about.

Giving him some alone time is also something he would treasure beyond all else.

That is something that all men need, and you, to be honest, also require. You should allow him some breathing room and time to reflect and deal with his problems on his own.

When he’s alone, it doesn’t matter. Only one thing matters: he appreciates your decision to allow him to breathe.

It just demonstrates to him that you are secure enough to let him go. It conveys your confidence in him.

He’ll see that just because he’s with you doesn’t imply he’ll lose his independence.

Nothing will change for him save the fact that he will always have someone at his side.

5. Be yourself.

To be beautiful, you don’t need boobs or lips.

Physical attraction isn’t the only kind of attraction, and it diminishes with time, which is why most relationships fail.

Attraction comes from inside; it is a part of your own being, and no amount of cosmetic surgery can match it.

You must reveal the true you to your spouse. You won’t be wearing any makeup when you wake up in the morning.

When you sleep with the guy you love, you won’t be hiding your natural features.

And that’s exactly what he doesn’t want you to do. He doesn’t want you to keep your true self hidden from him.

Furthermore, I promise that he will like you more if you don’t wear any makeup than if you do.

No guy wants to live the rest of his life with his spouse hiding who she truly is.

6. Deviate from the norm

Men find it easy to get comfortable, and once they do, it becomes a habit that is difficult to break.

For example, your boyfriend has become used to you being at home whenever he returns from work, or to you staying at home on Friday nights to watch Netflix together.

That’s the way it’s always been. He’s become used to your constant presence. So, if you’re clever, you’ll mix things up a little.

Don’t be at home when he returns from work. On a Friday night, go out with your buddies. Make an effort to do something he doesn’t expect of you.

In a sense, you’re telling him that you, too, have a life that doesn’t have to revolve around his.

Change things up a little and throw him off. He’ll see that you’re not going to wait for him indefinitely.

7. Don’t forget to keep it sultry.

The physical appeal element has previously been discussed. We’ve decided that in the long term, it doesn’t matter.

This is still true, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to be attractive.

When they’re in a lengthy and committed relationship, some women totally let themselves go.

I’m not sure why this occurs, but I suspect it’s because they get too used to their partner’s presence; they believe he will always be there for them.

Well, the number one relationship killer is a lack of effort. You’ve gotten yourself into a rut from which there’s no way out.

With each passing day, the relationship becomes more dull, and you find yourself unhappy in a relationship that once worked.

Maintain your sexiness and avoid being predictable and uninteresting. He’s marrying not just a buddy, but also a lover.

8. Drop indications that he’ll be leaving.

If everything else fails, you may use this method.

If you’ve attempted to play this game smart and fair and failed, it’s time to pull out the heavy guns and play it badass style.

It’s time to play some games.

If you see that your relationship has come to a halt, all you have to do now is take action to restart things and reawaken your spouse.

Mention that you’re considering relocating to another city because of a work opportunity, or just tell him that you’re tired with your current location and want to try something new.

But don’t stop there. Make plans as though you intend to follow through on them. Create a strategy that is both plausible and realistic.

Make him think you do, even if you don’t have any plans.

Make him understand he needs you and wants to spend his life with you by doing whatever it takes to shake him up a little.

Men need a little prodding now and again.

9. Maintain emotional equilibrium.

Nobody wants to be associated with a drama queen. It’s never a good idea to have too much of anything.

It’s important to strike a balance between being cool and emotional.

Men like steady women who don’t lose their minds over little details and don’t make a big deal out of trivial matters.

Why wouldn’t they want a good, stable lady at their side, when you think about it?

Isn’t it true that you, as a woman, are searching for a stable guy who will be there for you for the rest of your life?

Because life is busy and all sorts of things happen all the time, being calm and collected is difficult.

Every step of the way, life throws difficulties and issues at you, and not everyone is equipped to cope with them all while keeping their mind clear.

If you find yourself dramatizing about things that aren’t essential to you, or things that are significant to you but aren’t to others, you should definitely get assistance.

Speak with a professional who can assist you in dealing with life in a non-aggressive manner.

10. Continue to make dating as enjoyable as possible.

Don’t say anything until it’s time to say anything. You’re going to destroy everything.

If you want a guy to marry you, the most essential thing you can do is never put pressure on him. Don’t even make light of the fact that you’re getting married.

Men take commitment extremely seriously, and they will not undertake it until they are well prepared.

Pressuring them, on the other hand, will simply cause them to back off and walk away altogether.

You must allow events to take their natural course. You’re dating while you’re dating.

He will commit to you if he views you as someone he could spend the rest of his life with.

You may start talking about the future after he commits to you, but he will most likely do it first. Slowly, you’ll see he’s making signals that he’s going to propose.



11. It’s a two-way street when it comes to romance.

You can’t count on him to be romantic. You must also put out some effort.

Isn’t it wonderful when your significant other surprises you with a romantic meal or a thoughtful gift for no apparent reason other than love?

Guess what? It’d be great for him as well. He isn’t made of stone; he has emotions as well.

You should show him that you care about him and that you can be romantic if you want to be treated equally.

Provide him with a compelling reason to remain in this relationship. Expect him to give all of the time while you take and never return anything.

If you continue to strive for that kind of relationship, he will never marry you.



12. Plan out how you’ll deliver the speech.

If you get a sense you and him aren’t on the same page in terms of your relationship, reconsider your approach to him since what you’re experiencing isn’t always what he’s feeling.

Instead of speaking to him in a solemn tone, try to make things light and upbeat.

Make it seem as though you want to address problems rather than just break them off.

You don’t even have to speak; your body language speaks for yourself.

Keep a positive outlook and be light-hearted. That’s the impression you’re going to give him.

Inform him that you want to marry in the future and that you want to be with someone who shares your beliefs.

Then, ask him if he shares your feelings and if he sees himself beside you eventually.

As you can see, the importance of honesty cannot be overstated. But it’s how you express what you’re thinking that’s the key.

If you’re about to say something but already have a terrible feeling about it and believe it won’t end well, you’re allowing that vibe to spread to others.

However, if you approach your discussion partner in a cheerful and upbeat manner, the topic may take a totally different turn.

That’s why I advise you to proceed with caution.

Be the lady you are and take this game to a new level, one that only you can master.

Present yourself as you are, and he will see what he needs to do and what is best for him to do.