It’s a question that annoys you to no end. Should you go squirrel hunting? Also, how do you go about squirrel hunting? Each of these questions, thankfully, has a solution.

It’s thrilling to see red squirrels, western gray squirrels, round-tailed ground squirrels, and tree squirrels in the woods. Squirrel meat may also be obtained from these tiny game animals.



Squirrel flesh may be tasty when battered and fried in lager. It’s also good in stews and on the grill. Some folks also wrap the legs with bacon before grilling them.

Squirrel hunting is a good way to keep overabundant squirrel populations in check. A squirrel’s coat or skin may be used for a variety of reasons. Squirrel hunting requires advance planning and preparation, as well as the proper gear and equipment.




When hunting squirrels, always keep an eye on what you’re doing. When you’re out hunting for these annoying little rodents, your safety is paramount. Take the time to research the best weapon to bring with you on your small game hunt so you can be safer and more successful.




The most critical need is that you have legal permission to go squirrel hunting. Get a small game license for the area you’ll be hunting before you walk out into the woods (licenses are required for practically all sorts of game).

The requirements for obtaining a license differ depending on the state or province. So, find out what the rules are for shooting squirrels in your region.



It’s possible that you’ll only be able to go squirrel hunting at certain seasons of the year. During the autumn and winter months, most locations experience this season. Each location has its own set of dates. There are also restrictions on where you are allowed to hunt.



You may be able to hunt on the grounds of a state or provincial park. Before you begin hunting in certain areas, you must get direct permission from the land owner.

Also, be sure you’re not carrying more than the allowed amount of luggage. There may be a restriction to the number of squirrels you may hunt in a single day, as well as throughout the course of the season.





Squirrels are most active in the early morning and late afternoon hours, so keep an eye out for them. Squirrels go out in the morning to seek for food.

Finding food early in the day, when they are most hungry, is simple and vital for them. Inclement weather is not the best time to hunt squirrels because, like deer, they roam about and are difficult to follow.

Squirrels return to their habitats in the late afternoon and early evening. Because most squirrels are foraging at this time, you should be able to see them moving about.






Make your searches in regions where squirrels are most likely to be found. Look for trees in densely forested regions. These are trees that yield nuts and other foods that squirrels eat on a regular basis. One of the most common spots to view squirrels is in an oak tree.




Squirrels may be found under any tree that yields the nuts or fruit that squirrels adore. Keep an eye out for the different types of trees in the region to see if they’re spots where squirrels could be looking for food.





Before going on a squirrel hunting excursion, shop around for the best squirrel hunting weapon. Use a small game weapon that works well for squirrels to practice target shooting.

In the end, the best squirrel hunting weapon is a matter of personal preference. In my view, the greatest guns for squirrel hunting are:





Squirrel Hunting with a Shotgun
Using a shotgun will allow you to cover more ground throughout your hunt. A shotgun shell’s spread may cover a large portion of a squirrel’s body at once, allowing a higher probability of a kill without causing too much flesh damage.

Make sure you properly aim the shotgun so it hits the exact spot you want to blast.

Look for a six-shot since it’s big enough to hit a squirrel without destroying it. Also, pick a barrel that is at least 26 inches long to ensure that the shell moves accurately.




Remember that each shot from a shotgun makes a loud noise. Other squirrels will most likely flee as a result of the noise. When shooting at squirrels, or any other small wildlife for that matter, concentrate on being accurate and careful.

Remember that the spread on the shotgun shell will travel outside a few millimeters after you fire when you take aim.




A.22 caliber rifle is the second weapon to consider (my favorite). Smaller ammo is used in this rifle, which allows it to precisely target squirrels and other tiny wildlife.

The ammunition won’t hurt the squirrel flesh much, though. A shotgun has a shorter range than a.22 caliber rifle. You may also target a specific region of the squirrel’s body using the weapon.




Aim for accuracy and maintain a solid grip on your weapon. Most.22 caliber rifles, fortunately, include an automated reloading capability. This function allows you to load numerous rounds into the rifle before you begin firing, and each time you pull the trigger, one of the bullets is released.

You acquire a more accurate shot, be sure to clean the muzzle and barrel on a regular basis.





When you connect a sight to this rifle, it performs optimally. A scope allows you to see your target more clearly. When utilizing a scope, it’s also vital to consider wind, height, and distance.





Squirrel Hunting with a Bow
A bow and arrow is another choice for squirrel hunting. However, most squirrels are little, measuring less than a foot in length.

Squirrel hunting with a huge bow and arrow may be challenging due to their tiny size. To put it another way, keep your deer hunting bows at home.

Any arrow you use should be sharpened so it may easily penetrate the squirrel’s body. Even yet, if you aim your arrow improperly, it may cut through too much of the squirrel’s body, leaving you with little flesh or fur to work with.







While it may not seem to be a threat, an air gun may be lethal to squirrels, and it is the most cost-effective solution of the lot. Small game such as poultry, rabbits, and squirrels are best shot with air guns.

The one big disadvantage is that a humane death takes a lot of experience since the area you must hit for an immediate dead is incredibly tiny.

Aim for a head shot if you want the animal to die swiftly and prevent unnecessary suffering or irritation. It’s also tough to pull off on such little targets. Larger squirrels may also take many strikes and escape if the head is missed.

With an air rifle, here’s some smooth action:




5. SQUIRREL SIGHTINGS When hunting, it’s important to keep an eye out for squirrels.
It’s time to look for regions where you’re more likely to see squirrels once you’ve primed and readied your weapon of choice.

Start by observing the different kinds of trees and foliage that squirrels choose to forage and dwell in.

There are a few squirrel hunting strategies that might help you locate squirrels. Some of the recommendations don’t need you to see the squirrels, but rather to hear them.

Make sure you look or listen closely so you know what you’re aiming for:

As you walk through the leaves, keep an ear out for squirrels. Squirrels like to hide in dense vegetation and other shaded, safe settings.
Listen for cutting, hulling, and scraping noises. Squirrels scratch and nibble at nuts and acorns, scattering fragments on the ground and among the leaves. It has a raindrop-like tone to it. Look for cuttings on the ground as well. This is a clue that a squirrel is eating something high up in a tree.
Squirrels make a lot of noise when climbing trees. The sound of tree bark rustling or portions of bark dropping should be heard.
Also, keep in mind that squirrels’ coats come in a variety of hues. While the majority of squirrels have brownish coats, some have gray, red, or white tones. In Canada, some squirrels have sleek black coats as well.





A squirrel may weigh anywhere between 0.75 and 1.5 pounds. Because of its tiny size, precision is much more necessary when aiming at a squirrel.

When hunting these little creatures, you must be as precise as possible with your gun to avoid damaging the flesh.





A squirrel should be shot from a distance of 20 to 35 yards. This distance is sufficient for your shotgun round or arrow to hit the intended target. It also prevents the remainder of the squirrel’s body from being dispersed all over the place.

Although you can fire a.22 caliber rifle from a greater distance, you’ll be more likely to obtain an accurate shot at a closer range. When hunting squirrels, keep your weapon in mind as well as the size of your prey.



When hunting, be careful when moving about. You must maintain as much silence as possible. Avoid treading on wet or damp surfaces. Also, stay away from sticks and other objects. Other items generate more noise than debris and moist surfaces.

To obtain a better picture, avoid heading straight towards a squirrel. As you approach closer, the squirrel will most likely notice you and scamper away.







Adding bait to the area where you’re hunting squirrels is a good idea. The correct sort of bait may efficiently attract squirrels.

Peanuts, sunflower seeds, and other common nuts make excellent bait for your trap. Most squirrels, after all, can’t say no to such gifts.

Squirrels can smell nuts, seeds, and fruit from a long distance and find them alluring. To make your bait smell even better, mix it with peanut butter.

A sweet-smelling bait is oranges or other fruit. Make sure they’re fresh so the fruit has a strong odor and squirrels can readily identify them.

Always store the bait in a secure location. Place the bait in a location where the squirrel will be enticed to stay for a while. Examine the mammal’s movements and if it remains in the same area while feeding.

You get some more time to aim and shot the squirrel by keeping it stationary.







The head is the greatest spot to shoot a squirrel. The brain is the greatest place to put the squirrel since it assures that it will die very immediately. This minimizes discomfort while also preserving the fur and flesh.

If aiming for the head is too difficult, go for the heart. It’s towards the upper torso, but not too close to the neck. If you want to save any edible parts of the meat, you should avoid shooting the body, like you would with a deer.




When aiming, keep a close eye on the squirrel and attempt to hit it when it is stationary. Shooting a squirrel while it is moving will reduce your chances of obtaining a clean shot and destroy the fur and flesh.

It’s best not to shoot a squirrel from the front or behind. Wait for the ideal squirrel side shot. Shooting a small animal from the front or rear risks the bullet or arrow piercing too much of the body.




This will cause too much harm in the long run, resulting in low-quality meat.



Shooting at a squirrel on the ground is safer. You may be able to shoot a squirrel in a tree, but it might be dangerous. It’s possible that if you shoot a weak limb of a tree, it will fall on you.

Furthermore, the squirrel might fall from the tree and strike the ground hard, causing the flesh to be damaged. Even worse, if the tree limb or ledge is sturdy or big, you may fire at a squirrel in a tree that may simply remain there.






Make sure you know the top safety precautions for hunters before you go squirrel hunting. Some are obvious, while others may be unfamiliar to you. Take all necessary steps to keep safe when out in the field, such as:

Before you go hunting, double-check your weaponry. Keep your gun’s muzzle and chamber clean so that no junk gets in the way.
If at all possible, stay away from the squirrel. To observe things from afar, use binoculars.
When hunting, stay away from trees that are damaged or shattered. The tree’s branches and other components, if not the whole tree, might fall off and injure someone.



When you’re not using your firearm, point it down to the earth. Make it a habit to do this each time you go hunting.
Wait until you’re ready to fire before putting your finger on the trigger guard. A pistol may be set off with only a tiny movement, so keep an eye on where your finger is at all times.



You and the rest of your hunting group should dress in vivid colors. Everyone is simpler to detect in such clothing.
Before firing, be sure your line of fire is clear. Do not fire until you have a clear view of the target.



Never chase after a moving object. To improve your aim, always go after squirrels that are sitting stationary.
When it’s windy, don’t go hunting. Wind might force your ammunition to move, causing it to miss its intended target. Because the bullets in a.22 caliber rifle are tiny and lightweight, wind speed is very crucial.





Patience is the most critical component in squirrel hunting. Squirrels are very active creatures that move around a lot. They are swift, and at certain periods of the day, they rarely ever sit still. When aiming at one, take your time and be cautious.





It’s possible that you’ll have to remain in one location for 10 to 30 minutes at a time. However, if you wait long enough, you will ultimately obtain the photo you desire.

You’ll get the most out of your hunt if you get the ideal shot. Squirrel hunting is a great pastime to do if you’ve never done it before.




Finding and hunting squirrels is exciting because you obtain food and fur to utilize. It’s also an increasingly popular outdoor activity these days.

Simply make sure that whatever you bring with you is safe to use and that you are doing lawfully. Prepare and carry the appropriate gear to ensure a safe and enjoyable squirrel hunt.