The city of Nuremberg in Germany has a key place in German history and serves as an important cultural center for Bavaria. Visitors to the city will be able to explore streets that date back to the middle ages, as well as sites that date back to World War II and the Holy Roman Empire. In addition to that, there is a large selection of delicious food and drink for guests to try.

In Nuremberg, visitors may choose from a wide range of trips to satisfy their individual preferences. There will be a trip that caters to your interests, whether they be learning about the local history, trying the local food, or exploring the neighboring communities.

These are the 15 greatest excursions that Nuremberg has to offer visitors like you.

1. A two-hour walking tour of the historic district

This trip takes you through the Old Town of Nuremberg, where you can get a firsthand look at the city’s illustrious and intriguing past.

Your tour guide will show you the sites where former emperors were crowned, as well as the stunning architecture from the middle ages and the lively markets that are open all year round.

 History enthusiasts are in for a great treat on this trip, as it provides an outstanding introduction to Nuremberg. This excursion of two hours is the ideal duration for Nuremberg, which is a very tiny city that has made significant efforts to pedestrianize and is thus quite simple to navigate.

2. Customized Tour Accompanied by a Native Tour Guide

This trip gives you the opportunity to create your own itinerary with the assistance of a knowledgeable local guide, making it perfect for those who are looking for something a bit more customized.

You will of course be escorted to all of the historical landmarks; but, you will also have the opportunity to arrange for some more local experiences and views that are off the main route.

You have the option of selecting a trip that lasts anywhere from two to six hours, depending on how much ground you wish to cover. Because this is a walking tour that begins just outside of your hotel, it is the ideal method to learn about your neighborhood in the city as well as how to go to the many other significant sights in the vicinity.

3. Gingerbread Baking Class

Gingerbread is a traditional German dessert that has its origins in the Franconian Region, which is where Nuremberg is situated. It is quite popular in Germany.

In this workshop, you will learn how to build your own, which you can then take home as a one-of-a-kind present for your friends and family, or just enjoy for yourself. In this course, you will get an understanding of the origins of gingerbread, the ideal formula for producing gingerbread that is both tender and flavorful, and the methods for locating the finest ingredients.

Because gingerbread is a popular treat all over the globe during the holiday season, making it an excellent activity to participate in if you are traveling during this time of year.

 Nevertheless, you may have it at any time of the year, and you will even be given the recipe to take with you when you leave.

4. Customized Private Tour of the Brewery for Two Hours

This is another fantastic private trip that not only takes you on a tour of the main attractions of the historic center but also gives you the opportunity to visit a functioning Bavarian brewery and taste some of the best beer that can be found in the area.

You will spend the first hour of the trip seeing the center area of Nuremberg, which will include visits to the castle, the market square, and the home of Albert Dürer.

After that, you will go on to two other breweries, Barfüsser and Altstadthof, where you will be able to learn about the production process of German beer and taste some of it. In the Old Town, there are two different locations where people may gather, so you can choose the one that is best suitable for the activities you have planned.

5. Culinary Experience Lasting 6 Hours

This bumper tour will give you a taste of all that Nuremberg has to offer in terms of gastronomic adventures, all in the span of half a day. You will begin your exploration of Nuremberg with a tour of the Old Town, during which you will sample traditional Nuremberg delicacies and drink Bavarian beer.

You will have a professional chef teaching you how to make your own bratwurst for lunch, and you will put your newfound knowledge to use.

After that, you will be transported to a gingerbread-making session where you will discover how the delicious sweet and spicy delicacy is prepared and then have a chance to sample it for yourself.

 After the session, you will get printed copies of several recipes to take with you. This is the perfect excursion for those who are passionate about cuisine.

6. Tour of the Old Town of Nuremberg and the Nazi Rally Grounds

During the course of this four-hour trip, you will learn about the many aspects of Nuremberg’s past. You may get insight into the history of the Holy Roman Empire and medieval Germany by exploring the Old Town and seeing the monuments and buildings that were constructed during the relevant time period. Following that, a cost-free bus excursion to the Nazi Rally Grounds is included with the package.

You will gain knowledge not just about the Third Reich and the effects of World War II on Nuremberg, but also on the Nuremberg Trials, which were held after the war to try Nazi war criminals. This trip is perfect for anybody who is interested in German history since it is both gloomy and educational.

7. A Medieval Tour that Lasts for 1.5 Hours

If you are only in Nuremberg for a short period of time, this trip is ideal for you since it concentrates on the city’s history during the medieval era. In addition to taking you on a tour of the castle, your guide will lead you through the twisting streets of the Old Town.

The tour will delve into the history of the city as well as the life of Albrecht Dürer, who was one of Nuremberg’s most well-known citizens during his time there.

During your stroll through Sebalder and Lorenzer Altstadt, the tour will also educate you on the role that Italian immigration had in shaping the local community. This trip is a walking tour, which is perfect for discovering the tiny core at a more relaxed pace.

8. A Culinary Walking Tour Lasting for 1.5 Hours

This is another fantastic tour for foodies who are going to be in Nuremberg, and it concentrates on local beer and products. You will get the opportunity to try a variety of foods, such as bratwurst and ox, at several markets and regular food establishments located throughout the Old Town.

You will also be taken on a tour of the lovely sights that can be found in the city’s central area, such as the St. Sebaldus Church and the medieval residences.

The ticket covers all of the food samplings, and the guide is quite knowledgeable about the cuisine of the area. Before proceeding with the remainder of your tour, this is an excellent opportunity to try some of the regional specialties in a condensed form.

9. Tour of the Old Town and the Christmas Market for 1.5 Hours

During the Christmas season, travelers from all over the world, including both Germans and those from other countries, flock to Nuremberg. The city is transformed into a glittering winter paradise, complete with lively Christmas markets and festive decorations.

The tour will begin with a brief introduction to the history of the old town and how it was influenced by the medieval period. You will get knowledge about Albrecht Dürer as well as the city’s previous position as the center of German civilization.

You will then be transported to the world’s most renowned Christmas market, where you may take in the festive mood and try some of the regional glühwein.

10. A Unique Take on Traditional Sausages: A Two-Hour Cooking Class

Bratwurst are well-known sausage in Germany, and its origins may be traced back to the state of Bavaria. In this culinary lesson, you will investigate three distinct recipes for bratwurst, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of flavors.

The actual preparation of bratwurst will be covered first, followed by an examination of salads, pies, and sauces that may be fashioned using the sausage as an ingredient.

After you have finished preparing your dish, the chef will give you a taste of it and then talk to you about the history of the sausage. During lunch, you will get free wine and coffee in addition to the recipes that are offered for you to take home with you.

11. Beer and World War II Tour Combined in Nuremberg

This trip includes not just a stroll through the Nazi Rally Grounds but also visits to three different microbreweries located across the area. You won’t have to worry about finding a ride to the rally grounds or the breweries since transportation is included in the package.

You will be educated on the grim history of Nuremberg during the Second World War, as well as the city’s role as the venue for the trials that took place following the war, in which Nazis were prosecuted for war crimes.

After going through such a harrowing ordeal, you will have the opportunity to de-stress by taking tours of the local breweries, which will often include tastings of contemporary Bavarian beers.

This is a fantastic opportunity to see not one, but two of Nuremberg’s most well-known sights in a single day.

12. A Private Tour of the Beers of the Franconian Village

This private trip will take you outside of the city and into the picturesque countryside of Franken, where you will see several charming towns and take in the breathtaking nature.

Because this is a private trip, you will have the opportunity to obtain a more personal view of the Bavarian culture and breweries that are prevalent in the region.

You will have the opportunity to stop in at some of the 73 breweries that are located in the area, and the specific stops that you make will be determined by the itinerary that you choose. This trip may be tailored to meet your specific needs; however, additional activities may result in an increase in price.

13. Take a Day Trip to Nuremberg from Munich

Munich is not just a significant international center in Germany but also the primary point of entry for a large number of tourists that come to Bavaria. This excursion enables you to visit Nuremberg as part of a day trip from Munich, which is convenient in the event that you wish to include the city in your itinerary but is short on time.

This tour of Nuremberg’s most important historical sites takes place over the course of 10 hours and covers everything from the city’s medieval old center to the Nazi Rally Grounds on the city’s outskirts.

Because you will be traveling by train, you will have less time spent traveling and more time to spend wandering about the city while the tour is in progress.

14. Heidelberg and Nuremberg Departure from Frankfurt on a Tour

Another significant international center in Germany is Frankfurt, which may be found in the state of Hesse to the north. This full-day excursion will take you from the city to both Heidelberg and Nuremberg, with luxury bus transportation included between the two destinations.

On the road to Nuremberg, you should definitely make a pit break at Heidelberg, since it is often regarded as one of the most picturesque cities in all of Germany.

 You will be granted admission to Heidelberg Castle so that you may get knowledge about the history of the town. In Nuremberg, you will visit the Albrecht Dürer residence and be taken on a tour of the ancient Old Town. Both of these experiences are included in the price.

15. Food Tour of Nuremberg, “Taste of Nuremberg”

Those with a passion for food who are interested in trying a wide range of traditional Bavarian dishes should sign up for our bumper food tour.

You will get the opportunity to try a selection of lesser-known foods that are a part of Bavaria’s diversified culinary scene in addition to the standard meals such as gingerbread and bratwurst.

In addition to seeing some of the historic attractions of the old town, participants will also get a taste of the local red beer during this three-hour walking tour. You will eat at seven different restaurants spread out around the central business district.

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