10 things to do at the Dachau concentration camp tour

10 things to do at the Dachau concentration camp tour

10 things to do at the Dachau concentration camp tour.

Dachau was the first of the concentration camps built by the Nazis during World War II; it opened almost seven years before Germany formally declared war on the Allies.

Because of its proximity to Munich, the majority of tours of Dachau begin in Munich. If you would like to visit the camp and spend more than a few days in the area, it is likely that you will stay in Munich. The camp is situated in the German state of Bavaria and is just a few kilometers away from Munich.

The Allied Forces liberated Dachau in April of 1945, and according to the papers that were found there, there were more than 30,000 fatalities that had taken place in the camp throughout the course of its existence.

The following is a list of the top 12 tours offered in Dachau.

1. A Day-Long Combination Tour of Nazi History and Munich

This combination trip of Munich and Dachau begins in the heart of downtown Munich at the well-known Marienplatz central area.

Following that, guests on the tour will make use of the public transportation system to make their way to Dachau, where they will receive a comprehensive historical narration while touring every part of the camp that served as the macabre home to hundreds of thousands of Jews over the course of the camp’s existence for a period of 12 years.

You will have the opportunity to explore the museum at your own pace and spend additional time in the sections or exhibits that strike you as being especially significant or fascinating.

After making your way back to Marienplatz, you and your traveling companions will start out on a walking tour of Munich at three o’clock, during which you will visit many historically noteworthy locations.

2. Dachau Full-Day Tour in English

Even though Dachau was only one of several camps of this sort that were established all throughout Europe during World War II, it is one of the most well-known since it started in 1933 and was the pioneer in the field.

This trip includes the services of a local official guide who will be able to answer any questions you have and provide a great deal of added value to an already fantastic location.

You will find out why the camp was established, what the official intentions were for people who were made to live and work there, and what the daily routine was like for the troops and guards who were also stationed there.

You will have access to the incredible first-hand accounts of individuals who lived in this location, some of whom were fortunate enough to escape with their lives, and others who were not so fortunate.

3. Personalized Visit to the Dachau Concentration Camp

It is generally agreed upon that the Dachau tours led by Curt are among the most emotionally taxing and eye-opening of all the trips that are offered there.

Even if the location itself is rather enlightening, anyone who are interested in learning all there is to learn about the topic would benefit greatly from the services of an experienced guide.

The tour will take you through the entirety of the concentration camp, from the entrance and orientation area to the living quarters, dining hall, and work areas, as well as the facilities that were constructed with the express purpose of ending the lives of the greatest number of people in the most time and cost-effective manner possible.

Your tour guide Curt, a native of the United States, has a valid guide’s license and has worked at the location for more than a decade, during which time he has shown tourists through the attraction.

4. Guided tour of the Dachau Memorial Site and Shooting Range Dachau

A visit to the neighboring SS shooting range is included in the itinerary for this Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial site trip that departs from Munich.

The trip, which lasts around six and a half hours, comes with free admission to the museum as well as a short documentary video that serves as an excellent introduction for first-time visitors.

After taking in all of the area’s attractions, visitors will get some downtime to reflect on all they have just seen, during which they will hear the gruesome tales of the inhumane experiments that were conducted in this very location.

This is really an occasion that only comes around once in a lifetime, and the trip allows passengers plenty of time to take it all in.

Everything is covered with the exception of the cost of food, drink, and gratuities.

5. A Train Trip Through the Concentration Camp of Dachau

This is a five-hour trip of the Holocaust Memorial Site at Dachau, and it starts in Munich. Transportation to and from the city to the memorial site is included in the tour price.

The trip will include stops at all of the key locations of the camp, including as the medical facilities, the extermination chambers, and the barracks for both the prisoners and the guards.

Although not all of the structures on the site are original, most of them have been restored to return them to a state that is very similar to how they appeared when they were first built. This allows visitors to get a genuine sense of what it must have been like to be forced to live in these quarters.

It comes as a shock to many tourists to find that in addition to Jews, Poles, gays, and religious members were also sent to this camp.

6. A Dachau Small Group Tour by Train Departing from Munich

This trip departing from Munich is an excellent option for those who have the luxury of devoting a whole day to the experience of seeing this remarkable historical location.

You will not only get an explanation of the memorial’s attractions from your tour guide, but you will also obtain information about the circumstances in Germany that contributed to the emergence of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.

It is a fascinating narrative that is truly about the history of the whole globe, not just German history.

The worldwide war that broke out as a direct consequence of this event was responsible for the deaths of millions of people and fundamentally altered the world as we know it.

In addition, you will get some time for independent exploring of the area.

7. Train trip from Munich to Dachau for a walking tour

Before going inside the concentration camp, taking the train from Munich is a fantastic opportunity to get a glimpse of the areas around the city.

Munich was a city that was vital to the goals of The Third Reich throughout a significant portion of The Nazi Party’s climb to power. As a result, Munich is one of the most historically relevant cities of the Second World War because of its role in the Nazi Party’s rise to power.

Visitors will get the opportunity to get up up and personal with several aspects of the concentration camp, including the barracks, transit system, cells, and the area where the prisoners were killed.

It is virtually incomprehensible to place oneself in the position of a prisoner who is being marched to their definite death as they enter the gas chambers, which are undoubtedly the most gruesome of all the facilities in the camp.

This trip is around five hours long, and it involves a good deal of walking.

The price of the excursion includes both the rail fare to and from the location of the attraction.

8. Concentration Camp Dachau Private Tour Departing from Munich

Many tourists who visit Dachau find that a trip lasting just half a day allows them to see all the camp has to offer without feeling as if they have been rushed.

It should not come as a surprise that Dachau may be an emotionally draining location to visit; thus, before you schedule a trip, carefully evaluate how much time you would want to spend really at the site.

The guests will have to pass through the creepy entrance of the camp, which proclaims that “labor will set you free.”

Although freedom was obviously not a possibility for the vast majority of the individuals who were transported here, there were a few fortunate individuals who managed to escape the facility alive.

In a very short length of time, this tour covers all of the most significant locations of the camp and provides tourists with an in-depth and comprehensive insight of the history of the camp.

9. Travel from Frankfurt to Munich City and Spend the Day Visiting Dachau Concentration Camp

This excursion lasts for a whole day and starts in Frankfurt, with stops along the way at both Munich and Dachau.

The whole trip is led by an experienced guide, and the first stop is at the Dachau Memorial, which has a number of important sites, such as barracks, work areas, and gas chambers, to mention just a few of the most important places.

After finishing your tour of Dachau, you will continue on to historic Munich for another guided tour there.

The Old Town Hall, Marienplatz, the Cathedral of our Blessed Lady, and a few of the beer halls became famous as meeting places for Nazi organizers and sympathizers leading up to the Nazis taking control of the German government some of the sights that can be seen in Munich.

Other sights in the city include the Frauenkirche, which is a baroque church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Even though this trip takes up a good portion of the day, it is perhaps the most comprehensive and informative of all the Dachau excursions available.

10. Private Round Trip from Munich Hotels to Dachau Concentration Camp

This hassle-free tour of Dachau is an excellent option for those who find traveling to be stressful and would rather have someone else take care of the boring details.

You will have an adequate opportunity to give yourself a self-guided tour once you arrive at the campsite, and transportation to and from your accommodation in Munich is included in the price.

Both the grounds and the museum are organized in a manner that makes it easy for visitors to make the most of their time and see all that the location has to offer.

After you have had your fill of this one-of-a-kind location, you will meet your driver who will whisk you and your traveling companions back to your hotel in Munich as quickly as possible.

Even though the journey won’t take more than a few minutes, it will provide you with some much-needed time to consider the enormity of what you’ve just seen.

11. Munich World War II Sites: Dachau and Third Reich Walking Tour

This walking tour of Dachau and other locations associated to The Third Reich will provide visitors with many opportunities to explore campgrounds while also allowing them to stretch their legs and take in plenty of fresh air.

The guests will get the opportunity to take a guided tour of the camp, which will touch all of its most significant sections and also contain a substantial amount of history leading up to the conflict.

During the second part of the tour, you will take a stroll to some of the most historic locations in Munich. At each stop, you will be provided with information regarding the significance of the location as well as the roles it played in the historical drama that unfolded in Germany during the 1930s and 1940s.

This trip does not include hotel pickup or drop-off service but does cover transportation to and from Munich to the location and back again.

12. From Munich to the Memorial at Dachau Concentration Camp,

The grounds of Dachau Concentration Camp are considered by many to be the single best location in the world to learn about the history of World War II.

It is now preserved as a monument for all time in order to honor the lives of those who passed through its doors and to promote awareness of the tragedy in the hopes that it would one day prevent a similar tragedy from occurring again.

Guests on this private guided tour will get a sobering overview of the structure of the concentration camp, as well as an explanation of how it was used in the systematic slaughter of Jews and anybody else who sought to stand up to the Nazi state.

There is a choice of several departure times, and a hotel pickup and drop-off service is provided at no additional cost if it is requested at the time of booking.

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