10 best siri shortcuts to save time

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10 best siri shortcuts to save time

10 best siri shortcuts to save time.

According to Apple, a shortcut is “a fast method to get one or more things done using your applications,” and the company’s free Shortcuts app is a well-liked resource that may help you save a ton of time.

There are pre-made shortcuts available, such the well-known “Speed Dial,” which provides rapid access to a specific contact, and “Running Late,” which may warn a contact if you won’t be making it to a rendezvous on time. In the “Gallery” part of the Shortcuts program, you may look through and search for these and other items.

You may make your own Shortcuts with several stages using the Shortcuts app. An illustration of an Apple DIY shortcut: Create a “Surf Time” shortcut that will pull up the surf report, provide a time estimate for getting to the beach, and start your surf music collection.

We’re looking at several ready-to-use choices that work especially well with Siri’s voice control capability, even though many Shortcuts can be swiftly and simply launched with a few clicks in the Shortcuts app.

Integration of Siri and shortcuts

Siri, the virtual assistant on your iPhone, is compatible with shortcuts. Any Shortcut you’ve put in your collection may be requested to execute by Siri. Through your iOS or iPadOS device, as well as from HomePod or Apple Watch, Siri may start shortcuts.

How to use Siri to perform a shortcut

You must first call Siri up in order for her to perform a shortcut. On your iOS or iPadOS device, HomePod, or Apple Watch, say “Hey Siri,” and then mention the name of the Shortcut, such as “Directions Home,” to get directions home from any location.

The finest shortcuts that work with Siri

Some Shortcuts, such as those that need hands-free phone usage while driving, are more suited for Siri integration than others.

Search for them by name in the Shortcuts Gallery’s search box, hit the desired shortcut, and then tap “Get Shortcut” in the blue bar at the bottom of your screen while you’re viewing it to add them to your device’s Shortcuts app.

For a list of the top Siri Shortcuts, continue reading.

One-Click Dial

This is a nice simple one to start with since it adds someone to “Speed Dial,” allowing you to quickly ask Siri to call a contact.

Give Your Location

From the perspective of safety, this is fantastic. When you ask Siri to share your location, she will send an SMS message with the information to the person you choose.

Homeward Directions

The Shortcut will launch “Directions Home” from wherever you are if you’ve specified your home address, ensuring a safe return.

Being tardy

With the help of the Maps app and your present position, this ingenious Shortcut may notify a contact through SMS that you’re going to be late and let them know when you should be with them.

The Running Late Shortcut feature as seen in a screenshot
Screenshot courtesy of Apple 5. Create a Top 25 Playlist
Ask Siri to “Make Top 25 Playlist” and she will compile your top 25 songs from Apple Music if you want to listen to some music but don’t have time to fuss.

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Say Cheese 7.

You may snap hands-free pictures with the help of this entertaining Shortcut. Say “Hey Siri, Say Cheese” once it has been installed, and your phone will take a picture.

Do Not Disturb Timer

You may ask Siri to activate this DND Timer to save time. You won’t have to waste time fumbling through your settings to put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode for a predetermined amount of time.

Read Later 9.

Ask Siri to “Read Later” if you notice an item you want to read but don’t have the opportunity to do so right away. This will offer you the choice to add the article to your list of things to read later.

Check out Top News

When you set this up, Siri will read you a selection of the most popular articles from your favorite RSS feeds.

Just consider how much time you’ll save.

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